Is Blink Fitness Worth It (Review 2023)

Everyone has their own unique set of expectations and requirements from a gym. Some need just the basic gym machines with a serious and goal-oriented crowd to workout around, while others look for extravagant amenities and a luxurious feel of the place.

Fortunately, there are so many big box gym chains, each with a different model and approach. There is at least one gym chain that suits perfectly to your needs and expectations.

There are high-end luxury gyms like Equinox and then there are affordable basic gym setups like Blink Fitness to cater to different kinds of gym goers.

Blink Fitness, unlike the high-end sister concern Equinox doesn’t offer many extra amenities but has a high-quality offering of the things that matter the most. Though being one of the most affordable gyms around the workout space, equipment quality, and keep up of the facility of Blink Fitness is no less than expensive gym clubs.

Let’s dig in and find out more about Blink fitness to understand whether getting its membership is worth it or not.

Is Blink Fitness Worth It

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Is Blink Fitness A Good Gym?

Designed to make people of all fitness levels feel welcome Blink Fitness is a mix of a laid back atmosphere, good quality cardio machines, and powerlifting equipment. The overall vibe of the gym is welcoming and energizing.

The staff at Blink is friendly and always keen to help you with understanding the use of equipment or anything else.

Most of the members of any Blink Fitness location are beginners or at intermediate fitness level and the gym has the equipment to cater to these people. The cardio section of any location of Blink is sufficiently big with a lot of cardio machines.

Those who prefer to perform cardio on most of the days would have a great time at Blink as they wouldn’t have to wait for their turn even at the peak hours. Not only the cardio section but also the range of resistance machines here is impressive.

If you think there is nothing for people who like to train on higher intensity with free weights then you would be wrong. They have a small powerlifting section with a few racks, bench press stations, and a good number of barbells and free weights.

Unlike local low-cost gyms, Blink Fitness locations have good interior decor. The gym machines and everything else in the gym are well maintained and of good quality.

Almost all of the Blink Fitness locations open way too early in the morning and are open till late at night. So, you can sweat out even at odd hours if you are too busy during the day or wish to avoid the rush hour.

There might not be too many extra facilities at Blink Fitness you get access to some high-quality gym equipment, a spacious workout area, and free wi-fi at an affordable price. Overall, compared to any midrange or affordable gyms, Blink Fitness is one of the good gyms to join.

Does Blink Fitness Have Good Equipment?

Does Blink Fitness Have Good Equipment

Blink Fitness has the equipment to cater to all fitness levels and types of training. If you just want to lose some weight there is a huge cardio section, if heavy weightlifting is your thing there is a powerlifting section. Along with that, there is a functional training area and a wide range of resistance machines.

You can find all information about the equipment availability at Blink Fitness locations on their website. So, you don’t have to guess if the location of your choice does or doesn’t have the equipment you need.

The quality and the range of gym equipment at Blink Fitness gym is amazing but the number of cardio machines and resistance training machines is really out of proportion compared to powerlifting equipment.

On average there are above eighty cardio machines in each Blink Fitness location compared to only 2-4 squat racks and bench press stations.

All the cardio machines are from top brands like Life Fitness. There is a good mix of treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and rowers.

The racks and bench press stations are accompanied by a few flat and incline benches and plenty of free weights and barbells. The hex plates, the loaded EZ and straight bars that go up to 110 pounds, and the dumbbells that go up to 90 pounds all are from brands like Iron Grip.

There is also a functional training area where usually personal trainers work with their clients. Other members too can use the equipment in this area when there are no personal training sessions going on. This area contains resistance bands, battle ropes, medicine balls, and good enough space to perform your routine.

The range of resistance machines at Blink covers almost every muscle training need of an average gym goer.

If you compare Blink Fitness on basis of gym equipment only, it is better than almost all affordable gyms and even comparable to many mid-range gyms.


The only physical class you will get at Blink Fitness is the half an hour startup session you get at the time of joining the gym. This session will help you understand how to use the gym equipment and would be helped to prepare a workout plan to reach your goals.

Other than that, if you wish to be coached at Blink, you need to sign up for a personal training program. And the other way is to utilize their digital classes as there are no physical group classes here.

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Pool & Spa

Blink Fitness is built to be an affordable gym option with high-quality equipment. For keeping the costs low, Blink has cut on the extra amenities, which include a pool, sauna, and spa facility.

There are no pools, spas, or saunas at any of the existing Blink Fitness branches.

