Is Esporta Fitness Worth It (Review 2023)

Founded as a new gym brand under the umbrella of LA Fitness, Esporta Fitness is currently present in more than 700 locations across the US. One of the key attractions of Esporta is its budget-friendly membership options.

With membership fees starting from as low as $9.99, it is also one of the cheapest gym chains in the United States. For these reasons, this gym chain is gaining immense popularity all across the country.

So, should you too join here? You will learn through this article. Through this article, we will be taking you through an in-depth review of Esporta Fitness from different key aspects.

So, read along!

Is Esporta Fitness A Good Gym?

Is Esporta Fitness A Good Gym
Esporta Fitness

Well, the answer to that question depends on several factors. Are you looking for a budget friendly gym with all basic facilities? If so, we will say Esporta Fitness is totally worth trying.

In addition to their very affordable membership plans that start from as low as $9.99 per month, they also offer premium membership with better facilities and access.

However, if you are looking to join a high quality gym with great equipment and other factors, there may be some other alternatives to Esporta Fitness.

But that all being said, there is no denying that considering the cheap membership options, Esporta is definitely a good gym that you can consider joining!

Does Esporta Fitness Have Good Equipment?

Does Esporta Fitness Have Good Equipment
Esporta Fitness

Well, Esporta is basically a budget gym. Considering their membership cost, they have good equipment.

If we speak about the availability of equipment, then Esporta is definitely on par with those mid-ranged gyms. Most of their clubs have a decent collection of equipment for weight training, cardio, and other workouts.

But if we look at the quality of their equipment, they may not have the best quality machines. However, that doesn’t mean they are in poor condition.

But when compared to other mid-ranged gyms or even LA Fitness which is their parent gym, Esporta may not be having the latest equipment!


One big benefit of grabbing an Esporta Fitness Membership is their group classes.

Given below is the list of major group classes that Esporta offers:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Bootcamp
  • Conditioning
  • Aquafit
  • Kickboxing
  • Cycling
  • Zumba

However, keep in mind that only premium members will be having access to most of these classes. That is, the basic $9.99 membership won’t let you take part in those group classes.

Also, the cycling facility at Esporta is often limited to multi-state membership holders only.

But that being said, individual clubs may have their own policies and also, their own list of classes.

So, try contacting your local club to learn more about what facilities they offer for different kinds of members.

Pool & Spa

Pool & Spa
Esporta Fitness

Being a low-mid-ranged gym, having pool and spa facilities is yet another benefit of Esporta Fitness. Most of their clubs have a junior Olympic sized swimming pool.

They also offer single or group-based swimming classes, which course may come with an extra price or not!

In addition to swimming pools, they also have spas in most clubs.

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Other Amenities at Esporta Fitness

Other Amenities at Esporta Fitness
Esporta Fitness

In addition to weight training, cardio, pool, and spas, Esparta Fitness also offers several extra facilities.

Extra facilities at Esparta include basketball courts, volleyball courts, racquetball games, etc. But here also, the basic membership holders might not be able to access these extra facilities.

They also offer locker room facilities so that you can keep your belongings safe while you work out!

Child Care

One key drawback with most budget gyms in the United States is the lack of child care. This may make parents with younger kids unable to attend their fitness classes.

But at Esporta, you will have childcare facilities, which they call a ‘child club’.

Of course, there may be an extra cost to access the child care facilities. So, speak with your local club executives to learn more.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Esporta Fitness?

Like in any other gym in America, Esporta Fitness has its own share of cons along with Pros.

Given below are some of the major pros and cons of this gym network


  1. Very Budget friendly
  2. No shortage of equipment and machines in most clubs
  3. Extra amenities available at extra payment
  4. Child care facility
  5. Multi-club access choice
  6. Excellent group classes at affordable prices
  7. Personal trainers


  1. Equipment quality is not that great at some locations
  2. Chances of hidden charges
  3. Some clubs lack proper hygiene
  4. Some clubs become crowded often

How Much Does A Membership At Esporta Fitness Cost?

The biggest attraction of Esporta is, of course, its prices. Their membership cost is among the lowest of all gym chains in all of America.

If you are looking for basic gym facilities, such as weight training and basic cardio workouts, your monthly membership cost at Esporta will be only $9.99.

But that was the pricing for the basic membership. By enrolling for their premium memberships, you can access more facilities. The monthly cost for the premium single-state membership is $25.99. By paying $29.99 per month, you can grab their multi state premium membership.

But that was only the monthly due that you will be paying. Along with this monthly fee, there will be an annual fee as well as an initiation fee when you are joining for the first time.

