Is Onelife Fitness Worth It (Review 2023)

If you don’t live in the south Atlantic region of the USA you might not have heard of Onelife Fitness. But this formerly regionally limited gym franchisee is growing and soon many would find one near their location.

As there are not many locations the chances of finding Onelife Fitness near you are not great, but if you do have one in the vicinity and thinking of taking up the membership let us help you find out if it is worth it.

Being a relatively small gym chain at the moment, you might not find much information about it so easily as you would for other popular big box gym chains.

The membership fee of Onelife is not as catchy as the famously affordable gyms. You end up paying in between a midrange to a high-end price. But does it offer the value that justifies the cost? Let’s find out.

Is Onelife Fitness A Good Gym?

Is Onelife Fitness A Good Gym

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A good range and quantity of high-quality gym equipment, enough space to accommodate all the members without looking crowded, clean and well-maintained facility along with some extra amenities is all that we expect from a good gym. Onelife Fitness possesses all the qualities of being a good gym.

Onelife Fitness gyms are usually spacious. There is enough exercise equipment and still enough space in between the machines to move around.

All the pieces of gym equipment at Onelife Fitness are of good quality. They maintain the equipment very well. The whole facility along with gym machines is cleaned regularly and thoroughly so you don’t have to worry about dealing with the sweaty benches.

Compared to other mid-range gyms, Onelife Fitness is a bit more expensive. It is also more spacious and has a good selection of equipment, group classes, and other amenities.

The layout of the gym is strategically designed to accommodate all the machines and still spare some space for bodyweight workouts and stretching.

The crowd there is a mix of all ages and fitness levels. You will find the staff here more friendly than the many big box gyms. The overall environment of the gym is welcoming to all.

Everything considered one can say that Onelife Fitness is a good enough gym. If you have one near you, it can be a good option among other mid-range gyms.

Does Onelife Fitness Have Good Equipment?

Does Onelife Fitness Have Good Equipment

Onelife Fitness membership fee is at the higher end of mid-range gyms. When you spend that much on the gym membership you expect the equipment to be of to quality.

In most of the factors, the gym equipment at Onelife Fitness does meet this expectation. All the equipment here is from premium brands like Life Time, Precor, Freemotion, etc.

The cardio section has enough machines, it is a mix of ellipticals, spin bikes, treadmills, and a few steppers. These are not in huge numbers but are enough to not keep you waiting for your turn, except during the busiest hours. At some locations of Onelife, you might have to wait a few minutes if you wish to use a specific cardio machine at peak hours.

The weight lifting section is much better than the cardio section. It has plenty of benches, power racks, and free weights. You are most likely to find this section least crowded.

The range of resistance machines at Onelife is better than many counterparts. You won’t find too many similar machines though. There are only one or two similar resistance training machines. But the wide variety of machines makes it feasible to find a machine to work out without waiting too much.

Apart from the traditional machines Onelife Fitness also offers some unconventional and some Crossfit training equipment like; battle ropes, weight sleds, slam balls, strongman bars, plyo boxes, TRX bands, etc.


Onelife Fitness Classes

The Onelife fitness locations are usually spacious, they accommodate more than one studio for group classes. The variety of classes they offer is also impressive. They have something suitable for each fitness level.

Most of the classes are included in your membership fees, so if you are one of those who perform better in a team you can sign up for as many classes as you can without paying extra.

There are Yoga, Zumba barre, pilates, aqua aerobics type classes for those who prefer working out at low intensity and are suitable for beginners. If you want faster results, you can opt for other intense classes like Tabata, kickboxing, or high-intensity interval spinning.

Onelife Fitness’ signature functional training classes called Apex and strength and conditioning class called Spark is favorite among their members.

Other than these common group classes that are included in the monthly membership, there are a few special classes at Onelife for which, you need to pay extra. These are the most advanced level classes utilizing explosive training for sports-specific conditioning.

Pool & Spa

Onelife fitness has all the arrangements to help you recover after an intense day of heavy weight lifting exercises. There is a pool to do some laps, there is also a full sauna, hot tub, and whirlpool to help relieve the stress on the muscles.

The availability of amenities may vary a little from place to place but most of the Onelife locations do at least have a full-size, indoor salt-water pool.

You can enjoy a leisurely swim in the pool by yourself or you can join the aqua aerobics or swimming classes if you wish.

The pool area, sauna, and allied facilities are cleaned regularly, there is very little chance of it being too messy to use.

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Other Amenities at Onelife Fitness

In terms of the amenities other than gym machines, pools, and classes, the inconsistency among the various locations of Onelife Fitness is comparatively a bit higher. Some locations have basketball courts, some have racquetball courts, others have both, and a few have none.

If you are someone who likes variety in their exercise routine and looking for a gym with many different amenities, then Onelife Fitness is a good choice. But if you wish to use some specific facility, do visit the gym location physically to make sure it is there before committing for membership.

At any Onelife location, you can find a few or all of the following amenities.

