Is Snap Fitness Worth It (Review 2023)

Among the many options to exercise you should always choose the most convenient one. This helps you in working out more often as you won’t have many excuses to turn to.

Snap Fitness is one such gym that is very convenient to find and access. With over two thousand branches located over the globe and about seven hundred in the USA, you are likely to find a Snap Fitness gym very near to your location.

Usually, Snap fitness gyms are small in size, so these can fit in an apartment building or shopping center near you. You don’t have to drive to a faraway location or spend too much time searching for the equipment.

Getting a gym membership at Snap Fitness provides an efficient and convenient option to work out at a cost of any mid-range gym. But is it really worth it? Let us get to know more about this gym to understand if it is worth spending your money on it.

Is Snap Fitness Worth It
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Is Snap Fitness A Good Gym?

Anything you do is a little difficult in the beginning. The same goes for your fitness journey. It is physically strenuous and too challenging at the start. But the challenges are not limited to your physical issues, preparing yourself mentally for the road ahead can also be difficult.

To overcome all these obstacles you need to surround yourself with like-minded people who have more or less similar fitness levels. For most beginners, people trying to get back into a fitness regime, and seniors it is difficult to find a gym that can provide a sense of belonging to them.

Most big-box chains may seem intimidating to beginners but not Snap Fitness. The overall environment at Snap feels welcoming and accomodating for beginners, seniors, or anyone whose fitness goal is just to stay active.

The equipment quality and range of machines at Snap Fitness are decent. These gyms are usually housed in a smaller area, so it might feel a little crowded at peak hours.

Snap Fitness membership cost is comparable to other mid-range gyms. The extra amenities at Snap aren’t as impressive as other gym chains priced in a similar range. They try to make up by providing convenient to reach locations and round the clock access to the gym facilities.

Considering the range of equipment, size of the gym, the environment, and the amenities, Snap Fitness is a good gym for beginners and seniors. For advanced level lifters and bodybuilders, it may not feel suitable.

Does Snap Fitness Have Good Equipment?

Does Snap Fitness Gym Have Good Equipment

Being the franchisee owned and run setups the Snap Fitness gyms tend to differ a little from location to location in terms of the equipment selection and quantity, floor layout, and staff’s approach towards the gym members.

There are a few big-size Snap Fitness gyms too but most of the Snap locations are smaller than other big-box gyms. There is comparatively less number of equipment and most of these machines are placed close to each other.

At any location, you are likely to find 5-10 treadmills, indoor bikes, and ellipticals in the cardio zone. The resistance training machines are in good numbers. There is a mix of single-function and multifunction machines.

They usually have 3-4 power racks, a few bench press stations, barbells, and free weights in the powerlifting area. The powerlifting equipment might not be enough if more than five serious lifters visit the gym at a time.

There is not enough space or equipment to perform Crossfit or circuit training routines at Snap. You are less likely to find any weight sleds, battle ropes, or open turf.

Equipment-wise, most of the Snap fitness locations cover the bare minimum requirements of a big box commercial gym. But all the gym machines and other equipment they have is of good quality and well-maintained.

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Considering the size of the gym and the overall reputation of the place one might think that Snap Fitness doesn’t offer any classes. But that’s not the case.

This gym has its target customer in mind, beginners, amateurs, seniors, and people getting back to the fitness regime after a very long gap. And people in these categories tend to find group classes more interesting than other forms of workouts.

Thus despite their area constraints and a limited number of gym equipment, Snap Fitness offers a variety of group classes. The availability of classes do vary from location to location and at some location, there might not even be any classes available.

You are likely to find yoga, pilates, spinning, Zumba, strength training, and conditioning classes at Snap Fitness. Few locations have all of them, others have few of them. To make sure which classes the location near you offers and what’s their schedule, you can visit or enquire through email to that particular location.

Pool & Spa

Snap Fitness is a compact gym with equipment to train every muscle in your body. You can quickly go in, sweat it out and get out without wasting any extra time, as there are no distractions or luxurious amenities like steam rooms and saunas.

There are no swimming pools or spas at any of the Snap Fitness locations. They are too small to accommodate anything as big as a lap pool.

Most of the Snap location doesn’t even have shower stalls or locker rooms. So, if you are thinking of working out on your way to the office, you should confirm the location of your choice does have showers.

Other Amenities at Snap Fitness

Other Amenities at Snap Fitness

In order to keep the membership fees affordable, most of the Snap Fitness location doesn’t offer any fancy amenities. They do however have some extra amenities other than the gym machines and group classes.

Very few locations of Snap have space for accomodating extra amenities. Where they do, there you may find few or all of the following amenities.

