Is Gold’s Gym Worth It? (Review 2023)

The gyms are evolving, so are our expectations from them. We no longer expect the gyms to be just a place with some exercise equipment, we want the gym to be a complete experience filled with a motivating environment, classes, trainers, spas, and much more.

Many big box gym chains do try to offer many value-adding things to their members. Some still think it is best to offer basic gym facilities at a very affordable cost.

Which one to choose among themes totally depends on your preference. Whichever you choose, it is good to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Some gyms might feel costlier considering the membership costs but they might be offering facilities that justify the cost and it can be another way around in some other gyms. So it is vital you check out if it is worth it to pay the membership fees they are asking before paying it.

Is Gold’s Gym Worth It

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In this article, we have elaborated on what exactly Gold’s gym membership has to offer and if it is worth the money you spend for it.

Is Gold’s Gym A Good Gym?

Is Gold's Gym A Good Gym

With thousands of square feet of area, tons of machines, and many membership perks, you will definitely find almost all locations of Golds gym attractive. The amenities do vary with the location but still, each Gold’s gym branch has many things to offer.

Gold’s is one of the best mid-range gyms and there is a huge number of members in each branch, but you won’t find it too crowded even at peak hours. The gym is big in size and has plenty of equipment for everyone.

The amenities at Gold’s gym may include group classes, personal trainers, pools, spas, racquetball courts, basketball courts, etc. All these facilities may not be available at all branches and you may have to pay extra fees for them but rest assured, they charge reasonably for these.

You will always find all their facilities well-maintained and clean including the washrooms. The staff is friendly and seems caring towards the members as well as gym equipment and facilities. Overall, it is a good mid-range gym club.

Does Gold’s Gym Have Good Equipment?

Does Gold's Gym Have Good Equipment

It might be true that the gym environment and additional facilities like a cool spa or interesting group classes help you stay motivated to visit the gym regularly, but all that would be fruitless if the gym doesn’t fulfill its basic responsibility, that is to provide you with a range of good exercise machines.

Gold’s gym has a great range of exercise equipment at each location. Whether you have joined the gym just to get lean by doing some cardio exercise or you are on the way to becoming a pro powerlifter, Gold’s gym has got you covered.

The quality of equipment is also good. They do have their own line of gym equipment like barbells, kettlebells, jumping ropes, etc. You will find all the equipment at Gold’s gym from a reputed brand.

The cardio section at Gold’s is a mix of treadmills, spin bikes, ellipticals, and some rowing machines. But where they impress the most, is their powerlifting section. The collection of power racks, barbells, free weights, and allied equipment at Gold’s is massive.

At many Gold’s gym locations you can even find a Crossfit area filled with battle ropes, plyometric boxes, medicine balls, weight sleds, and other circuit training equipment.

There are plenty of resistance exercise machines at Gold’s gym, you won’t usually have to wait for your turn to use them. All these machines are from reputed brands. Some locations have high-tech TechnoGym machines in which you can scan QR codes to record your efforts in that session.

All the equipment at Gold’s is of good quality you will find it up to the mark for any mid-range gym.


If you enjoy group workouts and classes then Gold’s gym is one of the best clubs you can join. There are so many options for classes to choose from at Gold’s, that no matter what type of workout you prefer, you will find a class that suits your requirement.

If you wish to join some group class but are not sure which one to join, then in that case too Gold’s is the best place to be. They offer a seven-day all-access pass for free. In that period, you can join any number of different classes to understand which one suits you the best.

The classes at Gold’s start in the early morning and are available till late in the evening. So, no matter what time of the day you go to the gym there is a high possibility that you will find some class in session.

There are several classes aimed at muscle toning, strength training, weight loss, cardio, or pilates. Depending upon your interest and fitness goals you can choose the type of class and find one that is available matching with your schedule.

The availability of classes does vary from location to location, but as there are so many, you can find something of your interest at every location.

Pool & Spa

The facilities like the pool and spas take up too much space and require extra manpower. Thus in any big box gym chain, these are available only at a few select locations. So that the members with multi-location membership can access these facilities from time to time.

The pool and spa facilities are available only at a few locations. If swimming is an integral part of your workout routine or if it is the activity you love the most then it is better to check the Gold’s gym location near you physically for the availability of a lap pool before committing for their membership.

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Other Amenities at Gold’s Gym

Amenities at Gold's Gym

Other than the usual gym equipment and allied services like any other competitive gym chain, Gold’s gym does offer many value-added amenities. Here is the list of other amenities that you are likely to find at Gold’s gym location near you.

