Is Rebel Ice Cream Keto Friendly?

 Yes, Rebel Creamery Ice Creams are indeed Keto-friendly, and all the 21 flavors lie within 0-3 grams of net carbs, which is considered keto-approved. The net carbohydrates mentioned above are limited to the Ice creams, where the serving range is 170-270 grams for the 21 flavors, which translates into the fact that it is indeed a low carb diet.

Rebel Creamery Ice Cream has one variant apart from the Ice-creams, in the form of sandwiches, and there are three flavors in it. All three are found to be Keto friendly as they are suitable for a low carb diet, but the gross levels of fat levels are indeed high. If saturated fat is adjusted, then they would fall within Keto approved limits.

Net carbohydrates are arrived at after adjusting for fiber and Sugar alcohol for this product. Sugar is minimal in these products, which constitutes 1-2 % of Daily value consumption. Such low consumption is acceptable as long as the Keto diet follower stops with one serving of Rebel Creamery Ice Creams.

Is Rebel Creamery Ice Cream Keto Friendly

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Can I Eat Rebel Creamery Ice Creams on Keto Diet?

Yes, you can, as the company follow low-carb diet principles. All the 21 flavors are conducive for people who follow the Ketogenic diet. However, apart from the Ice cream variants, the Sandwiches need to be consumed by cutting down the serving. There are sugar alcohols, but no added sugars in Rebel Creamery Ice Cream, and the rest of the ingredients are well within Keto approved limits.

Other observations:

The analysis of all Rebel Creamery Ice Cream in brief.

All Rebel Creamery Ice Creams have sugar Alcohol in them. This is not a cause for concern for the Keto-diet follower as they do not have any calories in them. Erythritol, Monk Fruit, among other harmless sugar alcohols, are included in this ice cream. In case the keto dieter experiences a digestion issue or other side effects it is best to cut down the servings by half. This could happen only in an extreme case as the harmful Sugar alcohol ingredients are absent.

The net carbs are in the range of 0-3 Gms in the All Rebel Creamery Ice Cream, which has a calorie value in the scope of 0-12 Kcal, which is considered acceptable as per Keto approved standards.

Fat for all flavors also lies within the keto-approved range. The fat contained in the All Rebel Creamery Ice Cream products have Saturated fat and Trans Fat, and all are found to be in minimal quantities, which would not disturb the Ketogenic diet.

The protein content lies in the range of 2-6 grams in all 21 flavors of the Rebel Creamery Ice Cream products, and this is sufficient even though one may wish for the content to be slightly higher.

Sugar in this product varies between 0.5-1 grams, which is indeed negligible.

The calorie spread of one serving of Rebel Creamery Ice Cream products is Fat-49%, proteins-4%, and net carbs are 4%. This may vary with products but would still be within keto diet limits.

There are no additives used in the product whatsoever.

The Rebel Creamery Sandwiches do fall within the low carb diet parameters but are very high in fat. It is best to consume this by halving the serving so that the ketogenic process stays stable. Herein, the sugar alcohol content is high but is worth zero calories. Precaution is best.

The uniqueness in this product is that users can consume any flavor of the Rebel Creamery Ice cream products.

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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 91 Grams


Birthday Cak

Peanut Butter Caramel Chip


Net carbs

2 g

2 g

1 g

Total carbs

19 g

18 g

18 g


200 Kcal

260 Kcal

210 Kcal



23 g

19 g


2 g

4 g

3 g



5 g

3 g


0 g

1 g

0 g


Rebel Creamery Ice Creams are keto-friendly. One has to watch out for any digestion issues if sugar alcohol does not agree with their body and perhaps disturbs Ketosis.

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Is Rebel Ice Cream Sugar Free?

Yes. Rebel ice cream is totally sugar free. It uses natural sugar alternatives like monk fruit and low calorie sugar alcohols like erythritol to provide sweet taste to the ice cream.

Is Rebel Ice Cream Gluten Free?

The ingredients chosen to make Rebel ice cream have no gluten. The texture of the ice cream is achieved with perfect amount of fat. All flavours of rebel ice cream are gluten free and grain free.

What Sweetener is In Rebel Ice Cream?

Rebel ice cream is sweetened with two natural sugar alternatives, erythritol and monk fruit. Erythritol is natural sugar alcohol found in fermented fruits and monk fruit is natural sweetener with no aftertaste.

Is Rebel Ice Cream Lactose Free?

Lactose is filter out while making the milk protein isolate. To achieve the texture stabilizer gums are used to replace lactose content. But a little trace of lactose is present in Rebel ice cream from the heavy cream.