Jackie Chan Workout Routine

When it comes to performing well-choreographed fight sequences and gravity-defying stunts, there is only one man who can do all that stuff with a smiling face. That man is none other than Jackie Chan. He is a well-known actor, action choreographer, producer, director, and stuntman. His movies and his jaw-dropping stunts are admired by people around the globe. His screen presence is unparalleled and he is undoubtedly one of the greatest action stars of all time.

Jackie Chan is an accomplished martial artist and his name acquires a top position in the list of the world’s greatest martial artists.  He has always been in a fighting fit shape and his body exudes an age-defying grace.

So how does Chan keep himself so fit and athletic? The answer to this question lies in this post. This post will give you a detailed overview of Jackie Chan’s workout routine.

Jackie Chan’s Workout Principles

Jackie Chan is in his sixties but the finesse with which he performs his action moves can put the guys who are less than half his age to shame. The effortlessness of his moves comes from his muscle memory.

Chan was just 8-years old when he started getting trained in martial arts. He then went on to learn kung fu, hapkido, gymnastics, and parkour over the years. Training has always been a very important part of his lifestyle and that pretty much gets exhibited in his high-flying kicks and free running skills.

Jackie Chan has pushed his physical limits to such an extent that every stunt and action sequence which he performs seems like a cakewalk to him. The credit for this goes to his consistency and sincerity towards working out. He follows a well-structured training program that targets to keep his athletic skills on point. He seldom skips any of his workout sessions and gives in his hundred percent to each of them.

So whether it’s performing a slide from a skyscraper or throwing some lightning-fast spinning or flying kicks, nobody can do them better than Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan’s Workout Schedule

Jackie Chan Workout
The Karate Kid | Columbia Pictures
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Jackie Chan workouts for 5-days a week. His workout routine comprises primarily resistance training and martial arts. Given below is his workout split:-

  • Monday- Full Body and Core Variation One
  • Tuesday- MMA and Kung Fu
  • Wednesday- Full Body and Core Variation Two
  • Thursday- MMA and Kung Fu
  • Friday- Full Body and Core Variation Three
  • Saturday- Rest
  • Sunday- Rest

Jackie Chan’s Workout Routine

This has to be the most exciting part of this post. Jackie Chan’s workout routine is something that we all are curious to know about. Well, Chan follows a full-fledged workout program. It comprises bodyweight movements, weightlifting movements, stretching, cardio, martial arts drills, and many more.

Jackie Chan often switches up his workout routine to train different aspects of his physique. His has faced numerous injuries over the years. Hence, he follows a workout plan that has been structured in a manner that doesn’t put excessive strain on his body.

At present, Chan follows an exercise routine that is focused on burning fat. This kind of training approach allows him to sustain his lean and muscular build.

Running and using the Master Step is his most preferred form of cardio.

When it comes to weight training, Chan resorts to using light weights and performing higher repetitions with them. His weight training regime comprises simple movements such as bench press, side laterals, dumbbell curls, front raises, etc. All this allows him to maintain his lean and toned physique.

To work on the flexibility and agility of his body, Chan relies on performing martial arts drills, stretching, and a little bit of gymnastics. He also ensures to work on his core strength. For that purpose, he incorporates exercises like planks, sit-ups, and hanging leg raises in his exercise routine.

The following table will guide you through Jackie Chan’s workout routine in a more detailed manner.

Jackie Chan Workout Routine


Jackie Chan Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday- Full Body and Core Variation- One

Bench Press

4 x 25


4 x 25

Shoulder Front Raises

4 x 25

Weighted Lunges

4 x 25

Power Cleans

4 x 25

Tricep Pushdowns

4 x 25

Tuesday- MMA and Kung Fu

Wednesday- Full Body and Core Variation- Two

Front Squats

4 x 25

Hanging Leg Raises

4 x 25

Military Press

4 x 25

Cable Rows

4 x 25

Chest Flys

4 x 25

Tricep Kickbacks

4 x 25

Thursday- MMA and Kung Fu

Friday- Full Body and Core Variation- Three


4 x 25


4 x 60 seconds

Arnold Press

4 x 25

Leg Press

4 x 25


4 x 25

Close Grip Bench Press

4 x 25

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

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There are some key points too that Jackie Chan ensures to follow in his workout routine. They are:-


Jackie Chan starts his day by running. He runs 3-5 miles every day. He claims that running not only provides his body with a great warm-up but also builds up his endurance to go through his training program.


Before getting started with each of his training sessions, Chan ensures to stretch out his muscles. On one hand, it helps in keeping his body flexible and on the other hand avoids any kind of muscle tightening that can cause injury. The secret of his head-level kicks lies in his stretching routine only.

Incorporating bodyweight exercises

Jackie Chan’s training routine has a variety of bodyweight exercises. He loves to perform fingertip pushups, jumping squats, backbends, acrobatic leaps, chin-ups, full splits, parallel bar dips, etc. Performing these exercises not only keeps his body athletic but also subjects it to resistance that promotes muscle growth.

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Final Words

So by now, you must be knowing a lot of things about Jackie Chan’s training routine.

Even in his sixties, he trains with full vigor and zeal. And that is something we all must get inspired by.

Jackie Chan is a living legend. He has acted in over 200 movies and is still going strong. His multi-faceted personality has made him an icon who will be an inspiration for generations to come.