Is Coke Zero Keto Friendly?

No matter on which diet you are, plain water will always be the healthiest choice to quench your thirst. But once in a while you desire to have something more refreshing and tasty to drink.

The carbonated drinks like coca cola provide you the exotic taste you are craving for but at the cost of adding too much carbs and calories.

While on low carb diet or ketogenic diet you cannot afford to add any significant amount of carbs that too for just one drink. But to break the monotonousness of keto diet you need some tasty keto friendly alternative.

Coca-Cola zero sugar offers you the unique flavour of coke without adding any carbs or calories to your diet. This article will provide everything you need to know about coke zero and its compatibility with keto diet.

Is Coke Zero Keto Friendly?

Is Coke Zero Keto Friendly

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The basic requirement for any food item to be keto is to be very low on carbs and high in fats. While the coke zero exceeds the requirement in terms of carbs.

A 12 ounce can of coca cola has 39 grams of carbs and 140 calories in it. But the coke zero has practically zero calories and zero carbs in it.

On account of zero carb content, coke zero is keto friendly. You can safely drink coke zero while on keto diet without worrying about being thrown out of ketosis.



How Many Carbs are in Coke Zero? 

Coca-Cola zero sugar is basically just carbonated water that provides taste like coke without adding any carbs.

Coke zero contains zero sugar in it. It is sweetened using the artificial sweeteners called aspartame and acesulfame potassium. These sweeteners are 200 time sweeter than sugar.

These artificial sweeteners are added to mimic the sweetness of coke original. The amount of carbs in coke zero is practically zero.

The absence of carb content in coke zero makes it a keto friendly drink.

How Many Calories are in Coke Zero? 

The coke zero is sweetened with artificial sweeteners that add no calories to the mix. The other ingredients like carbonated water or flavours have no calorie content. Coke Zero made with the contents like these.

Coke zero has zero calories.

The calories and carbs in coke zero are insignificant. You can enjoy a tin of coke zero even if you are on low carb diet or on a calorie deficit diet.

The only condition when it is not recommended to have coke zero is if you are sensitive to caffeine. As a 12 ounce can of coke zero has 34 mg of caffeine.

What Ingredients are in Coke Zero?

The major volume of coke zero is carbonated water, that doesn’t have any carbs. The main ingredients except water are artificial sweeteners, natural flavours and caffeine. All these ingredients which are used to make a container of coke zero, adds practically zero carbs to it.

That means all the major ingredients in coke zero are keto friendly.

The other ingredients in coke zero like, colour, potassium citrate and potassium benzoate are present in infinitesimally low quantity.

Nutrition Facts

With zero carbs and calories, and exceedingly small quantities of ingredients other than carbonated water we can safely say that coke zero is nutritionally inert.

The most significant thing in one single serve 12 ounce can of coke zero is caffeine which is in fact less than caffeine content of a small cup of home brewed coffee.

Following table shows the nutritional facts of a 12 ounce container of coke zero original flavor.



% of daily value




Total Fats

0 gram



40 mg


Total carbs

0 gram



0 gram






0 gram


Vitamin D













34 mg




What Flavors Does Coke Zero Have?

Along with its classic original flavor that mimics the classic coke, the Coca-Cola zero sugar comes in three other flavors.

So basically, the four flavours available in coke zero are;

  1. Classic original flavor
  2. Cherry flavor
  3. Vanilla
  4. Orange vanilla

All the flavors used in are natural and considered to be having no ill effects on your diet.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Coke Zero On a Keto Diet

There are not much noticeable health benefits of coke zero other than being thirst quencher and a zero calorie energy booster.

While on keto diet you can enjoy the sweet delicious taste of coke zero without consuming any carbs or calories from your daily limit.

One can of coke zero provides 2 percent of daily required value of sodium.

On the other hand, over-consumption of caffeine and artificial sweeteners may have some ill effects. So, while on keto diet it is advisable to limit the consumption of coke zero.

Is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Good for You?

While being on strict ketogenic diet, if you are looking for some change in taste once in a while without addition of carbs or calories then Coca-Cola zero sugar is good for you.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, have a genetic condition like PKU or taking any medication then it is advisable to keep away from coke zero.

In any case overconsumption of sweet carbonated drinks can have adverse effects on your health.

Be on keto with coke zero

The classic taste of coca cola is delicious. Coke zero provides the same taste with zero carbs and calories. The keto friendly coke zero can be the sporadic getaway from your not so enjoyable routine.

The coke zero produces this taste with artificial sweeteners and some flavours. It is tasty, keto friendly and harmless if consumed in small quantities.

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Some studies show that there are some adverse effects on health due to regular and heavy consumption of artificial sweeteners and carbonated drinks.

The bottom line is you can consume coke zero being on keto just to break the monotonousness of the routine once in a while, but don’t make it a regular thing.