Is Lululemon Worth It? (Review 2023)

For years now, I have been trying to find new ways to improve my performance at the gym. From trying out different types of foods to devising new workout plans every week, I’ve done it all.

Recently, however, a friend of mine suggested that I start investing in athletic apparel. And a bulb just went off in my head.

Why hadn’t I thought of that before?

You may scoff, but I’ve found that wearing athletic clothing actually helps, especially if you are into yoga or working out.

And so I started spending a chunk of my budget on running shoes, leggings, and hundreds of other functional accessories from brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Athleta.

Was I satisfied? A little bit. But I still wanted more.

Incidentally, my friend Julia suggested that I try Lululemon. Now, I’ll be honest – I hadn’t heard much about it. I just knew that it was a Canadian brand, and it designed a lot of fashionable products with high functionality.

I also knew that it was a high-end brand. So, of course, it was slightly more expensive than traditional brands.

But I didn’t mind that especially as the reviews were fantastic. I went on a shopping spree, and in a few hours, I had bought one of everything they offered – yoga clothing, accessories, the trademarked Lululemon leggings, sports bras, and so on.

I actually bought a lot from their “We Made Too Much” section, which is basically a page on their website where you can get a lot of products at a discounted price. If I am not wrong, they release new items on that page every Thursday. So, if you are a keen shopper like me, Lululemon is fashionable heaven!

It’s been months since that, and I don’t regret any of my purchases!

I think now I have the unofficial license to review the brand. And so, in this article, I will guide my partners in the fitness community on whether Lululemon is the right fit for them.

Let’s dissect each aspect of Lululemon’s products to get a better idea.

Quality of Material

Lululemon Material

Material is perhaps the most important factor while determining the functionality of athletic apparel. Julia, a veteran Lululemon shopper, told me about what to expect from the brand’s products.

Needless to say, I was still pleasantly surprised.

Lululemon uses the trademarked Luxtreme fabric, and it was the best thing ever. It is moisture-wicking and four-way stretchable, making it extremely durable and supportive during workouts.

I also tried their Nulu fabric, which is butter-fly soft and as lightweight as air itself. While I don’t wear Nulu-based apparel for strength workouts, I find them to be perfect for my yoga and cardio classes.

Another thing that I like about the brand is that they use sustainable alternatives like recycled polyester and Tencel for making some of their products, which I think is a great move.

Lululemon, in my opinion, uses fantastic material. Julia has been wearing the same sets of leggings that she purchased 5 years ago. And they still look as good as new.

Really makes me wonder why I have been spending so much on influencer clothing lines when I could have just invested $10-$20 more and gotten myself a Lululemon-exclusive wardrobe!



I wasn’t too worried about the fit offered by Lululemon, as I am of pretty average height and build. So, I normally don’t have to deal with any issues on this front.

But a couple of my friends who went shopping with me were nervous about whether they’ll find the right fit for their body types, especially as Lululemon seemed to be a commercial brand for athletes.

But we were surprised to find items of varying sizes. The signature ABC (Anti-ball Crushing) pants, for example, were perfectly suited for larger men, making them look flattering and comfortable. The brand has a plus-size line for females, so that’s good.

Apart from that, Lululemon uses various functional and design elements to improve the quality of its fits. I have flatlock seams on my outfits, for example, and I love that, especially because that minimizes chafing.

While brands like Adidas and Nike have high-quality products, Lululemon surpassed them in terms of functionality and comfort, especially while working out.

Breathability in Athletic Apparel

The Luxtreme and Nulu fabrics that I mentioned earlier are excellent for working out, especially because of how breathable they feel. The moisture-wicking fabrics made me feel cooler and drier while performing high-intensity workouts.

I also purchased a sea-green top from their website that comes with cutouts and mesh panels for maximum ventilation.

While you would expect athletic apparel to be more breathable, Lululemon is still likely to surpass your expectations.

Feels Weightless

The Nulu and Swift fabrics used by Lululemon are so weightless, you can hardly feel that they are there. On my first day at the gym, I had to double check that I had not forgotten to dress up in the morning.

