Is Philadelphia Cream Cheese Keto?

Cream cheese is a versatile dairy item that can be used in many appetizing dishes. It can be paired with low carb food items like sushi or can be spread over the bagels too.

One of the most popular cream cheese brand Philadelphia Cream Cheese is known for its smooth texture and mouth watering taste. It tastes so close to butter that we can use it as low calorie replacement of butter.

Philadelphia cream cheese is rich in nutrients. It is a good source of riboflavin and vitamin A.

Does this Philadelphia cream cheese fits in the low carb diet like keto? Well, that the query we are going to explore here.

Is Philadelphia Cream Cheese Keto Friendly?

Is Philadelphia Cream Cheese Keto

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Philadelphia cream cheese can be complement or accessory to a main dish. The cream cheese in itself isn’t a course. So, if it is friendly with your diet or not, mainly depends on what you pair it with.

In itself this cheese cream contains less than 4 percent of carbs and 25 percent of fats. Which is perfectly consistent with low carb high fat requirements of ketogenic diet.

The Philadelphia cheese cream comes in single serve cup that weighs 28 grams. This cup contains 1 gram of carb and 7 grams of fats. This makes the Philadelphia cream cheese perfectly keto friendly and you can safely pair it with your low car dishes.



How Many Carbs are in Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

Philadelphia cheese cream is low on carb content. It has only about 4 % of carbs. A small 28 grams single serve cup of original plain Philadelphia cream cheese contains 1 gram of carbs. A single tablespoon of this cream cheese has less than half gram of carbs in it.

The flavoured versions of the cream cheese have added sugar in it thus it contains more carbs. If you are on keto diet, stick to plain cream cheese.

Pairing your keto friendly dishes with this low carb cream cheese will enhance the taste without adding much carbs. Spread it over the cooked salmon or use it to thicken the sauces for veggies, it will uplift the taste of your food.

With less than 4 percent carb content the Philadelphia cream cheese consumes very little of your daily carb limit.

How Many Calories are in Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

Most of the calories in this cream cheese are from the fats. In a small single serve 28 grams cup of Philadelphia cream cheese there are 97 calories. The volumetric quantity is about two tablespoon full.

These calories can be significant if you are following a strict low calorie diet. To lower the number of calories you can reduce the consumption to one tablespoon per serving.

Whipping the cream cheese reduces its density. Two tablespoons of whipped Philadelphia cream cheese weighs about 20 grams and contains close to 68 calories.

You can also go for light or fat free versions of cream cheese for low calorie options.

Nutrition facts

Being a dairy product, the Philadelphia cream cheese is rich in nutrients. It has vitamin A, protein and electrolyte content.

Nutritional facts for 28 grams cup of Philadelphia cream cheese.



% of daily value




Total fat

10 grams


Saturated fat

5 grams


Polyunsaturated fat

0.4 grams


Monounsaturated fat

2.4 grams



31.2 mg



91 mg



39 mg


Total carb

1 gram


Dietary fibre

0 gram



0.9 gram



1.7 gram


Vitamin A








10 Delicious Ways To Include Philadelphia Cream Cheese On Ketogenic Diet

  1. Spread on the lettuce and make creamy wrap for chicken of meat pieces
  2. Stuff it in sushi rolls
  3. Use it make thick sauces for low carb veggies
  4. Top your smoked, boiled dishes of fish, meat or chicken
  5. Use it to prepare keto friendly creamed spinach
  6. Use Philadelphia cream cheese to prepare low carb cheesecake fat bombs
  7. Pair the cream cheese with low carb fruits
  8. Use it to make low carb cheesecake
  9. Make low carb cheesy chicken dishes
  10. You can use the Philadelphia cream cheese top keto bakes

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Health Benefits of Eating Philadelphia Cream Cheese on a Keto Diet

Rich in anti-oxidants the Philadelphia cream cheese helps you fight the harmful free radicals in the body. It also contains moderate amount of calcium that helps in strengthening of your bones. It plays vital role in maintaining teeth and gum health too

Single serving of this cream cheese makes up for about 7 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin A, which is vital for your healthy vision and overall eye health.

The Philadelphia cream cheese has gut friendly bacteria it strengthens your immune system and helps in preventing infections.

It is also a good source of riboflavin. The riboflavin helps your body to break down the carbs, fats and proteins in your intake into energy, hence it is important element in growth and overall health of the body.

Is Philadelphia Cream Cheese Good For You?

While being on keto diet you might be in constant search for low carb and keto friendly but tasty dishes or sides for the main course. If yes, then Philadelphia cream cheese is a good choice for you.

While being low on carb it offers great taste. It can enhance taste of anything from main course to dessert without consuming much of your daily carb limit.

Philadelphia cream cheese is lighter than many other dairy spreads not only in carb content but also in calorie value. This cream tastes similar to butter and contains half the calories. So even if you are on keto diet, low carb, low calorie diet, Philadelphia cream cheese is good for you.

Add A Little Philadelphia Cream Cheese To Your Food

With high fat, moderate calories and very little carb content per serving and the kind of taste enhancement it offers, the Philadelphia cream cheese can be a good addition to your meals. This can make being on keto diet a bit easier.

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The Philadelphia cream cheese is not only a taste enhancer, it also has its own health benefits. With all those advantages and no ill effects, you should add a little Philadelphia cream cheese to your ketogenic diet.