Jake Gyllenhaal Diet Plan

Jake Gyllenhaal has been working as a child actor since the 1990s. The 40-year-old has been part of several well-received projects like Nocturnal Animals, Prince of Persia, Zodiac, Prisoners, Nightcrawlers, and recently had his first appearance as Quentin Beck / Mysterio in the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie.

The American actor was not exactly known for his body but his acting prowess but it all changed once Southpaw hit the theatres. In the midst of dozens of rom-coms and biopics came along a boxing movie that had all the boxing enthusiasts thrilled.

Over the span of his career, Gyllenhaal had played several characters but he truly outdid everyone’s expectations in Southpaw where he portrayed Billy Hope, a troubled but talented boxer. The movie has since then developed a cult following and thanks to it Gyllenhaal remained as shredded as ever.

Once the movie was released, the top searches on Google were ‘Jake Gyllenhaal meal plan”Jake Gyllenhaal southpaw diet’ and ‘Southpaw diet’.

In this article, we shall reveal how the blue-eyed actor achieved his killer body.

Jake Gyllenhaal Diet Plan

Jake Gyllenhaal Diet
The Weinstein Company
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A lot of celebrities tend to skip carbs and fats entirely when they are following a diet plan, but Jake chose to include them just as well and instead choose to dedicate extra hours of his day to the gym to ensure that no flab is visible on his body.

Jake Gyllenhaal Meal Plan

Meal 1: Breakfast

Egg white omelet, Rye bread, nuts, banana

Meal 2: Snack

Apple, banana, raisins, almonds

Meal 3: Lunch

Avocado and broccoli salad, chicken breasts

Meal 4: Dinner

Couscous, steak, vegetables

Meal 5: Snack

Protein shakes

Meal 6: Late night snack

Nuts, fruits

The actor eliminated white bread from his diet. Since he was spending a lot of time at the gym, he needed to stack up on proteins and calories to keep going through the day.

His dietician added nuts, raisins, almonds, meat, and egg whites to his diet chart. But it was not enough for Jake, so he also got special protein shakes made for him. He was only allowed to eat a limited amount of steak and chicken breasts. Every day the actor was served two pieces of chicken breasts when he was getting into shape for the role.

The man was dedicated to his role and spent almost 10 hours of the day in the gym and consumed around 6-7 meals a day.

Have Some Treat And Don’t Worry About The Calories

You may think that treats are only for cheat days but if like Jake you plan to spend half of your day working out, you can have treats without any worries. The amount of workout that you are doing, the calories are gonna get burnt up. It is a way of refueling yourself.

Jake used to love spice treats. He does not have much of a sweet tooth. He loved gingerbread cookies and Chipotle.

No Seasoning

The vegetables should be eaten either raw or steamed. If you are having it raw make sure that those are properly washed to remove any wax or chemicals on it.

Increase the size of your salad. Whether you are one of the few people who love avocado or not, does not matter, that food gives you healthy fats and it must be included in your everyday meals.

Jake Gyllenhaal Diet Plan
The Weinstein Company

Eat A Lot Of Animal Protein

Include meat, egg, and fish in your meals. Fishes have all the benefits that meat and egg have, but they also have Omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are the good kind of acids that keeps inflammation at bay.

Avoiding Carbs Is Not A Good Decision

Most celebrity trainers will tell you to avoid carbs like the plague, but you should have them within limits as Jake did. Jake had pasta, bananas, berries, rye bread, and even potatoes.

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What To Eat

If you go through his nutritional plan, you can see that the celebrity cut down on fried food and focused on eating extremely healthy food that included steamed vegetables, salads, fruits, and nuts.

Jake was not shy of consuming some calories, but he did so within limits. He concentrated on food that had low calories but high nutritional value. Jake also did not skip potatoes as they are a good source of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6.

Let’s look at some of the food items that jake was eating daily.

  • Rye bread
  • Couscous
  • Potatoes
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Egg
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Pasta
  • Almonds
  • Cacao beans

What Not To Eat

Months of effort and a stringent diet helped Jake gain 30 pounds. He had previously lost 30 pounds for a project and needed to transform himself completely to sell himself as a boxer in Southpaw. To do that he avoided:

  • Junk food
  • Chemical ingredients
  • Refined sugar
  • Artificial ingredients
  • Processed food
  • Fried food

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Supplements

All those months he was training to get into the role of Billy Hope were pretty rough. To aid in the transformation process, his dietician added supplements to his diet.


Protein helps build muscle. Jake would often supplement his diet with protein shakes usually right after a workout.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that has several benefits like reducing blood pressure, improving one’s immunity, and also reducing the chances of strokes or heart failures. Since Jake was spending all his waking hours in the gym, he consumed a lot of Vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D aids in losing weight. Jake needed to build the body of a boxer and for that, he needed to stay fit. The sunshine vitamin helps in the digestion of calcium as well.

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Final Words

Jake Gyllenhaal could be a body goal for you, but his meal plan and training program should not be taken lightly. He spent almost all his day and free time at the gym.

The only way Jake could maintain such a body was through several sacrifices.  As the star himself said, “My look really came from my diet.”