Is Workout Anytime Worth It (Review 2023)

It may be while looking for a budget, beginner friendly  gym, that you heard about Workout Anytime. With membership plans starting from less than 20$ a month, Workout Anytime is indeed one of the most economical gym chains across the United States.

But does their cheap pricing also imply poor workout experience? No is our answer. In spite of cheap membership costs, Workout Anytime clubs are equipped with decent, if not the most advanced gym machines.

Therefore, if you are planning on starting a gym membership, you ought to learn about Workout Anytime. And to help you learn whether the gym is worth it or not, here is a detailed review of the same focusing not only on the pros, but also on the possible cons. 

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Is Workout Anytime Worth It

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Is Workout Anytime A Good Gym?

Well, the answer to that question depends greatly on certain factors, like what are your fitness goals, and how far you’ve come in your fitness journey, etc.

For someone looking to lift some weights and burn some calories in a comfortable, judgment free environment, Workout Anytime can be a good option. 

Why we say Workout Anytime offers greater comfort is, first of all, the staffs/trainers are greatly supportive, and will never put unnecessary pressure on you. Also, you will not have that feeling of inferiority, as most of those who workout at Workout Anytime are either beginners or amateurs. 

That being said, if you are a pro bodybuilder, then there may be some better options than Workout Anytime. We would never call Workout Anytime a bad choice for bodybuilders. In fact, you can even spot some pro bodybuilders working out there but the thing is, Workout Anytime is not necessarily an ideal option for pros. 

As the name suggests, Workout Anytime is open 24 hours a day and that may come as an advantage. But there also, keep in mind that staff will be available only during normal working hours

Ultimately, it is perhaps the cheap price that puts Workout Anytime in your wish-list. With membership plans starting at less than $20 per month, you can hardly find a cheaper gym membership anywhere in the United States. 

Does Workout Anytime Have Good Equipment?

Workout Anytime is a budget gym. Therefore, you should not expect it to have the most advanced equipment like those modern, expensive gyms. For instance, most Workout Anytime clubs are equipped with one or two squat racks, few sets of dumbbell weights, and so on. 

But at the same time, Workout Anytime is ideal for cardio lovers, as most clubs do have multiple cardio machines. For instance, bikes, treadmills, stair masters and some other unique machines, like the reACT.

The reAct is a low impact cardio machine that you can rarely see at any other gym. Besides being great cardio equipment,  reACT at Workout Anytime is also helpful  in making the core stronger.

Now, regarding the safety and quality of equipment, Workout Anytime mostly uses machines from unique, often less heard brands. However, we don’t think there is a need to worry about your safety, as those machines are certified. 


Workout Anytime does not have big group classes like those fancy gyms. Besides the low budget, there may be some other reasons why they don’t have group classes. 

For instance, most Workout Anytime clubs have comparatively lesser floor space and hence, conducting group classes may not be viable. 

However, most Workout Anytime does conduct classes of smaller groups, say 6 individuals per group. Such classes may include Yoga, Zumba, etc. 

For more details regarding group classes and their prices, you can simply contact the Workout Anytime club near you. 

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Pool & Spa

No, most Workout Anytime clubs don’t have a pool or a spa. 

Other Amenities at Workout Anytime

Workout Anytime primarily has facilities for weight training, cardio and other group activities like yoga and Zumba. 

Besides these, some clubs have tanning beds and hydro massaging facilities which you can use if you have their premium membership. But a drawback is, you can use them only during staffed hours

Additionally, they also have basic facilities like lockers and washrooms which you can access 24 hours a day, or whenever you workout. And needless to say, you can use free Wi-Fi, whenever you are inside the gym. 

You can also find personal trainers at Workout Anytime. Of course, personal trainers are costly, but if you are planning to hire one, then you would usually find no difficulties. 

Child Care

Most Workout Anytime clubs don’t have childcare facilities. Thus, if you have a small kid and are looking for a gym with childcare facilities, you may have some other options. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Workout Anytime?

As a pocket friendly gym, Workout Anytime does have its own share of cons along with numerous pros. Given below are some notable pros and cons of Workout Anytime.


