How to Keep Leggings from Falling Down? Never Worry About Sagging Again!

When it comes to fitness, one piece of clothing stands heads and shoulders above the rest – a nice pair of leggings.

Athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts alike love leggings for various reasons. They are warm, comfortable, provide excellent thermo-regulation, and help with wind resistance while running or jogging.

Moreover, if you are a professional athlete, compression leggings can offer a whole lot of additional benefits. For example, a study revealed that the amount of Creatine Kinase (CK), a measurable indicator of muscle damage, in our body is reduced if we exercise while wearing compression garments like leggings.

With decreased CK levels, recovery becomes easier as waste metabolites are discarded faster, leading to efficient repair of muscle tissues.

On the other end of the spectrum, leggings can even help people who love hard workouts but hate the idea of the inevitable pain and inflammation. Another study revealed that compression garments can actually decrease the pain and inflammation that usually follow a workout.

These reasons, and many more, justify the mad love that people in the fitness industry have for leggings. However, no clothing item is all perfect. There is one problem associated with this garment.

For many people, their leggings keep falling down on the most unsavoury of occasions. Whether you are working out, jogging, or simply walking to a nearby grocery store, if your leggings roll down, it would be a bad day for you.

In this article, we’ll explain why leggings falling down is a common occurrence, the reasons behind it happening, and how you can prevent it.

Why Do My Leggings Keep Falling Down?

Why Do My Leggings Keep Falling Down

Your leggings should offer you a snug and comfortable fit. They should neither feel too tight, nor should there be any excess fabric left after you pull it up completely, especially in the thigh region.

Anything tighter will restrict your movement and blood flow to the legs. Anything looser will simply not make sense, as leggings are designed to hug your body snugly.

But when your leggings fall down repeatedly for seemingly no reason, it can become frustrating. There are many reasons why it could be happening. And knowing that reason will help you find a solution as well.

After all, there is no cure without a diagnosis, is there?

Picking the Wrong Size

Starting with the most obvious flaw – maybe your leggings slide down because they are a touch too big for you.

If a pair of size M leggings fit you perfectly and you order a size L, it won’t be a surprise if they keep falling down your waist and thighs. There is a simple fix for this – consult the size chart of the brand from where you order your leggings.

Don’t order your pants on the basis of your standard size requirements. Each brand has its own sizing guides. So, it’s always smarter to check them out on the brand’s website before you order any products. Doing so will ensure that you have the perfect size and fit and will also prevent the leggings from falling down.

Wearing Wrong Underwear with Leggings

Not many people know this, but you have to pair your leggings with the right kind of underwear. This majorly translates to avoiding incompatible fabrics.

For example, fancy satin or silk undies will cause your leggings to slip down your waist. That’s because they reduce the traction between the skin and the fabric.

As such, choosing the right kind of underwear is important to keep your leggings intact throughout the day.

Using Poor-Quality Fabrics

You should go big or go home when it comes to leggings. Striking a bargain and buying a cheap pair will never work out for you.

That’s because inexpensive leggings might look nice for a while, but they will not hold for a long time. The fabrics used in such garments are usually lightweight. This means that the cloth used will be thin and prone to overstretching.

Ultimately, the cheap fabric will not be able to retain its original shape and will start sliding down your waist.

Ignoring Washing Instructions

Most elastane materials like spandex or lycra are very stretchable. That is why yoga pants and leggings are made from them.

Unfortunately, they are also very sensitive to heat and associated damage. As such, they require special care when you are washing them. Different brands put distinct washing instructions for their leggings that you must follow like a hawk.

If you deviate from their directions, it won’t be long before your leggings or yoga pants keep falling down after losing their stretch abilities in an untimely manner.

Wearing Worn-Out Leggings

Every item has an expiry date – even garments. If you find that your leggings roll down at the waist frequently, they have become too old and worn out.

After a while, your leggings may lose their elasticity, especially with the waistband becoming more deteriorated with each passing day.

When that happens, your leggings will start rolling down your waist even against the slightest movements, rendering them useless. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this diagnosis apart from buying a new pair.

Incompatible Body Proportions

Leggings are not like shirts that you can simply pull over your head after choosing the right size. They are comfortable and form-fitting garments that hug your lower body closely.

So, if they are incompatible with your body shape and proportions, they won’t fit well and keep falling down.

For example, if you have a relatively thick waistline but thinner thighs, a readymade pair of leggings might not be able to hold against your body. If you order a size L, they might fit your waist but might be too loose on your thighs and knees. If you order a size M, they might be too tight on your waist but perfect downwards.

In both cases, you will have to order a custom-made pair of leggings for yourself.

How to Keep Leggings from Falling Down?

How to Keep Leggings from Falling Down

We have talked about the many reasons that might be causing your leggings to fall down your waist.

But are there any concrete solutions to prevent this from happening? Expenses aside, it would be very embarrassing if you were out in public and saw your bottoms slipping down, especially if you are training.

So, it becomes very important to stay vigilant and take extra precautions to ensure that your leggings remain fit and snugly around your skin.