  • Steam room
  • Locker rooms and shower stalls
  • Racquetball courts
  • Basketball court
  • Buffalo bar
  • Running track
  • Cross-fit area
  • Punching bags
  • Pro shop

Not all locations have similar amenities but you can expect most of these at most of the locations.

Child Care

A childcare service at the gym can be the difference between being able to and not being able to work out for many of those who have children to take care of. Many gyms nowadays do have decent childcare facilities. Gold’s gym also does offer childcare at some of their locations.

The locations that do offer kid care facility has a well-trained staff to take care of your kids. All the staff of the kid care facility are certified in first aid, handling emergency situations, and child care.

The child care club at Gold’s can be utilized to drop off your kids while you work out in the gym. And don’t worry, your kids won’t get bored there. They won’t be just sitting there, the staff will keep them busy with entertaining games, crafts, and other activities. They even have teachers to help the kids with their homework.

Gold’s gym childcare facility is so good but it is not available at many locations. So, if you need child care facility do check if it is available at the Gold’s near you.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gold’s Gym?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gold's Gym

The fastest way to understand if the gym club is worth joining or not is to know its pros and cons. The cons give you exactly what you won’t be getting in that gym, so it becomes easy for you to decide whether to join it or not.

Here are the advantages and drawbacks of Gold’s gym.


  • You will always find the equipment clean and free of sweat
  • The staff is welcoming, you won’t feel like an alien here
  • There is a wide range of exercise equipment, you will find the necessary equipment for all fitness goals
  • Plenty of cardio, powerlifting, and resistance training machines are there so you won’t have to wait for your turn
  • Enough floor space
  • A huge number of group classes to choose from
  • All the equipment is well maintained
  • Specialty machines at a few locations


  • A significant difference in availability of various amenities from location to location
  • It gets noisy at the peak hours
  • Some policies can be a pain, for example – you are not allowed to use chalk powder to grip

How Much Does A Membership At Gold’s Gym Cost? 

The best way to find out exactly how you have to pay for membership and other facilities at Gold’s gym near you is to list the services you wish to avail of, classes you wish to join, then visit the location and ask them the exact membership cost for the same.

This is because Gold’s gym has one of the most confusing price structures. Their membership cost varies from location to location. On top of that, there are startup fees, annual fees that too vary with location.

There are also different types of membership levels to choose from. You can choose one from the membership types namely Basic, Vintage, Fitness, Access, Enhanced, Bootcamp, Only studio, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or VIP.

These membership levels are too many to even read in one breath. And all of them have different membership fees and advantages.

It is difficult to calculate the exact cost of gymming at Golds but for basic access-only membership, you would be spending around 20 to 30 bucks per month and the startup fees.

For availing gym access and enjoying some of the extra amenities at Gold’s that are necessary for overall growth you would end up spending around $40 per month excluding startup and annual fees.

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What Does Gold’s Gym Membership Include?

What Does Gold's Gym Membership Include

The different membership levels at Gold’s gym offer different access levels and facilities. The most basic membership gives access to the gym equipment only.

One of their most affordable membership plans is the Access plan. It costs below 40 bucks a month with an annual commitment. It is also available in month to month membership format.

This membership includes;

  • Few group exercise classes
  • Access to strength training machines and other gym equipment
  • Cardio with personal viewing screens
  • Classic Gold’s free weight area
  • Access to the functional training area
  • Private training area
  • Locker rooms
  • Sauna
  • Tanning beds

Which Gold’s Gym Membership Is Best?

Gold’s gym probably has the highest number of membership types among the mid-range gyms. There is a chance of getting confused due to so many choices.

You can choose the suitable membership type depending on what you expect from it. But according to many users, their FITNESS membership is the most balanced value for money option.

In this membership type, you get everything included in the basic membership plus unlimited access to spinning classes and access to a few other group classes. The membership costs 40-50 bucks a month depending on your location and you have to pay annual maintenance fees of about $40.

Does Gold’s Gym Have Hidden Fees?

No. There are no hidden charges at Gold’s gym. Sure, their fees structure is difficult to understand but they don’t keep anything hidden.

When you visit the gold gym they will explain how much exactly the membership option you chose will cost you.

Is Gold’s Gym Worth It?

Is Gold's Gym Worth It

If you can see past their confusing price structure and inconsistency among the different locations, then almost all the locations of Gold’s gym are great places to work out.

The gym is famous among powerlifters and bodybuilders, so there will be many big, muscular guys and a lot of grunting noises. But don’t worry, their welcoming staff tries to almost neutralize this seemingly intimidating environment.

For the membership fees they charge and the facilities they offer we can say, Gold’s gym is worth it.