Is There A Dress Code At Planet Fitness? (In-Depth Analysis)

There is perhaps no other gym in all of America that is similar to Planet Fitness. Unlike those ‘professional gyms’ where you could see a lot of pro lifters flexing themselves and showing off their muscles, at Planet Fitness, what you could see will be a calm, casual workout environment that motivates you to take it easy.

One of the very first things Planet Fitness did to ensure that even the beginners aren’t getting intimidated or judged, was adopting a unique dress code. While some of their dress code rules look weird as compared to that of other popular gyms, PF has its own justifications!

So, what exactly does the Planet Fitness dress code say? Can you wear anything you’d like to? If not, what kinds of dresses you can and can’t wear at PF?

Through this article, you’ll get answers to all these questions, as we will be taking you through everything you need to learn about Planet Fitness’s dress code.

So, read along!

Can You Wear Anything To Planet Fitness?

Is There A Dress Code At Planet Fitness
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No, you can not wear whatever you like to Planet Fitness. In fact, wearing certain types of dresses can even bring you a life time ban!

Is there a dress code at Planet Fitness?

Yes, Planet Fitness does have a dress code that they expect their members to follow without any fail.

Here is what the PF dress code aims at:

  • To create a safer workout environment. That may include discouraging or banning ornaments, toe revealing footwear, etc.
  • Workout environment where one’s dressing can’t intimidate another person. For instance, in some other gyms, you might be able to see well-built men working out either shirtless or with exposing top tanks. That might intimidate beginners. At PF, the comforts of those beginners or non-pro gym hitters are important.
  • To keep the gym clean by banning work boots, also discouraging completely cotton clothes as they will absorb sweat too much.

Those were some key features of the PF dress code. About what kinds of dress you can wear and what you can’t, we will discuss in detail later in this article.

Is Planet Fitness Strict About Dress Code?

Well, the short answer is yes. In most of their clubs, planet fitness insists on their members following a proper dress code. You might have also seen instances of PF staff scolding or even kicking out people for wearing so-called non-appropriate clothes.

Non-appropriate clothes according to PF may be totally appropriate at some other gym. For instance, there were instances when men got kicked out for wearing even sleeveless T-shirts.

But all that being said, keep in mind that not all PF clubs are the same. While some clubs are strict about the dress code, at some other clubs, they might not care too much.

Overall, it depends on factors like which state you are in, club policies, or even what the staff feels right!

Can I Wear Just A Sports Bra At Planet Fitness?

Well, although no is the simple answer here, the exact answer does vary from club to club. Also, it depends on what kind of sports bra you are wearing.

In most PF gyms, they have banned wearing tight sports bras that cover just the chest part. While some clubs allow a bit more covering type sports bras, some clubs even ban them.

However, in some of their clubs, women can go in and work out wearing just a sports bra (as top wear).

So, it all depends on the club’s policies.

Also, Planet Fitness has not made any general statement that sports bra is banned there. Rather, they suggest women wear clothes that are neither too loose nor too tight, but just comfortable.

Can You Workout Shirtless At Planet Fitness?

No, that will be a big no. Almost at all PF clubs, you can not workout shirtless. According to Planet Fitness, each member is supposed to respect others working out there. That means, no such attire that causes intimidation or discomfort will be allowed.

If you dare to go shirtless to Planet fitness, get ready to receive a ban, perhaps a lifetime ban.

So, is this policy too much? Well, we don’t think so because PF is all about creating a comfortable workout environment for casual or beginner gym goers. In such a place, exposing your ripped physique may affect their confidence and may also make women uncomfortable.

If you prefer working out shirtless, there are several other gym options, but just not Planet Fitness.

Can You Wear Leggings To Work Out At Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can wear leggings and there is no such general rule that bar them at Planet fitness.

But here also, PF suggests you wear comfortable ones that also don’t absorb too much sweat. Furthermore, most clubs won’t encourage you to wear very tight leggings either; you know why!

Overall, leggings are a great dress to wear while working out. Just make sure your home club isn’t concerned too much about tighter ones!

Can You Wear Tank Tops At Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can wear a tank top to planet fitness! That would come as a surprise to you as you might’ve heard about them barring guys from entering there for wearing them.

However, Planet fitness has made it clear that they do allow members to wear tank tops, as long as they don’t have those huge holes for arms. If you go there wearing a loose tank top that reveals a large portion of your chest or even your nipples while you work out, the staff may warn or take action against you.

But if you wear those tank tops that don’t reveal your chest or wings, you are totally good! And, if a staff scolds you for wearing even a proper tank top, it may either be that club’s policy or the personal motive or opinion of that executive.

Can You Wear Crop Tops At Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can definitely wear crop tops at Planet Fitness. While they may have restrictions on sports bras, crop tops are completely fine at most of their locations.

However, just make sure that you wear the real comfortable ones, ones that will make you comfortable while working out.

