Is Gatorade Zero Keto Friendly

Exercise, may it be heavy or light, it drains certain amount of electrolytes from your body. The drainage of electrolytes and energy makes you tired and dehydrated, also you may develop muscle cramps.

A sweet and refreshing energy drink like Gatorade comes handy in such situations. It replenishes the drained energy and electrolytes.

But as the regular Gatorade is full of sugar it automatically becomes a prohibited drink for people on ketogenic diet. But the Gatorade zero on the other hand contains zero sugar and can be considered as an option for electrolytes replenishment while on keto.

Is Gatorade Zero Keto Friendly?

Is Gatorade Zero Keto

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You should know that the zero in the of Gatorade zero represents amount of sugar in it and not the carbs or calories.

Gatorade zero contains some calories and carbs in it but the amount is small. A 20 ounce or 600ml bottle of Gatorade zero consists about 5 calories and 2 grams of carbs.

If we consider 10 to 12 oz per serving, then the carbs and calories are negligible. That depicts, Gatorade zero is definitely keto friendly.



How Many Carbs are in Gatorade Zero?

Gatorade zero comes in 20 ounce and 32 ounce bottles. The 20 ounce bottle of Gatorade zero has about 1 gram carb in it, while the 32 ounce bottle has less than 2 grams of carb.

This means you will be consuming less than one gram of carb per serving of Gatorade zero. Which consumes a negligible amount of your daily carb limit in the keto diet.

The non sugar carbs in the Gatorade zero can be attributed to the natural flavours used.

How Many Calories are in Gatorade Zero?

The Gatorade zero comes in five different flavours. Each flavour, based on its unique flavour profile, carries a little different number of calories.

The lemon and orange flavours of Gatorade zero carries about 5 calories in a 32 ounce bottle.

The glacier cherry, glacier freeze and the berry flavours of Gatorade zero has a little more calories than the regular lemon and orange flavoured drinks. These flavours consist about 10 calories per bottle of 32 ounce.

Considering this, you will be consuming less than 5 calories per serving in of any flavour. This is consistent with the requirements of low carb diets or low calorie diets.

Nutrition facts

The basic function of Gatorade zero is to replenish the lost electrolytes. With 380mg sodium and 110mg potassium content, it fulfils that responsibility very well.

The following table consists complete nutritional facts of all five available flavours of Gatorade zero. It shows the numbers are in line with your ketogenic diet requirements.

Nutritional facts per container of 32 ounces:



% of daily value


(for Orange and lemon flavour)






(for other flavours)



Total fat

0 gram



380 mg





Total carb

2 grams



0 gram



0 gram




How’s there zero calories per serving, yet 10 calories per the entire bottle?

Due to their unique flavour profile, glacier cherry, glacier breeze and berry flavoured Gatorade zero has 10 calories per 32 ounce bottle, while regular lemon and orange flavours have 5 calories for same size bottle.

A serving is considered to be about 10 to 12 ounces (or 300 to 360ml). Each serving of any flavour would have less than 5 calories in it. That aren’t many and thus rounded to zero.

Does Gatorade Zero contain sugar in it?

The zero in the name refers to the fact that it has zero sugar in it. Gatorade zero have some calories, carbs and electrolytes, but the sugar content is zero.

What is Gatorade Zero sweetened with if it doesn’t contain sugar?

Gatorade zero is sweetened with non sugar artificial sweeteners. While some artificial sweeteners are considered to have side effects the sweeteners used in Gatorade zero are harmless.

It uses sucralose and acesulphame potassium as sweeteners to provide the sugarless sweet flavour to Gatorade zero. Both of the sweeteners are FDA approved to be used as non-nutritive sweeteners. Many FDA reviewed studies also support the safety of these sweeteners.

Does Gatorade Zero have caffeine in it?

A sports drink that is intended to help in performance enhancement, usually contains caffeine in it.

The purpose of Gatorade zero is to replenish the electrolytes lost during your workout, a long hike etc. and help you recover. Thus, Gatorade zero doesn’t have any caffeine in it.

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Electrolytes in Gatorade Zero

Intense workouts can make you dehydrated by draining the electrolytes from the body. It will make your muscles tired and can also induce cramps.

  • The main electrolytes in Gatorade zero are sodium and potassium. These will help your muscles recover quickly.
  • A 32 ounce bottle of Gatorade zero consists 380mg of sodium and 110mg of potassium. These electrolytes help you regulate muscle function.

What Flavours Does Gatorade Zero Have?

For enhancing the pleasure of recovery, the Gatorade zero sugar thirst quencher comes in different flavours. Following are the flavours currently available in market.

  1. Lemon
  2. Orange
  3. Glacier cherry
  4. Glacier freeze
  5. Berry

Is Gatorade zero better than Gatorade?

When you are following a low carb diet like keto then Gatorade zero is definitely better than Gatorade for you.

The Gatorade zero comes with all the benefits of Gatorade without the sugar and associated carbs. The artificial sweeteners and flavours used in Gatorade zero are safe to consume.

With zero sugar, natural flavours, FDA approved artificial sweeteners, low calories and negligible carbs the Gatorade zero is perfect electrolytic drink for those on keto diet.

Is Gatorade 0 good for you?

You lose too much electrolytes in intensive or long duration workouts that cannot be replenished by merely drinking water.

Gatorade zero replenishes those electrolytes without adding much calories or carbs to your body. It is good for you whether you are on a low carb diet like keto or not.

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Say cheers with Gatorade zero

Heavy exercises, long duration workouts are part of your fitness journey. That makes electrolyte depletion a regular occurrence in your routine. Gatorade zero replenishes these lost electrolytes in keto friendly way.

It will help you recover faster and be ready for working your next session out without adding many calories or carbs.

While an alcoholic drink can cause electrolyte depletion Gatorade replenishes it. So, leave the beer away and let’s say cheers with Gatorade zero.