Is Equinox Worth It? (Review 2023)

There are budget gyms, mid-range gyms, high-priced gyms, and then there is Equinox. Yes, Equinox membership with all the premium features costs almost equivalent to the monthly rent for an affordable apartment.

Equinox is not cheap, but you already know that. The question at hand is whether the value you receive as an Equinox member justifies the exorbitant price tag or not. Well, you are about to find out.

One thing is clear that if you are just looking for access to gym equipment then there is no point in spending ten times than the budget gyms.

Equinox membership is a complete experience, everything there, from the light conditions to the smell of the air is different than average gyms. You pay for every bit of it, and it won’t be worth it if you can’t savor every bit of it.

Let’s get to know what exactly makes Equinox membership so costly and try to find if it is really worth it.

Is Equinox A Good Gym?

Is Equinox Worth It

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If you are looking for high-end gyms like Equinox, you have already considered that it would be expensive. So, let’s forget about the price tag for a moment and consider what they have to offer.

Equinox is not just good but one of the best gym facilities one could find. The type of ambiance and the luxurious facilities they offer, only their own different locations can compete and compare each other on these parameters.

This high-end gym gives you a feeling of exclusivity as most of their locations won’t ever be as crowded as the cheaper options.

Top-class gym equipment, professional trainers, a range of group classes, and unique body evaluation amenities put Equinox at the top. The luxurious ambiance and features like their famous cold, antiviral, and energy-boosting eucalyptus towels, or the shower supplies are comparable to the most expensive hotels.

So, if $200-500 doesn’t put a dent in your monthly budget, Equinox gym membership is the best thing you can buy with that money.

Does Equinox Have Good Equipment?

If you ask what equipment does Equinox has, the straight answer would be the same that you would get if you ask for any mid or high-end gyms. But the difference lies in the details.

Every Equinox club has all types of exercise equipment to fulfill every fitness goal at any fitness level. And they took an effort to choose every equipment that offers a bit more than what’s expected from it generally.

The cardio section of Equinox contains treadmills and spin bikes that connect with the Equinox+ app that makes it easy to follow your plan and track your progress. The Woodway treadmills are designed to follow instructor-led programs.

Every Equinox gym would have the most advanced and well-kept versions of;

  • Cardio machines
  • Resistance training machines
  • Pieces of cross-training equipment
  • Barbells, free weights, and dumbbells
  • Smith machines and racks
  • Specialty workout equipment
  • Body analysis facility

At any Equinox, you won’t be waiting your turn to access the machines, as they have all the machines in sufficient quantity.


The choice of group classes at Equinox is tremendous. No matter what form of group workouts you like, you will find something that matches your requirement.

The classes are designed to improve the outcome of your efforts and are conducted by experienced trainers. Among the types of group classes mentioned below, each one has some specialized versions for targeting particular fitness goals.

The type of classes available at Equinox include;

  • Active regeneration
  • Athletic training
  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Barre workout
  • Long plus lean conditioning
  • Pilates
  • Pool workouts
  • Treadmill training
  • Yoga

With the Equinox+ app, you can check the schedule of the classes at any club location on your phone, and can also book it if you wish. Be sure to attend the class if you book it in advance, if you don’t on three occasions, you might be blocked from booking the classes for a certain period.

Pool & Spa

Every facility and amenity at Equinox reeks of luxury. The spa at any location is not just a hot room with steam and hot tubs. You can get all the services you might get at a professional salon and spa at some additional cost.

Not all locations have a swimming pool but if you have a multi-club membership you can experience the luxurious and relaxing pools at Equinox clubs. You can indulge in aqua sports or can perform trainer-led signature pool workouts at the pools here.

The beautiful ambiance, smell, and soothing lighting at the pools area will allow you to comfortably spend more time in pools getting that low-impact high-intensity cardio workout.

Other Amenities at Equinox

You can do much more at Equinox than just sweating it out on the gym machines. The seamless integration of digital and physical offerings by Equinox helps you to improve upon movement, nutrition, and regeneration for the betterment of physical and mental health as well.

The amenities at Equinox other than the gym machines, pool and spa are;

  • High-end shower stalls with luxury restroom products
  • The famous cold eucalyptus towels
  • Washing and ironing service
  • Body analysis machines and technicians
  • Filtered water stations
  • Personal trainers
  • Nutrition experts

Child Care

There is a child care facility at Equinox, but I guess it would cost you the same if you hire a nanny at home. They charge about $10 or more per session per child.

It does cost a bit more for a session but it is much more convenient cost-effective to use the facility at the gym if and when required and pay for the services rendered than other options.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Equinox?

There is much more to Equinox than just the feeling of exclusiveness and luxury. Let’s discuss its pros and cons to better understand whether to go for it or not.


  • The massage, facial, and other deluxe spa services
  • The facilities are clean, neat, and pleasant all the time
  • You won’t find any Equinox club too crowded even at peak hours
  • Wide choice of group classes
  • Friendly staff
  • All classes and facilities can be booked online
  • Experienced trainers
  • Pleasant ambiance


  • Not accessible round the clock
  • The schedule of classes keeps varying
  • Membership cancellation is difficult
  • You won’t get the full experience if you opt for the starter ‘this club only’ membership

How Much Does A Membership At Equinox Cost?

There are many options for Equinox membership. The membership benefits and costs for each of these vary a lot. The table below would give a fair idea about how much it would cost you to get the package that fulfills all your needs.

For more details read: Equinox Prices

Equinox Membership Cost

Membership type/particular


Single gym membership

One time initiation fee


Monthly membership fee


All access regular membership

One time initiation fee


Monthly membership fee


Destination club membership

One time initiation fee


Monthly membership fee


E club membership

One time initiation fee


Monthly membership fee


What Does Equinox Membership Include?

If you opt for single club membership you get access to gym facilities at only your club. Along with that, you would get some complimentary benefits like Equifit fitness assessment, some training classes, and some studio sessions. For all other classes and services, you need to pay extra.

With All-access membership, you get access to all regular clubs. Destination club membership offers you access to all the regular and destination clubs. And the E club membership gives you access to all the clubs, classes, and premium services of Equinox.

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Which Equinox Membership Is Best? 

It is no secret that the Equinox membership is much more expensive than its counterparts. It offers the services and facilities that justify the cost. But it won’t be worth spending that much for a gym membership if you cannot utilize the offerings to the fullest.

The single gym membership won’t allow you to experience the variety of lavish clubs and their classes. It doesn’t make sense to pay more than $180 per month just for gym equipment.

If you want to get the experience worth the money you are paying then the E club membership is the best. That gives you access to everything Equinox has to offer.

Does Equinox Have Hidden Fees?

If you are wondering that if you have to pay something over the monthly fees and the initiation fees, then the answer is yes, there is more.

You pay extra for every premium facility you use. The massages, spa treatments, specialty classes, body evaluation, laundry services, and everything similar to these are charged extra.

The cancellation policy also a bit unreasonable and can be counted as an undue hidden charge. You will be charged for at least 12 months even if you cancel the membership in between a year. So, be sure you are going to be using Equinox for at least a year before committing.

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Is Equinox Worth It? [Verdict]

The answer would be subjective as it would depend mostly on how you can enjoy the benefits of the membership. The equation is simple, you spend more you get more, but if you are not there to reap the benefits of what you bought at the membership cost, then it is not worth spending too much just for the namesake.

If you are committed to your fitness goals and plan to use the gym facilities five times a week or more, then it worth it to get an Equinox membership, otherwise you are better off with some midrange gym.