I also have a range of sports bras from Lululemon. All of them are lightweight and have minimal seams to give you the barely-there feel. While my gym does not really allow me to work out wearing just a sports bra, they are fantastic for home workouts.

The Align leggings that I got off their We Made Too Much section are made specifically for low-impact activities. When I slid them on, it felt like I was putting on a second layer of skin – that’s how lightweight they felt! However, I do feel that they are less durable than other kinds of leggings.

Build Quality 

Lululemon Build Quality 

From what I have read, Lululemon is actually the front-runner when it comes to the build quality. I have only been wearing their products for a few months. But there are hardly any issues.

My friends, on the other hand, claim that their Lululemon leggings have remained intact. I have no reason to doubt them.

What I like about the build of Lululemon’s products is that they use reinforced seams and sturdy zippers. So, I never have to deal with these annoying damages that can ruin the entire outfit.

I also got a pair of ABC pants for my husband. He loved them as they were highly abrasion-resistant and allowed him to work out without worrying about damaging his apparel.

Performance and Functionality

Lululemon is known for its performance and fashionability around the world. But I wouldn’t believe anyone until I actually tried it out myself.

Not to sound like an over-enthusiastic shopper, but I’ve tried all of their fabrics. Apart from the ones I already mentioned, there’s the Luon fabric which is both highly supportive and stretchable during high-intensity workouts, yoga, and pilates.

The Everlux fabric, on the other hand, is highly moisture-averse and keeps me cool during my intense cardio sessions.

There is no chaffing or irritation when I wear my Lululemon, so that’s an added bonus. All of these benefits really combine into a feel-good, successful workout for me.

Durability and Cost-Effectiveness

I have already mentioned the durable aspect of Lululemon’s clothing a couple of times. To reiterate my claims, nearly all of their items are proven to be long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

Some of my friends have been using the same products that they purchased from Lululemon around 4-5 years ago. So, while Lululemon’s products might seem a little expensive from the outside, they’re actually very cost-effective because of how long they can serve you.

Price – Expensive or Bargain?

Now comes the tough part – is Lululemon actually expensive? On the surface, yes it is. But there’s a reason why the brand has millions of loyal customers.

They offer high value for money.

To give you a run-down, a typical Lululemon legging will cost anywhere between $90 and $120. Sports bras start at around $48. For the average market, the pricing might be a little high.

But when you start using their products, you’ll feel the extra money is worth it.

Think about their functionality, comfort, and durability. If you invest $150 on a single outfit and wear it for 5+ years, will that ultimately feel like an expensive deal or a bargain?

That’s why it’s better to invest $10-$20 more on Lululemon’s products than spend lesser on items that will not even last a year.

But that’s just my (a smart shopper’s) opinion!


Lululemon Leggings

Now, coming to the individual product lines sold by the brand. Let’s start with leggings, as they are my favorite of the lot.

Lululemon is primarily known for their exclusive leggings and tops. There are several types of leggings, each with their own functional benefits.

I have already talked about the Align leggings. They are extremely lightweight and feel almost weightless – good for yoga and pilates. I also got a pair of their Wunder Under leggings. They use a compressive, four-way stretch fabric and is the best option if you want a versatile pair for different activities like running and weightlifting.

The leggings from Lululemon, in my opinion, are better than some of the top brands that I’ve tried in the past like Under Armour and Athleta. But they are also more expensive comparatively.

So, like me, you should try and get them for a discounted price. But remember that the brand doesn’t like to use the word discount. They actually have a sales rack in their offline outlets. For online shoppers, you can find a range of products with price cuts on a section called We Made Too Much.

Sports Bras

Lululemon Sports Bras

Sports Bras – the holy grail of female workouts. When I went to my first Lululemon offline store, I got a bag full of sports bras.

The first one I tried was the Energy bra, a cute-looking piece with sweat-wicking fabric for keeping the wearer cool and dry during workouts. They were extremely comfortable to wear and aeshtetically pleasing to look at.

Lululemon Sports Bras

I also got their Free To Be bra, simply because of how marketable the name sounded. Fortunately, it was just as good in terms of functionality and comfort. When I wore them, they seemed to move with my body, hardly causing any sort of restriction during complicated compound movements.

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I am not really big on buying shoes. Which is a good thing because Lululemon does not have a large selection of athletic shoes.