  • Basketball courts
  • Racquetball courts
  • Hydromassage beds
  • Shower stalls and locker rooms
  • Towel service for premium members
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Tanning beds
  • Yoga studio
  • Smoothie bar

Child Care

Most of the Onelife locations do have childcare facilities. Their kid care facility is called Kid’s club. Here you can leave your kids up to 11 years old for the period you work out in the gym.

The facilities in the kid care facility vary from location to location, but all Onelife kid’s clubs do have trained staff and they offer various activities and games for children to keep them engaged.

The childcare facility is not included in your membership fees. You will be charged around 15 to 2 bucks a month extra per kid if you add this facility to your membership.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Onelife Fitness?

By the looks of it we can say Onelife Fitness scores higher in equipment selection, being extra spacious, and classes but lack in terms of being affordable and accessible round the clock. To make it easier for you to decide upon whether or not to join Onelife if there is one near you, here are the exact pros and cons of this gym chain.


  • A large variety of group classes suitable for all fitness levels and goals
  • Well-maintained good quality equipment
  • Appreciable cleanliness in the overall facility
  • Sports specific conditioning classes
  • Plenty of allied amenities
  • Good selection of resistance machines
  • Polite and friendly staff
  • A lot of free workout space


  • High initiation fees
  • All branches aren’t functioning 24 hours of the day
  • Difficult to find one near you

How Much Does A Membership At Onelife Fitness Cost? 

There are mainly two membership options in Onelife Fitness gym and the price for these is more or less similar in all the locations. Still, for exact membership fees for any particular location, it is advisable to visit the place.

The two plans they offer are basic and premier. The main advantages of the premier plan are access to hydromassage chairs, towels services, and discounts on beverages and pro shop items.

The membership fee as said earlier lies at the higher end of the mid-range price band. The basic plan costs you around 40 bucks a month and the premier plan is about $50 per month. Apart from that, you will be paying 39 bucks annual as club enhancement fees that go towards the up-gradation of equipment and other facilities.

The monthly membership fees seem decent but the main point of concern about the cost of joining Onelife Fitness gym is their initiation fees. You need to pay a whopping $249 as initiation fees. There are options where you can pay higher monthly fees and get the initiation fees reduced to $149.

You can save almost the whole initiation fee by choosing to join this gym at right time. They run seasonal promotions a few times a year, at this time you can join by paying as little as $19 initiation fees.

Onelife fitness offers some discounted plans for students seniors, military personnel, and corporate clients. If you belong to any of these categories you can get about a 5 bucks a month discount in monthly fees.

Overall, Onelife is not cheap, and it has a very high initiation fee. So, you should be absolutely sure that this gym meets all your requirements before paying up. You can do that by utilizing their free trial pass with which you get access to the gym facilities for five days.

What Does Onelife Fitness Membership Include?

The access and facilities you receive differ a little as per the type of membership you choose. The basic membership also gives you access to almost all their amenities but the premier membership does add premium features.

The difference between the premier and basic membership is just about $10 per month. So, if you can afford to spend a bit extra, you can enjoy everything Onelife has to offer with premier membership.

The premier membership of Onelife Fitness includes;

  • Access to all gym equipment including video room for cardio machines
  • Access to spinning studios
  • Showers and locker room access
  • Pool and sauna facilities
  • All group classes
  • Few smart start training sessions
  • Onelife anywhere digital platform access
  • Towel service
  • Few free specialty training sessions
  • Hydromassage beds
  • Body composition analysis
  • Discounts of beverages and pro shop items

Which Onelife Fitness Membership Is Best?

Both types of memberships offered by Onelife seem a bit expensive if you are looking for an affordable gym. But considering what they offer in return we can say it justifies the cost.

Among the two membership options offered by Onelife Fitness, the premier membership seems the better choice. With just $10 extra per month, this membership adds many things over the basic membership. Opting for premier membership also reduces your initiation fees significantly.

Which membership option is best for you depends on your individual preference and what exactly you are expecting from the gym membership. If you sure won’t or rarely need to use the facilities like hydromassages, or discounts on beverages then it would make sense to go for the basic membership.

Does Onelife Fitness Have Hidden Fees?

For having membership of Onelife fitness and accessing all their facilities there are four types of fees you pay. The first is your initiation fee which is one time, you pay at the time of joining.

Then there is the membership fee recurring monthly. The third is their facility enhancement fees which you pay once every year.

The fourth type of fee is a kind of a-la-carte. If you wish to avail of personal training, sports-specific conditioning, childcare facility, etc. then you pay for that separately. Other than these four there is no hidden fee they would charge.

The only thing you should be careful about is that their contracts are for 12 months. If you wish to cancel your membership within this period for any reason other than medical you will have to pay three months’ fees extra.

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Is Onelife Fitness Worth It? [Verdict] 

Compared to the other gyms that have similar membership costs, Onelife fitness scores better on some points like equipment selection, group classes, and free space, but it lags behind in terms of initiation fees and 24-hour accessibility.

These are just a few dozen gyms in the country, so you can consider Onelife as an option only if you already have one in your vicinity.