  • Low, flexible pricing
  • Comfortable working environment and friendly staff
  • Beginner friendly
  • No long term contracts
  • 24 hours access
  • Multi-gym access even with the basic membership


  • Limited facilities
  • Fewer club locations
  • Not ideal for professional bodybuilders

How Much Does A Membership At Workout Anytime Cost?

How Much Does A Membership At Workout Anytime Cost

The cost for a Workout Anytime membership starts from as low as $15 a month, with some clubs charging $19. 

The basic membership is just enough if your plan is just to do some weight training and cardio exercises. You can also access multiple Workout Anytime gyms with the same membership. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay any fee to initiate your basic membership!

But, with a premium plan worth $25, you can utilize even more facilities like hydro massaging and tanning. It also allows you to bring a friend or family member or simply, a guest to the club at certain intervals.

You can grab the premium membership by paying $50 as an initiation fee. 

Another plan available at Workout Anytime is the combined couple package that you can obtain for $35. The advantage with this plan is that if you wish to visit a Workout Anytime club along with your partner, your combined monthly fee will be only $35, instead of $25+$25= $50 which you need to pay for separate memberships. 

Those were the general Workout Anytime membership costs. Now, there may be some fees for other things like freezing your membership or cancelling it. 

Speaking of freezing your membership, you can do so once a year for up to 90 days, except if you have medical emergencies. And while suspending your membership, you may also have to pay a monthly fee of $5.

And there are usually no charges to cancel a Workout Anytime membership. 

Ultimately, those were some general prices at Workout Anytime. Exact prices may vary from location to location. For a clearer picture, you can contact them directly. 

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What Does Workout Anytime Membership Include?

A basic Workout Anytime membership includes access to basic weight training and cardio amenities and some small group classes like yoga and Zumba (not all clubs may include these classes in the basic membership, make a direct enquiry to learn more about it).

Their higher membership option, the premium plan includes access to facilities like tanning and hydro massaging. 

Here is a list of what a Workout Anytime membership typically includes:

  • Access to all weight training, cardio equipment.
  • 24 hour access
  • Free class with a trainer when you join for the first time.
  • Wi-Fi, washroom, locker facilities. 
  • Hydro massagers and tanning (in premium membership)
  • Unlimited 30 minute HIIT sessions (in premium membership)

Additionally, one thing we did like about Workout Anytime is that with even the basic membership, you can visit any Workout Anytime across the US, although there are only around 100 clubs around the country. But we do hope that they will open more clubs around the country in near future. 

Which Workout Anytime Membership Is Best? 

That depends entirely on your purpose of visiting. Usually, the most attractive feature of a Workout Anytime membership is its cheap pricing. So, if you are strictly on to the budget, the basic $15 membership may be the best choice for you. 

However, by adding a few bucks to your membership, you can avail yourself of facilities like massaging and tanning. So, in that case, you can also go for the premium plan.

But if you are with your partner, then we will suggest you definitely opt for the combined package using which, you can enjoy premium facilities at a much discounted rate. 

Does Workout Anytime Have Hidden Fees?

No, Workout Anytime is really trustworthy when it comes to pricing and hence, there is practically no need to worry about hidden charges. But still, read the agreement clearly before you get your membership.

For instance, if you wish to cancel your membership, you may have to give a notice 30 days earlier. Otherwise, you may have to pay for the next month as well.

Also, the cost of freezing a Workout Anytime membership may vary from club to club.

That means, although the chances of hidden fees is minimal, you should always read the membership  agreement perfectly.  Doing so is crucial not only when it comes to Workout  Anytime,  but at any gym.

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Is Workout Anytime Worth It? [Verdict]

As we have already made it clear, the answer to the question, whether Workout Anytime is worth it or not depends on you, your fitness goals, budget, and some other factors. 

Workout Anytime is not among the most modern gyms around, period. Therefore, you should not expect world class facilities there. However, it does have all it takes for beginner, or amateur level fitness enthusiasts to chase their fitness goals. 

To give you a clearer picture, Workout Anytime memberships are mostly opted by college students and other younger individuals. But that doesn’t mean the gym is only for younger adults. Workout Anytime has people of all age groups. 

To conclude, if you are looking for a budget gym with decent facilities and a comfortable workout environment, then a Workout Anytime membership is worth having.