Lululemon Shoes

Still, to complete my outfit, I got a pair of their Fast and Free sneakers. They are perfect for running as they have mesh upper and a cushioned sole for maximum breathability. They also have good shock absorption capabilities for how comfortable they feel.


I don’t normally like to wear headbands. But the ones displayed at the nearest Lululemon outlet were so cute, I couldn’t resist.

I got a Fly Away Tamer headband with moisture-wicking properties for keeping my forehead and hair sweat-free and dry. The Cool Racerback headband also provided lightweight and comfortable properties to help during low-impact activities.

Running Shorts

Lululemon Shorts

I didn’t get running shorts for myself, as I usually run wearing my Lululemon leggings. But the shorts section really kept my husband occupied while I scoured the rest of the store.

He got himself a pair of T.H.E. Linerless shorts that are lightweight and easy to wear during high-impact runs.

The shorts also feature a comfortable waistband that is designed to stay in place during long runs.

He also got himself a License to Train Linerless Short which is more durable and supportive of longer runs (like marathon).

Coats & Jackets

To summarise, Lululemon’s jackets and coats are fashionable as well as functional. I got myself the Always Effortless jacket that I wear for my outdoor ventures like running and workouts. It’s water-repellent with a stowable hood, something that I like very much.

It’s also very form-fitting and does not restrict our range of motion.

One of my friends, Amy, got a Pack It Down jacket from Lululemon. She does not work out as much, and only bought it becaused it looked really good for casual occasions as well. It features a lightweight and water-resistant fabric that can be packed down into a small pouch for easy storage.

The jackets, in all honesty, were so good that I got a couple to wear on special occasions outside the gym.

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Lululemon Hoodies & Sweatshirts

My gym is pretty cold. So, when I go in the mornings, I usually put on a sweatshirt and hoodie to keep myself warm. But I didn’t really like doing that because it restricted the quality of my workouts.

That was until Lululemon came along.

I got their Scuba hoodie first. It is a thick hoodie made from a cozy fabric that makes me feel warm and comfortable. It has a zippered front for versatility and convenience during workouts.

Seeing how good my first hoodie was, I also got the hooded Define sweatshirt from Lululemon. This one used the Nulu fabric and looked very stylish. I often wear it outside even when I am not exercising.

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Lululemon’s joggers are very stylish. While I don’t own any myself, my friends Julia and Stacye have an entire compartment full of them.

From what I know, the joggers at Lululemon are highly comfortable, stretchable, and durable. Also, they have one for every situation. For warmer climates, the fabric used is lightweight and softer. If you jog in colder areas, you can get joggers with proper insulation.

Yoga Mats

Lululemon Yoga Mats

I didn’t really know that Lululemon sold yoga mats. That is until I stumbled on one outlet that had these really cute and good-looking mats on display.

Again, not all outlets will sell these accessories. So, it’s better you buy them directly from the website.

I got the highly popular Reversible Mat. It is made from a high-quality, non-toxic, and sustainably-sourced material for improved grip and excellent cushioning. It really made my yoga performance go up a notch.

I also have The Un-Mat. I got it because the name sounded funny and interesting. It is a lightweight and foldable mat that I can carry along when I am travelling, so it turned out to be an excellent investment as well.

I don’t know if I am lucky or a highly-skilled shopper.

Is Lululemon Worth It?

Is Lululemon Worth It

I have been a Lululemon admirer for several months now. And in my opinion, it’s worth every penny that you invest on it.

Sure, it’s a bit pricier compared to other brands. But if you’re not willing to spend an extra $10-$20 on high-quality items, you’re not really looking at the cost-effectiveness of your investments.

For me, all of their products are fantastic – from their build quality and material to comfort and durability.

You just need to spend some time looking at all their items and deciding what’s the best for your needs and requirements.

Final Words

A few months ago, I was an average shopper, spending thousands of dollars on athletic apparel that didn’t help me all that much.

But then I discovered Lululemon, and I actually found that the outfit you wear at the gym can actually help you out a lot. I’ve tried to cover everything that I have learned about Lululemon in the past few months. I hope the review helps you find the best products for yourself!