For the basic $9.99 membership, there will be an initiation fee of $99.99. But for the premium memberships, you won’t have to pay that much initially; the starting up fee will be only a nominal $1 for these memberships.

Speaking of the annual fee, you can expect an annual fee of somewhere around $53 that they charge once a year. In most clubs, they charge the annual fee three months after you join.

In addition to these fees, there may be some extra charges that individual clubs may charge for certain facilities. You can also hire personal trainers by paying extra.

The exact charges of hiring a personal trainer depend on club policies and the rate set by the trainer, and the cost of child care facilities comes somewhere around $10 a month.

Furthermore, always speak with the club executives before joining, or going through the membership agreement to avoid confusion.

Also, if you are unsure about how good the gym actually is, you can always opt for a free trial there.

Esporta Fitness offers a 3 day free trial for its aspiring members, some clubs also offering 7 day trials. The free trial is a great way to have a first-hand experience of the club before taking a membership.

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What Does Esporta Fitness Membership Include?

What your Esporta membership includes will depend on which plan you choose. They currently offer three kinds of plans.

The very first and the most popular one is the Basic plan which comes with a $9.99 membership cost. This plan will give you access to weight training and cardio equipment.

But if you could spend more bucks, you can opt for either the Premium Single State or Premium Multi State membership. Both these membership options offer more or less similar facilities.

That is, you can access their group classes, courts, racquetball games, pools, spa, etc.

The group classes at Esparta include almost all major fitness recreational activities.

The only difference between these plans is that with the Premium Multi State plan, you can visit any esporta club in any state. The Premium Single State plan, on the other hand, will give you access to all clubs in one state.

In some clubs, only Premium Multi State members will have access to studio cycling.

The Premium Multi State plan at Esporta Fitness also enables you to bring up to two guests per visit.

Speaking of the Basic plan, you will be having access to only one club.

Those were what were basically included in an Esporta membership. In addition to these facilities, you can opt for extra services like personal training and child care. In most clubs, you will have to pay additionally for such facilities.

Which Esporta Fitness Membership Is Best?

The answer to this question also depends on what you are looking for through your gym membership.

One of the key factors that made Esporta popular is its affordable membership plans. So, if you are looking for a basic gym membership wherein you can do weight training and cardio regularly, then the Basic plan will be sufficient for you.

If that is not the case, and you are looking for better facilities and are willing to pay more (in the $20-$30 range), you can opt for either the Premium Single State or Premium Multi State plan. Among these two plans, it also depends on certain factors.

One big benefit that comes with the Premium Multi State plan compared to the Premium Single State plan is the multi-state all-club access. So, if you are someone traveling a lot across the country, the third plan will be a better option.

But that being said, with the Premium Single State plan, you can still visit multiple clubs in your state.

Currently, they have more than 700 clubs across the United States. So, either of these plans will be greatly helpful to constantly traveling individuals.

Another extra benefit of the Premium Multi State plan compared to the Premium Single State plan is the access to the cycling studio. So, keep that in mind as well.

Does Esporta Fitness Have Hidden Fees?

Although we can’t obviously say that Esporta has hidden charges, some people who went there before have reported that they have to face some extra charges.

These extra charges in Esporta come mostly in the form of an annual fee. But these days, they have already mentioned it on their website.

But anyway, always go through the membership agreement before signing it. That way, you can avoid later confusion.

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Is Esporta Fitness Worth It? [Verdict]

Is Esporta Fitness Worth It
Esporta Fitness

As we have already mentioned, Esporta Fitness is basically an umbrella organization under LA Fitness (which is one of the major gym chains in the United States). While LA Fitness comes with great facilities and therefore higher monthly prices, Esporta is basically a budget version.

So, always keep in mind that Esporta is for those looking for budget friendly gym memberships. And we think that considering their pocket-friendly prices, they offer decent, if not great facilities.

If you are looking for a very basic gym membership, they have the Basic plan. If you want access to better facilities and multi-club access, they have premium memberships for you. It’s that simple!

Most Esporta clubs are spacious and with enough equipment. So, in most cases, unless you visit during peak hours, you would find it easier to get machines for you. But in most other cheap gyms, you may not have this luxury and might have to wait for several minutes to use a machine.

However, not all Esporta clubs are the same. Also, some members have reported hygiene concerns there, not because of any negligence from the gym but because of the lack of proper gym etiquette from members.

So, keep all these points in mind, and consider using their 3-day or 7-day free trial first and then decide if to get a long-term membership.

Overall, we think Esporta is a great option for those looking for budget friendly gym memberships!