Other Amenities at Blink Fitness

As it is mentioned earlier, Blink Fitness is a no-frills gym with no fancy amenities. Blink does not offer amenities like pools, racquetball courts, tanning beds, or smoothie bars. But it does have everything you need to work towards your fitness goals.

To help you work towards your fitness goals in an efficient way, there are few amenities at Blink other than the gym equipment. The cost is saved by not offering fancy things like towel service but not on things necessary for your development.

Here are a few things that you can find at Blink;

  • Personal trainers
  • Crossfit equipment
  • Clean showers, lockers, and changing rooms
  • Free wi-fi

Child Care

There are only a few mid-range gyms that offer childcare, and among the affordable ones, only YMCA has a kid care facility.

There is no child care facility at Blink. However, if your child is older than fourteen, he/she can join you in working out at the gym.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Blink Fitness?

Pros And Cons Of Blink Fitness

For those who are looking for a gym that is affordable but still is a good place to work out, then Blink is a good choice for you. But like everything in life, it has its own positives and drawbacks.

Here are the pros and cons of Blink Fitness.


  • The gym is open from early morning to late in the night
  • Gym equipment is high-quality and well-maintained
  • Great range of resistance machines
  • A very good number of cardio machines
  • The membership fee is affordable
  • The overall feel and vibe of the gym is motivating
  • Free wi-fi
  • Virtual classes and nutritional guidance


  • There are a very limited number of amenities
  • No in-person group classes
  • No swimming pools or spa to help you recover faster

How Much Does A Membership At Blink Fitness Cost? 

They offer three membership plans at Blink Fitness. Even the costliest plan at Blink Fitness is cheaper than most of the gyms. For all three plans, the membership cost may vary a little from location to location.

Among the three plans that are on offer at Blink Fitness the most affordable plan is the Gray plan. This is a month-to-month plan which costs only 15 bucks a month plus taxes. This is the most basic plan, this gives you access to gym equipment at a single location with touchless check-in through the Blink app. You would also get the half-hour start-up session for free with this plan.

As there are not many amenities at Blink it makes sense to go for the basic plan and save on the monthly fees. This plan is suitable for those who are likely to use the same location every day.

Blink Fitness’ mid-range plan called the Blue plan costs $23 per month and needs a 12-month commitment. This is a good plan for those who are frequently traveling for work and wish to access different Blink locations.

With the Blue plan, you can access all Blink Fitness branches except a few premium locations. This plan also allows you to bring a guest along and provides you unlimited access to virtual classes and premium content on the Blink app.

The third and most expensive plan at Blink is a 12-month plan that costs 27 bucks a month and that gives you access to all the locations including the few premium ones.

Over and above the monthly membership fee, you would have to pay the one-time startup fee at the time of joining and the annual fee.

The startup fee ranges between 49 to 99 bucks depending on location. If you join Blink at right time you may not have to pay the startup fee. The annual fee is around $55 for all membership types.

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What Does Blink Fitness Membership Include?

Getting a membership at Blink Fitness gives you access to high-quality gym equipment, and that’s about it. There are a few more things you get but just getting access to the workout space and the range of gym machines that Blink has to offer at just about 15 bucks a month is amazing.

Here is what you get with Green membership of Blink;

  • Access to plenty of cardio machines and other gym equipment
  • Touchless check-in and access to all Blink branches
  • Unlimited access to virtual classes and other content on the Blink app
  • Half an hour start-up session

Which Blink Fitness Membership Is Best?

There are three membership options at Blink Fitness but all of them are almost similar to each other. The only difference there is access to different branches and to the Blink app.

So if you don’t need to get in different locations, and if you are not a fan of virtual training then single location access membership called Gray plan is the best for you as it comes at the cheapest monthly fees.

For frequent travelers, we would suggest the Green plan, so you won’t miss your workout even when you are traveling.

Does Blink Fitness Have Hidden Fees?

There are only three types of fees you pay at Blink Fitness for gym access that is a one-time startup fee, annual fee, and monthly membership fee. All these costs are available on their website and also explained to you at the time of joining. There is no hidden cost at Blink.

Other than that there is no other fee that will be charged to you unless you opt for personal training.

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Is Blink Fitness Worth It? [Verdict] 

Blink Fitness is a very good gym for beginners and intermediate-level lifters as their large cardio and resistance training section provide you a platform for working with each muscle group without waiting for your turn to use the machine.

It might be discouraging for the powerlifting enthusiast that there are very few power racks and bench press stations, but don’t worry, you can still find these empty except the peak hours, as most of the crowd there comes for cardio and resistance machines.

For the price point of just fifteen bucks per month the quality and range of equipment you get access to at Blink Fitness make it totally worth it.