Is 24 Hour Fitness Worth It? (Review 2023)

There are many things to consider while making a long-term commitment to a gym club or even for joining a gym for a month.

The decision-making process in some cases might get so tedious that it may result in making you rethink about starting your fitness journey. So, lets us try to make it easy for you.

As you are here, reading this article, that implies you most probably have set your priorities and expectations from a gym club, and 24 hour fitness is one of your choices.

If that’s the case and you wish to know more about the gym before spending on the membership cost, then keep on reading. In this article, we have tried to answer every probable question about 24 hour fitness gym, including if it’s worth it or not.

Is 24 Hour Fitness Worth It

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Is 24 Hour Fitness A Good Gym?

Every gym has its better features and some drawbacks. So does the 24 hour fitness. When you compare it with other mid-range gyms, the 24 hour fitness stands to be better than the many other options on many parameters.

As the name suggests, it is an all-time access gym. If you have 24 hour fitness membership, you can work out at this gym at any time of the day.

The membership costs of the gym are affordable, the package offers many amenities and classes along with access to a wide variety of gym equipment. There are plenty of cardio equipment and resistance training machines at the gym, so you don’t have to wait your turn for exercising on particular equipment.

Even if you are new to the fitness regime and don’t know which type of equipment you are looking for, the 24 hour fitness would prove to be a good gym for you. As it has something for every fitness requirement.

There might some issue of a high crowd at peak hours and unclean machines just after peak hours at some locations. The 24 hour availability allows you to avoid the rush and the ill effects of it.

So, overall it is a good value for money gym for people looking to join a mid-priced club that offers something more than just access to the gym equipment.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Good Equipment?

The 24 hour fitness is a multi-location chain of gyms with more than 400 locations spread over the nation. The equipment availability may vary a little from center to center. Mostly the variation is in the quantity of equipment depending on the size of the facility, the variety of equipment remains the same more or less.

Almost every location is filled with a variety of new equipment in excellent working condition. But still, it is advisable to check the location size and age before joining to get a better idea about the quality and quantity of the gym machines.

No matter how big, small, new, or old is the facility, if it’s 24 hour fitness franchisee locations, it would have all of the following gym equipment in it.

  • Series of power racks, cages, and squat racks
  • Different barbells and free weights and ample quantity
  • Racks full of dumbbells up to 125 pounds
  • Variety of muscle group isolation and compound resistance machines
  • Smith machines
  • Rows of treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, and bikes


In most of the gyms, you need to pay separately for each fitness class you wish to join. But not with 24 hour fitness. The 24 hour fitness membership includes a subscription to each class they offer.

Unlike a specialty fitness studio, the classes at 24 hour fitness are not limited to any single fitness discipline. You can choose one or more of the available classes and enjoy the benefits of the group exercise.

The variety of and schedule of the classes are different in the different locations. You need to schedule your gym timings according to the classes you wish to take.

The different classes available at almost all 24 hour fitness locations are;

  • Active aging classes for seniors
  • Mind and body
  • Spinning class
  • Cardio and HIIT classes
  • Strength training
  • Dance/Zumba

Pool & Spa

If you are someone who likes to mix zero impact exercises like swimming with your resistance training, then 24 hour fitness is a good option for you. Along with an array of gym machines, they also have lap pools at many locations.

If you opt for national membership, you get access to all the 24 hour fitness locations, their pool and spa facilities too. But practically, you won’t be able to access a gym too far from your home on regular basis.

So, you should check at the location where you wish to join but most of the 24 hour fitness locations have an indoor lap pool and spa facilities.

Other Amenities at 24 Hour Fitness

The 24 hour fitness membership allows you access to all amenities at the gym 24/7. These amenities are not just limited to gym machines, a lap pool, and some spa.

Many 24 hour fitness locations offer extra amenities like;

  • Cross-training
  • Circuit training space
  • Basketball court
  • Racquetball courts
  • Individual training


Some of these amenities are included in your membership and for others, you might be charged some additional fees.

Child Care

At an additional monthly fee, you can get a childcare option for your children older than 6 months. You can also choose to pay on per child per visit basis.

The Kids club facility at 24 hour fitness has certified supervisors to take care of your kids while you work out.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of 24 Hour Fitness?

The 24 hour fitness membership is comparable and, in many cases, better than many mid-range gym clubs. Let’s see their pros and cons to know exactly where they stand against the competitors.


  • Wide selections of resistance training machines like pec deck, leg pressers, cable pulleys, etc
  • Rows of ellipticals, steppers, spin bikes, treadmills, and other cardio equipment. So, you never have to wait your turn to work out
  • Power racks, cages, squat racks, and smith machines in sufficient numbers for serious lifting
  • Affordable personal training options
  • Suitable for people with odd schedules, or those who prefer to exercise at odd night hours
  • The additional facilities like access to pool or group classes are included in the monthly gym membership fees


  • Being franchisee owned and run type business model the service quality varies from center to center
  • Few old clubs haven’t updated their equipment in a long time
  • Being open for 24 hours doesn’t give them exclusive time for cleaning

How Much Does A Membership At 24 Hour Fitness Cost?

Now you know what you get having 24 hour fitness membership, let’s understand how much it costs.

For more details read: 24 Hour Fitness Prices

24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost

Membership type

Fees per month

National membership

Month to month


Month to month payment with an annual commitment


Annual fees paid in full


Regional membership

Month to month


Month to month payment with an annual commitment


Annual fees paid in full


One club only membership

Month to month


Month to month payment with an annual commitment


Annual fees paid in full


What Does 24 Hour Fitness Membership Include?

Every gym membership option at 24 hour fitness includes round the clock access to all the gym equipment, lap pool facilities, spa, sports facilities at the location, and more.

You also get access to the studio classes.

For specific facilities like personal training, kids club, class reservations, and specialty classes you have to pay additional fees.

Which 24 Hour Fitness Membership Is Best? 

All the membership options at 24 hour fitness are optimized to suit different needs. For someone whose job involves traveling nationwide and has uncertainty about how many times he can visit the gym at any location, the National membership without annual commitment is the best option.

For someone who doesn’t need to travel much has a well-equipped 24 hour fitness facility near their home, the best and most affordable choice would be This Club Only membership with an annual commitment.

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Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Hidden Fees?

There are no hidden charges at 24 hour fitness. You don’t get every facility they provide for the amount you pay for a monthly membership.

You have to pay separately for child care facilities, personal training, goal-specific training, and other such specific needs. All these things are clearly mentioned on their website, so these aren’t hidden charges.

Even if it is true, you should ask all the questions about access, extra charges, and limitations of membership to the location manager before committing for a longer-term.

Is 24 Hour Fitness Worth It? [Verdict]

The 24 hour fitness is not the cheapest gym around the block, neither it is the fanciest one. But the gym has everything at the right proportions.

It is a good mid-range gym with slightly higher charges than the cheapest options but much better facilities than them. It is for sure that you would get better value for the money would spend.

With a wide range, quality, and quantity of gym equipment, plus the inclusion of access to the lap pool, spa, and classes within the monthly membership fees, the 24 hour fitness membership is worth it.