Huge Vegan Protein Review (2023)

If you are a vegan looking to be a bodybuilder, or even to be in a good shape, the biggest challenge you might face will be the lack of enough protein. Protein is indeed the most crucial macronutrient; but unfortunately, it is usually found rich only in meat, and rarely in vegan food items.

So, does that mean you need to give up your bodybuilding goals? Absolutely not!

There are some excellent vegan protein powders that can fuel your bodybuilding goals without making you go against your diet ethics; the Huge vegan protein is one such protein powder.

And in comparison to other vegan protein powders, the Huge vegan protein powder gives you quality protein that is also free from any meat or poultry ingredients.

Huge Vegan Protein

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So, how good is the Huge vegan protein? What does it actually contain? And there will be a number of questions you would ask. Through this article, we will guide you through everything you need to learn about this vegan protein powder.

So, read along!

Huge Vegan Protein Review

There are a lot of special features with the Huge Nutrition protein powder. It comes with a complete amino acid base or in simpler words, better quality protein that you would hardly receive from other vegan protein powders.

However, despite having a complete amino acid profile, the huge vegan comes as 100% plant based, having neither anything related to animals, nor anything related to GMO (genetic engineering).

So, you can happily have your protein without sacrificing your diet principles.

Going forward further in this article, you will learn about the Huge vegan protein powder in detail in several aspects!

Huge Vegan Protein


What is in Huge Supplements Vegan Protein?

Most vegan protein powders seriously lack quality as compared to normal ones, except when it comes to Huge Supplements vegan protein. It is made with special ingredients like peas and numerous other ingredients and is free from dairy or meat components.

Huge Vegan Protein Ingredients Label

Given below is the list of ingredients that Huge Supplements uses to make this vegan protein powder:

  • Pro vega complete protein
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Artificial sweeteners and preservatives
  • Additional individual flavors

Huge Nutrition Vegan Protein Ingredients & potential Benefits

Pro vega complete protein

This is the most important ingredient of the huge vegan protein. The pro vega complete protein is made from food items like mung bean, peas, fava beans, brown rice, etc.


Soy is, without a doubt, one of the best sources of protein for vegans. It is an excellent source of protein. All flavors of huge vegan protein contain soy


Wheat is an excellent source of carbohydrates along with providing protein in small portions. So, it gives you the energy that you need while working out, or after it.

Silicon Dioxide

When it comes to bodybuilding, silica is a crucial element in facilitating the production of Collagen.

Collagen is in turn what helps in the development of not only muscles but also bones, skin, etc. It is also an excellent ingredient for better cardiovascular health.

Furthermore, the presence of silicon dioxide gives more flavor to the vegan protein powder.


Sucralose is an ingredient that gives a sweet flavor without contributing to your calorie intake. This will help you watch your calorie intake while not having to sacrifice taste. 

Acesulfame Potassium

Acesulfame Potassium is yet another ingredient that gives you a sweet flavor without any calories.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum is a safe additive that thickens the entire vegan protein mix.

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What To Expect?

Here is what you can expect from this vegan protein from Huge nutrition:

Complete Amino profile

Protein is basically a chain of amino acids. What happens with most other vegan protein powders is that they have incomplete amino acid profiles; ie, they lack the most crucial amino acids.

However, Huge vegan protein is an exception as it comes with all key types of amino acids.

In simpler words, you will get quality protein using this product from Huge nutrients, and the higher the quality, the better is it for your protein goals.

Gluten Free

Huge Nutrients isn’t using any grains or other gluten food items. So, if you have gluten-free diet goals, this protein powder may be the pick for you! 

100% plant based

Needless to say, the Huge vegan protein powder is completely plant based; they don’t even use dairy products.

Therefore, you can fulfill your protein needs without sacrificing your diet ethics!

A wide range of Flavors

The Huge vegan protein powder comes in a number of flavors viz. birthday cake, Marshmallow madness, cinnamon crunch, cookies, and Graham Cracker. You can pick the one you want; each has different tastes but ultimately, equal quality!

Huge Vegan Protein


How To Use Huge Vegan Protein?

It is very easy to use Huge Vegan Protein. Simply take a scoop of the protein powder, and mix with 12 to 16 oz or 350 to 450 ml of water.

You can also use milk instead of water if you would!

Huge Vegan Protein Flavor Options

Given below are the different flavors of Huge supplements vegan protein that you can buy:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Cinnamon Crunch
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Marshmallow Madness
  • Graham Cracker

Huge Vegan Protein Taste

The taste of Huge Vegan Protein basically depends on which flavor you pick.

The Birthday Cake flavor tastes basically like the common birthday cake, which also comes with sprinkles.

The Cinnamon Crunch basically has a spicy taste, or more like the taste of a crunchy cinnamon cereal mix.

The cookies and cream flavor even comes with cookies in its ingredients, and so they taste. Another flavor that they have is the Graham Cracker. 

Overall, any flavor you pick, you will mostly find your Huge vegan protein shake more delicious that most other options available.

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Huge Vegan Protein Tub Size

The Huge vegan Protein powder has 750 grams of quality protein.

Number of Servings/Tub Size

You can serve 25 times with one tub of the Huge vegan protein powder.

Scoop Size

One scoop of the Huge Nutrition Vegan Protein weighs 30 grams.

Pros & Cons

Given Below are the major Pros and Cons of the Huge vegan protein:


  • Complete Amino Acid Profile, which means quality protein.
  • Gluten Free
  • Free from milk items
  • Several flavors to pick from
  • Free from GMO (Genetic engineering)
  • Excellent pre workout and post workout drink
  • Can be served with just water


  • Regular intake may cause bloating in some individuals
  • Multiple artificial sweeteners
  • Protein per serving is 20 grams, which is not too low but neither too good.
  • Artificial preservatives are also present


Pricing & Value

The Huge vegan protein is currently priced at $39.95, with the original pricing being $44.95. A tub of the product gives 25 servings each of 30 grams, making the total to 750 grams. 

Around $40 bucks per 750 grams of protein powder, it is quite a reasonable pricing.

Is Huge Vegan Protein Worth The Buy?

That depends on several factors such as your diet principles, protein requirements, etc.

The Huge vegan protein is completely vegan and is made up of nutrient rich veg ingredients. It is also free from GMOs or any genetically engineered ingredients.

Speaking of nutrition, the Huge Vegan protein contains around 20 grams of protein per serving, which is less than what most other animal based protein powders give. However, compared to other vegan protein powders, this one offers better quality protein.

Another notable feature of the huge vegan protein is that it is available in a number of flavors. So, you can really enjoy the taste of your choice rather than having to sacrifice your taste buds.

Last but not least, it has reasonable pricing.

So, considering all these factors, we believe that the Huge supplements vegan protein are definitely worth buying.

Of course, it may rarely cause slight side effects such as bloating in some individuals (very rare cases). But still, it is worth trying, especially if you are a firm vegan!

Where To Buy Huge Vegan Protein?

You can buy this excellent vegan protein powder from Huge nutrition’s website.

Simply go to the website, pick your favorite flavor, and check out; that is all!

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For vegan bodybuilders or even vegan fitness enthusiasts, the Huge vegan protein comes as a blessing. Unlike in old times when you had to settle for lower protein intake or adjust for low quality vegan protein powders, now with Huge vegan, you can fulfill your protein goals!