Inverted Juggernaut Method Spreadsheet

The Juggernaut Training method has helped many lifters and athletes improve their muscle strength and size. The method is suitable for intermediate to advanced level lifters and not recommended for the beginners.

The Juggernaut method utilizes sets of 10 and 8 reps in the first two waves, which could be difficult for the beginners to compete with these high rep sets with a good form. To tackle this issue and help the young athletes or fairly new lifters, Chad Wesley Smith came up with the inverted Juggernaut method.

This method would help the beginners to build muscle strength and size, improve their explosive power and work capacity.

The inverse Juggernaut method is based on similar principles as the Juggernaut method and follows similar weight percentages and schedule, except the number of sets and reps in the first two waves.

Inverted Juggernaut Method

Inverted Juggernaut Method

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The inverse Juggernaut program is a variation from the base method created originally for the young football players. The major thing that’s different from the original Juggernaut program is the number of reps and sets in the first two waves.

The original program suggests you perform around 5 sets of 10 reps in the first wave during the accumulation and realization phase. The inverse Juggernaut switches the number of sets with the number of reps.

So, in the first wave of the inverted Juggernaut program, you will be doing 10 sets of 5 reps in accumulation, 10 sets of 3 reps in the intensification phase, and so on. In the second wave, you perform 8 sets of 5 reps instead of 8 rep sets.

The weight percentages remain the same in the inverse Juggernaut method. The last two waves remain similar to the base program.

These changes have made considering the beginner lifters’ inability to perform the lifts with good form. As it is possible with beginners that the later reps in longer sets may lack the technique. Thus, the inverse Juggernaut utilizes low rep sets to keep the quality and pace of the movement intact.

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Inverted Juggernaut Method Spreadsheet

The inverse Juggernaut is a complex method to understand, remember, and follow. It is a 16-week program having four waves. Each wave has four phases, that vary in the number of reps, sets, and weight percentages.

To make the whole process easier for you we are including a google sheet here. This spreadsheet consists of the complete 16-week schedule along with suggested weights and space to record the reps achieved in AMRAP sets.

To use this google sheet, click on the link, save a copy, put in your current RMs, and increment weights, you will get your schedule with the suggested weight auto-calculated in front of the relevant sets. The excel sheet also contains a stats sheet, to help you track your progress better.


Inverted Juggernaut Method + 5/3/1 Spreadsheet

The Juggernaut method, original and inverted is like an open template that can be used to form your own customized training program around it, which can cater to your specific needs.

The Reddit user u/Chlorophyllmatic, did exactly that and followed the inverse Juggernaut and 5/3/1 combination together for 23 weeks. He claims to have gained tremendously by concurrently running these two programs.

If you are planning to do this combo of inverse Juggernaut and 5/3/1, here is the template created by u/Chlorophyllmatic to help you out in that endeavor.

To use it, save a copy of this google sheet, put in the RMs and incremental weight in the master sheet and done, you will get the whole schedule along with the suggested weights. The spreadsheet also incorporates the additional lift to compliment the 5/3/1 main lift on that day. The accessories, you can choose considering the weak points you need to focus on.


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The inverted Juggernaut training method is an effective way to get started on the overall improvement in terms of strength, size, and speed. It might not be as effective or a desirable one for advanced level lifters in itself, but you can play with it, and turn it to match with your needs.

The low rep sets of this method make it easy for the lifter to keep a good form and thus achieve faster results. With the program’s flexibility and the spreadsheets included in this article, you can achieve your fitness goals with ease.