Can You Wear Jeans At Planet Fitness?

No, you can’t wear jeans at Planet Fitness.

There are multiple reasons why PF doesn’t allow members to wear jeans while working out. First of all, typical jeans will have a lot of metallic rivets, zips, etc. These metallic elements may cause wear and tear to certain gym amenities, like the bench.

Also, jeans are neither the most comfortable clothes to wear while working out. It will affect your range of motion, the overall comfort of working out, and other factors.

So, even though you may be able to work out wearing jeans at some PF locations (especially when the staff doesn’t care too much), we advise you to avoid wearing them and instead opt for shorts or track pants.

Can You Wear Shorts At Planet Fitness?

Yes, there is no such rule at Planet fitness that ban wearing shorts. But keep in mind that the shorts should be decently big enough to cover your buttocks and upper thighs.

Moreover, PF has already made it clear that they insist on members wearing comfortable clothes while working out. As shorts are some of the best comfortable clothes to wear while exercising, feel free to wear them to PF.

Can You Wear Crocs At Planet Fitness?

The answer depends on what they categorize crocs into, whether they are sandals or shoes. Generally, crocs are considered sandals and not shoes.

And, according to planet fitness, members can’t work out wearing toe revealing footwear, slippers, or ‘sandals’. While crocks are not toe-revealing and are safer than other types of sandals, they are still less safe than shoes.

But more important than that, PF would never allow its members to work out with work boots or any other footwear that they wear outside. So, unless you brought crocs for gym, it’s already a big no.

Can You Wear Boots At Planet Fitness?

No, as we have mentioned in case of crocks, boots are not generally allowed in Planet Fitness. The biggest reason is that the boots are more likely to be dirty than a pair of workout shoes.

Furthermore, boots are also not the most comfortable footwear to wear while working out. They are heavy, tight, and can limit your performance.

So, keeping all these in mind, wear weightlifting shoes instead!

Can You Wear Nails At Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can wear nails at Planet Fitness, and there are no rules that would prevent you from doing so.

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What Can You Not Wear At Planet Fitness?

What Can You Not Wear At Planet Fitness
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Now that we have seen whether you can wear some common types of clothes at Planet Fitness, here is a list of what you can not wear there:

Full Cotton Clothes

Cotton is famous (or infamous) for its love towards sweat or other kinds of liquids. So, if you wear them to planet fitness on a heavy workout day, you’d end up having a not-so-good day in the gym.

The sweat would stick onto the cloth and won’t dry as easily as some other types of clothes would. So, avoid wearing full cotton clothes and prefer mixed clothes instead

Sandals or Slippers

Sandals or slippers would be the last thing you should wear at the gym. At Planet Fitness, any footwear that reveals the toe is banned.

There are many reasons why they don’t allow slippers or sandals. Most importantly, they cause even more discomfort than not wearing any footwear. Also, they give your feets no protection.

So, always try to wear sports shoes to Planet Fitness

Dirty, Soiled Clothes

Planet fitness would never allow you to go there wearing dirty, smelly cloth and make others uncomfortable. So, take care to wash and dry your workout clothes regularly.

Work Boots

Similar to dirty clothes, your work boots are also not welcome at PF. Work boots usually have too much dirt than the sports shoes that you wear inside.

Also, work boots are less comfortable than light weighted sports shoes.

Any Dress That Is Either Too Tight Or Too Loose

This might not be a hard rule, but Planet Fitness seriously suggest their members wear just the right-fit clothes. Clothes that are too baggy, will require a lot of attention from your side, affecting your workout performance.

Tight clothes, on the other hand, will seriously affect your range of motion or flexibility. They also pose chances of wardrobe malfunction!


Needless to reiterate, ornaments are never welcome at any gym. They not only affect your workout performance, but may also cause injuries or other mishaps.

So, keep aside those rings or bracelets before you enter Planet Fitness!

Anything That Reveals Too Much

As PF has made it clear often, it will never allow any of its members to wear clothes that distract or intimidate others. For instance, top tanks that expose a huge part of the chest, are banned at Planet Fitness.

So, that was a list of major types of clothes you can’t wear at Planet Fitness. In addition, keep in mind that working out shirtless too is banned at Planet Fitness!

All that being said, whatever we discussed above aren’t hard-line rules. So, the exact dress code rules might vary from club to club.

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The Bottom Line

So, that winds up everything you need to learn about the dress code at Planet Fitness.

To summarize, we don’t think Planet Fitness has a stringent dress code, certainly not as weird as some PF haters would say. That being said, it is also true that they are stricter than most other gyms when it comes to deciding what their members can or can not wear.

In the end, PF’s dress code definitely makes sense considering the very motto that they follow- a safe, comfortable, judgment free workout environment for its members. ‘Judgment free’ here relates to workout performance or body measures, and not to the dress code, though!