  • Changing rooms
  • Lockers and showers
  • Tanning beds
  • Yoga studio
  • Personal trainers
  • Heart rate based training and monitoring
  • Round the clock access

If you are looking for some specific amenity, the chances of finding that at a Snap Fitness location near you are slim. The amenities you find at Snap near you might come at some extra cost over your monthly membership fees.

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Child Care

Most of the Snap Fitness locations do not offer childcare services. There is no mention of it in any of their promotional material or website. But as these gyms are run by the franchisee owners, at very few gyms you might find a babysitter at the gym.

If childcare service is a necessity for you to be able to work out, you should look for a gym that does offer a kid care facility. But if Snap Fitness is the only gym that is feasible for you to join then you can talk to the gym manager about making some arrangements if feasible.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Snap Fitness?

There are a few reasons why should prefer to join Snap Fitness over other gyms. If these reasons do not align with your needs or the gym’s limitations are a deal-breaker for you then you can move on to find a better match. In any case, you need to know the exact pros and cons of Snap fitness to make an informed decision as to whether or not to join it.


  • Round the clock access with no weekly holiday
  • Gives a relaxed vibe and feels welcoming for the beginners
  • Easily accessible locations
  • Affordable fees
  • Low initiation fees
  • Nutritional guidance and personal trainers are available
  • Good quality and well-maintained gym equipment


  • Lack of extra amenities
  • Too few group classes
  • The equipment and space are not suitable for serious powerlifters or those who like Crossfit training

How Much Does A Membership At Snap Fitness Cost? 

It is a popular belief that the Snap Fitness gym membership cost is comparable to the most affordable gyms. Considering their gym size and amenities or lack of it, this assumption sounds reasonable.

And yes, Snap Fitness is an affordable gym with the most easy-to-understand fee structure. Though it is not as cheap as gyms like Planet Fitness.

Snap fitness locations mostly offer only a single straight month-to-month membership plan. The membership cost of this plan varies between 29 to 40 bucks a month depending on location. You may find yearly memberships at very few Snap locations.

You can also avail yourself of discounted prices at some locations if you are a student, senior by age, military, or law enforcement person. At some Snap gyms, they offer family discounts too.

The Snap Fitness membership fees provide you access to all gym equipment and group classes. You would only have to pay something over this amount if you wish to avail yourself of extra services like the use of tanning beds, if available.

Over the membership fees which are charged month to month, you would be paying a one-time initiation fee at the time of joining Snap Fitness. This fee can be anywhere in the range of 49 to 150 dollars. They’ll also charge you some nominal amount for making your access card at the time of joining.

The annual club enhancement fee at Snap Fitness is around 35 bucks. This will be charged once a year around April to all those who have been a member of Snap for at least two months. The enhancement fees may vary with location.

If the credit card you have incorporated with the gym membership account is expired or for any other reason if your payment is declined, Snap will charge you around $5 for such failed transaction.

The Snap fitness membership cost is reasonable, still, if you wish to check it yourself if it is worth the cost, then you can opt for a seven-day free trial, or you can get a 30-day pass at $10 to check the facility thoroughly before committing for long term.

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What Does Snap Fitness Membership Include?

What Does Snap Fitness Membership Include

What you pay for being a member of Snap fitness and what you get in return, both things are pretty straightforward. The simple single membership type fee structure removes all the complications in the selection of membership and bare minimum amenities make it easy to understand what you can expect in return.

The month-to-month membership at Snap Fitness gets you 24/7 access to their gym equipment. All the group classes available at Snap locations are also included in your monthly membership fees.

You also get access to their fitness app called Snap App. This app can be used to enhance your fitness training experience by utilizing it for setting up training goals and tracking them. You can also access video classes, mindfulness programming, and nutritional guidance in the app.

Does Snap Fitness Have Hidden Fees?

Snap Fitness is the gym with one of the most straightforward fee structures. There are not too many amenities to get confused if it is included in the membership or if you would be charged extra for using it.

This simplicity makes it very easy to understand how much exactly you need to pay at the time of joining, what would be the monthly recurring costs and the annual fees. As a result, you get to know all the fees you would pay even before joining the gym.

Thus there remain no hidden fees.

Is Snap Fitness Worth It? [Verdict] 

Snap Fitness doesn’t offer too many perks with the membership. At a cost comparable to many mid-range gyms you only get access to gym machines, which too is not so impressive in range and numbers.

Sure you would get all the group classes for free, but there are other options that offer memberships inclusive of group classes and also have some extra amenities.

The ease of access and laid-back welcoming environment of the gym are some plus points. If you are a beginner and one of the Snap Fitness locations is most easily accessible for you then it can prove to be worth it for you.