Is It Ok to Drink Propel Instead of Water? (Here’s the Best Time to Swap Water for Propel)

Wondering why is propel the hot topic, of late, and is it okay to substitute water with propel?

Those who know even a bit about propel water understand that propel is a great source of hydration. It helps keep you energized all day and compensates for the loss of electrolytes. In addition, propel is packed with vitamins and minerals, which provides further health benefits.

So, coming back to the hot question, is it okay to drink propel instead of water?

Well, the answer to this can be different for different individuals. Propel is a great source of hydration, but if you over-consume this liquid, it might bring health hazards, too.

So, before we hop on to any conclusion, let’s first shed light on the nutritional value of this product. Furthermore, we will also discuss whether propel can hydrate you better than water and what happens if you drink too much of this sports drink.

Keep reading to learn everything related to propel water and its uses.


Is It Ok to Drink Propel Instead of Water?

Is It Ok to Drink Propel Instead of Water
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No, it is not Ok to drink propel instead of water. In some conditions, drinking large quantities of propel is justified, but you cannot completely replace water consumption with propel.

Before we head to the explanation of why it is not Ok to drink propel instead of water, you need to note that propel may be better than water as it contains water plus other ingredients (some healthy and some not so healthy).

Propel contains electrolytes like potassium, sodium, chloride, etc., in large quantities. Consuming propel to hydrate and compensate for the lost electrolytes is good for your health.

However, if you consume electrolytes in an excessive amount, it can lead to excess sodium in your body. This excess sodium can further increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, heart and kidney ailments.

Furthermore, if you are struggling with diabetes, the artificial sweeteners in propel can instantly increase your blood sugar levels.

Most importantly, consuming artificial sweeteners in large quantities has also been linked to an increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

Therefore, drinking propel water daily can be healthy if you follow a vigorous workout routine, which makes you lose excessive electrolytes. Otherwise, you should never replace this drink with water to quench your usual thirst.

Does Drinking Propel Count as Water?

Yes, you can count propel as water, as it contains water with additional minerals and flavors.

Propel is a sweetened water that contains more sodium and potassium than tap water.

Furthermore, it contains added vitamins like vitamins C, E, B3, B5, and B6. Although these fortified vitamins are not likely as good as the ones you get from whole fruits and vegetables.

In addition, propel contains no artificial colors, making it a zero-calorie drink.

Does Propel Hydrate Better than Water?

Yes, propel hydrates better than water because it contains water with other added healthy ingredients.

When your body sweats extensively, it often loses electrolytes that disturb the balance of the necessary fluids in the body. As a result, your body starts craving a drink beyond just fluid to function normally.

Electrolytes are charged mineral substances which conduct electricity when dissolved in water. These electrolytes impact nutrition and hydration in our body, which are necessary to make our body function properly.

Electrolytes are found in sweat, urine and blood that assist in maintaining proper muscle function and hydration levels, balance internal pH levels, and promote a healthy nervous system.

The over-purified water, which we usually consume, does not contain the electrolytes necessary to help the body recover after a full workout session.

As a result, plain water will not be able to make us feel as energized as propel water would do. Propel contains added electrolytes to get the required hydration, which is essential to keep our body moving.

How Many Bottles of Propel Can I Drink A Day?

The number of propel bottles you could drink daily depends on the number of electrolytes you lose in your daily activity.

If you have an active lifestyle and your body sweats excessively, you lose electrolytes in large quantities. Besides, the electrolytes are also lost through urination. In this case, you can drink 1-2 bottles a day. Notable, you should also keep the effect of the artificial sweeteners in mind before gulping propel bottles one after the other.

On the other hand, people who do not sweat or have a sedentary lifestyle do not need propel water at all. For the taste, you can consume this drink once in a while, but you should not include this in your daily diet because you already get enough electrolytes from the food you consume.

What Happens if you Drink Too Much Propel Water?

Drinking too much propel water could lead to various health disorders, like increased blood pressure with heart and kidney ailments.

Propel water contains electrolytes (majorly sodium and potassium), vitamins C, E, B3, B5, AND B6, and artificial sweeteners like sucralose and acesulfame potassium. Furthermore, it also contains preservatives like citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium hexametaphosphate, and calcium disodium EDTA, which are FDA approved. Most importantly,  propel water does not contain any artificial color that makes it safe. 

Looking at the ingredients, the propel is considered safe, but if you drink too much of this sports water, it will lead to the excessive electrolyte in your body.

Notably, a 12-ounce propel water bottle contains 160mg of sodium and the American Heart Association’s ideal limit of sodium consumption per day is 1500mg. The same bottle contains 40 mg of potassium, which is only about 1% of the potassium an adult should consume per day.

Now, over drinking this electrolyte water might increase the sodium level, leading to various health disorders. Furthermore, artificial sweeteners may also affect your insulin level depending on how your body reacts to it.

So, if you are not losing electrolytes in large quantities, sticking to tap or bottled water is recommended.

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Wrapping Up

Propel water contains zero carbs and zero sugar, making it a perfect drink for people on a keto or other low-calorie diet. Furthermore, athletes, sportspersons, fitness enthusiasts, and other highly-active people are the most suited consumers for propel water.

People drinking propel on a daily basis need to monitor their electrolyte consumption and also test the body’s glucose level to avoid various health disorders.