Is Sparkling Ice Keto

Made with natural colors and flavors, the sparkling ice is refreshing flavored fizzy water. It come in many delicious and delightful flavors.

Sparkling ice delivers significant amount of antioxidants and vitamins to your body. On any diet, it will help you get rid of free radicals while providing you some vitamins.

Sparkling ice is a tastier alternative for regular still water or plain soda water. Along with being tastier it also offers a refreshing feeling.

All the flavors, colors and in case the sweeteners used in making sparkling ice are also good for your health. But are they good enough for those on low carb diet or on very low carb diet like keto? That’s what we are about to learn through this article.

Is Sparkling Ice Keto Friendly?

Is Sparkling Ice Keto

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Keeping your body well hydrated is necessary no matter if you are on any diet or not. But the alternatives to quench your thirst and keep hydrated should be chosen consistent with the diet you are following.

Any ingredient in sparkling ice does not present any threat of throwing you out of ketosis. On the contrary, zero carb and little calorie content of the sparkling ice make it completely keto friendly.

Sparkling ice in any flavor has zero carbs, it safe to drink on any low carb diet. You don’t need to reserve anything from your daily carbs limit for having sparkling ice while on ketogenic diet.



How Many Carbs are in Sparkling Ice?

Sparkling ice is a low calorie flavored water which has about one percent natural juices added for color and natural flavors. This, and any other ingredients in sparkling ice doesn’t add any carb content to it.

In all flavors carb content in sparkling ice is zero. At one percent natural juices in a 17 ounce or 500 ml bottle, sparkling ice may contain traces of sugar. Those quantities are less than significant to consider.

The sparkling ice delivers refreshing taste in bold colored appearance without adding any carbs to your diet. Zero carbs mean you can have it in any quantity, it won’t affect your keto diet.

How Many Calories are in Sparkling Ice?

Sparkling ice is mainly carbonated water flavored naturally to enhance the taste. It doesn’t carry too much of sweeteners or any other high calorie ingredients.

The big 17 ounce bottle of sparkling ice is considered as a single serve container. A single serve bottle of sparkling ice contains about 5 calories.

The natural colors, acid and natural juices contribute these calories to sparkling ice.

With such low calorie content and absence of carbs, you can completely replace plain water with sparkling ice as primary source of hydration.

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What Ingredients are in Sparkling Ice?

There is one percent natural juice added to the sparkling ice for color which adds small traces of sugar to it. Except this and small dashes of natural flavors all other ingredients of sparkling ice are keto friendly.

All the other ingredients in sparkling ice than carbonated water contribute to less than two percent of the quantity. And thus, have a little effect over the drink being keto friendly.

  • The other ingredients in sparkling ice are; natural flavours, green tea extract, potassium benzoate, gum arabic, sucralose, beta carotene, ester gum, calcium disodium and vitamins

Sparkling Ice Nutrition Facts

Even when the sparkling ice is mostly water and contains zero carbs and very little calories, it can’t be termed as nutritionally insignificant.

Quite the opposite the sparkling ice delivers significant amount of vitamins.

Following table indicates the nutritional fact for the 17 ounce bottle of orange mango flavored sparkling ice.



% of daily value




Total fat

0 gram



0 mg


Total carbs

0 gram



0 gram


Vitamin A



Niacin (B3)






Vitamin D



Vitamin B6



Vitamin B12



Pantothenic acid




135 mcg







What Flavors Does Sparkling Ice Have?

Sparkling ice offers wide range of flavors in both zero caffeine and with caffeine versions. All the flavors in sparkling ice are extracted from natural sources.

Following table shows the many flavors available in sparkling ice.

Zero caffeine flavours

Caffeine added flavours

Grape Raspberry

Cherry Vanilla

Black Cherry

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry

Blue Raspberry

Pomegranate Blueberry

Orange Passion Fruit

Fruit Punch

Strawberry Citrus

Cherry Limeade

Triple Citrus

Strawberry Watermelon


Strawberry Lemonade


Kiwi Strawberry


Pink Grapefruit


Peach Nectarine


Orange Mango


Crisp Apple


Coconut Pineapple


Classic Lemonade


Ginger Lime


Coconut Limeade


Lemon Lime


Health Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Ice On a Keto Diet

Being on keto diet you have to let go of many favorite food items. While you get much protein, fats and vitamins from all the low carb veggies and meat you eat, adding sparkling ice in the mix will just improve your vitamins intake.

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Sparkling ice being a good source of b group vitamins it helps you keep the nerve system and blood cells healthy. It is also a significant source of vitamin A and D which helpful in maintaining your eyesight healthier and help you absorb calcium respectively.

Is Sparkling Ice Good for You?

A single serve 17 ounce bottle of sparkling ice provides about fifteen percent of your daily requirement of vitamins B6, B12, A and D.

These vitamins are necessary for smooth functioning of your nerve system, eyesight and kidneys. While on any low carb diet you can’t afford to fall behind on intake of such essential vitamins.

Almost all the favours of sparkling ice are good for everyone be on keto diet or not. But if you are intolerant to sucralose some of its flavors that contain it can affect ketosis.

Quench Your Thirst With Fizzy, Fruity Sparkling Ice

Sparkling ice offers many delicious and interesting fruity flavors, all of which are extracted from natural sources. This will leave you much more refreshed compared to having plain water or soda.

The bubbly sparkling ice can add a much desired fizz to your not so interesting keto diet without wasting any of your daily carb limit.

With zero sugar, zero carbs, a tiny calorie count and significant amount of vitamins sparkling ice is something you shouldn’t wait to make it your food companion.