Is Truvia Keto?

In the quest for healthier food options we have to give up many things. But thanks to some alternative we have, we don’t need to give up the delicious sweet desserts or drinks.

Our search for improved and healthy alternatives to high carb white sugar has produced many good non sugar sweeteners that provide even better taste than sugar without all the unwanted carbs and calories.

Not all the zero carb sugar substitutes can be called absolutely healthy as some of them contain harmful chemicals in it. But that is not the case with Truvia.

Truvia is made using natural sources that are hundred times sweeter than sugar. The quantity of it, which you need to add in your servings is so tiny. Moreover it will provide same results as white sugar without altering the recipe.

Here in this article, we will elaborate about carbs, calorie content of truvia and its compatibility with ketogenic diet.

Is Truvia Keto Friendly?

Is Truvia Keto Friendly?

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There are carbs that can be broken into the energy, there are carbs associated with dietary fibre then there are unusable carbs too.

The carbs that can be broken into the energy are specifically undesirable when we are on keto diet. but we have no issues with unusable carbs.

Truvia contains only unusable carbs associated with erythritol and hence truvia is a keto friendly sweetener.

Absence of usable carbs and sugars make truvia suitable to be added to keto friendly dishes and drinks.



How Many Carbs are in Truvia? 

Considering you need two tablespoons of sugar to achieve desired taste to your drink or dish, you will need to add only three quarters of teaspoon of truvia to achieve the same result.

This means, three quarters of a teaspoon or approximately 3.5 grams is the serving size for truvia.

For a single serving, truvia contains 3 grams of total carbs. All these carbs are on the account of erythritol.

These carbs pass through the body unbroken, provide no energy and have no effect on blood sugar level. So effectively, truvia sweetener has zero net carbs per serving.

Truvia blends are combination of truvia sweeteners and cane sugar, brown sugar or honey. These blends can be used as carb reduced alternatives to sugar but are not recommended for those on keto diet.

How Many Calories are in Truvia? 

Truvia is a sugar free natural sweetener. It contains no usable carbs, fats or any other sources of energy and thus carry zero calories in it.

The unusable carbs in truvia are due to erythritol which is used to puff the volume. These carbs pass through the body without releasing any energy. Thus, truvia is a zero calorie sweetener.

The truvia blends however contain sugar and associated calories. The cane sugar and brown sugar blends contain 10 calories per serving of 4 grams, and honey blends contain 30 calories per serving of 10 grams.

What Ingredients are in Truvia?

If we look at complete Truvia product line offered by the brand, there are some products which are not keto friendly. But the truvia sweetener is made from all natural ingredients and definitely keto friendly.

Truvia natural sweetener comes in single sever sachets, spoon able jars and 17 ounce packets. This sweetener is made from only three ingredients namely stevia leaf extract, erythritol and natural flavours.

You need 200 times lesser quantity of stevia leaf extract to sweeten your dish. Erythritol is all carbs but cannot be broken into energy by your body. This makes all the ingredients of truvia keto friendly.

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Truvia Nutrition Facts

Truvia adds no nutritional value. In a serving of this sweetener, other than erythritol, the remaining ingredients are in infinitesimal quantity and thus add no nutrition to the mix.

Erythritol has major volumetric and by weight presence in truvia. It adds to total number of carbs but being unusable doesn’t add any calories.

Following table indicates the nutritional values for a 4 gram serving of truvia natural sweetener.





Total fats

0 gram

Saturated fats

0 gram

Trans fats

0 gram


0 gram

Total carbs

3 grams

Total sugar

0 gram

Added sugar

0 gram


3 grams


0 gram


0 %

Which Truvia Sweetener Products Are Keto Friendly?

Following products of truvia sweetener that contains zero effective carbs.

  • Truvia Natural Sweetener Calorie-Free Pouch
  • Truvia Natural Sweetener spoonable jar
  • Truvia Natural Sweetener packets

Following products contain a little carb per serving but the carb content is very low and hence these are also keto friendly products.

  • Sweet complete all-purpose sweetener
  • Truvia confectioners sweetener



Is Truvia an artificial sweetener?

No, ingredients used in truvia are prepared in a lab. All the constituents of truvia sweetener are natural.

The main ingredient which is responsible for the sweetness of the product is stevia leaf extract which is extracted from stevia plant leaves. This extract is blended with natural flavours and sugar alcohol.

These all natural ingredients and the making process which doesn’t change the chemical composition of the ingredients make it a natural sweetener.

Is Stevia and Truvia the same thing?

No, stevia and truvia are not the same thing. Stevia is a naturally occurring plant that as sweet leaves. Stevia leaf extract is used in making truvia sweetener.

Truvia is a zero carb, zero calorie sugar alternate made using stevia leaf extract. While we can use truvia as a sugar substitute, it is not practical to directly use stevia leaves.

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Is Truvia healthy?

Truvia may not have any significant nutrition but compared to the alternatives it is a better option for your health.

Unlike sugar, it has no calories or useful carbs. And unlike artificial sweeteners it has no carcinogenic ingredients. Overall, truvia is healthier than many other options to add sweet taste to your food.

The Keto Friendly All Natural Sweetener

While on keto diet it is possible that one may completely abandon everything that is sweet. That can happen due to high carb content of sugar and harmful contents of artificial sweeteners.

Truvia being all natural zero carb sweetener, makes you rethink about your recipes. With truvia, you can safely enjoy sweet taste of your drinks or desserts without worrying about getting thrown out of ketosis or any other long term adverse effect on health.