Here’s how you can do that:

Choosing the Right Fit and Size

Choosing the Right Fit and Size

Your first precaution should start from the very top – finding the perfect product. If you find a pair of leggings that fit you perfectly, you will seldom have to worry about them falling down your waist.

Here’s what you can do to find what size is right for you:

  • Purchase from offline stores and try out the leggings yourself.
  • Consult the size charts of the brand from where you are shopping.
  • Take accurate measurements of your waist and thighs and compare them against the brand’s size guide.
  • Go for leggings that are four-way stretchable.

Buy High-Waist Leggings

Leggings are categorized in two primary forms – high-waist leggings and low-waist leggings. If you don’t want them to slip down, always go for high-waist leggings.

They are more suited to supporting high-impact activities and workouts. That’s because the waistbands are located above the navel in the case of high-waist leggings.

This creates a better and more consistent surface for your leggings to hold on to firmly as there are smaller curves than the hip region, resulting in decreased chances of the garment slipping down.

Choose Fabrics That Offer Maximum Traction

Choose Fabrics That Offer Maximum Traction

Leggings are made out of different kinds of material. To prevent any issues, you must choose the perfect one as per your requirements.

In this case, brushed fabrics will offer maximum advantages. That’s because they are made with soft surfaces and provide maximum traction.

So, all kinds of garments, including leggings made of brushed fabrics, will hold on firmly against your skin for longer periods.

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Wear Compression Leggings

As we mentioned already, compression leggings offer some serious advantages for athletes and fitness professionals by supporting different types of high-impact activities and training.

However, they offer another significant advantage – they keep your pants from slipping down. These compression garments are made from materials that have body-hugging features to keep them wrapped gently around your skin.

So, these leggings are likely to retain their stretchability for a long time.

Wear Skirted Leggings

Skirted leggings are fashionable and comfortable. They also keep your leggings intact over your waistline.

They are basically just leggings with a matching skirt over the waist area.

The skirts act as a safety net to prevent the leggings from falling down as they have a wider waistband which provides more coverage and support.

Moreover, the extra layer of fabric around the hip and waist region helps distribute pressure and tension more evenly across a larger area, reducing the likelihood of the leggings slipping down.

Use Elasticized Waistbands

One way to prevent your leggings from slipping down the waistline is to choose a product with strong and elasticized waistbands.

Doing so will help you find a pair with maximum elasticity, providing a secure fit around your waist while preventing slippage.

Consider Wide Waistbands

If the other solutions are not working for you, maybe it’s time to experiment a little. Look for products that have slightly wider waistbands.

Leggings with wide waistbands have evenly distributed pressure across the entire surface of the garment. As such, the likelihood of them rolling down or folding becomes reduced.

Try Onesie Leggings

Onesie leggings are becoming the new normal, especially among gymnasts and regular gym-goers.

Purchasing them can provide you with an innovative solution to the problem of leggings slipping down after a certain while.

Onesie leggings are suspended by the shoulders. So, there is little to no chance of them sliding down your waist. Moreover, these garments are designed to be more breathable and comfortable than traditional leggings.

So, it’s also an excellent option for people who might be uncomfortable with snug or tight leggings.

Buy Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Accumulated sweat can play a huge role in your leggings rolling down, both as short-term and long-term consequences.

The short-term consequences are obvious. More sweat will lead to more moisture accumulation, which will ultimately result in increased chances of your leggings slipping against your waist due to reduced friction.

On the other hand, long-term consequences include faster deterioration of the elastic and fabric after being subjected to sweat and moisture accumulation.

With moisture-wicking properties, your leggings will be protected from both of these scenarios.

Explore Top-Seamed Alternatives

Make sure that all your leggings have strong and durable seams. They help in keeping your garments in place by ensuring that the stitch construction remains intact, even after being subjected to stress and pressure.

They also offer some additional support to the garment for holding on to the waist and preventing it from rolling or slipping down.

Use Waistband Drawstrings

Many leggings come with drawstrings that are highly reliable and stretchable. Purchasing them is the perfect solution for people who want to prevent their leggings from slipping down.

The feature is especially beneficial for fitness enthusiasts, as their weight and body shape tends to change faster than a regular human being.

Since drawstrings can be adjusted according to the tightness and feel that you prefer, they will be perfect for holding your leggings firm against your waist.

Follow Proper Maintenance Procedures

Make sure that you keep your leggings in optimal condition by following the guidelines and instructions issued by the brand.

Make sure that you wash them as per the directives of the manufacturer. Moreover, reduce the frequency of washing them as it can significantly damage the elasticity of the waistband.

Finally, fabric softeners should be avoided altogether. That is because they can reduce the traction and grip of the waistband.

Wear Leggings with Silicone Grips

If none of the methods are working for you, consider looking for a pair of leggings that come with non-slip silicone grips or strips.

These tools are located on the inside of the waistband, creating more friction and keeping your leggings intact against your waist.

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Parting Words

Leggings are meant to offer you a snug and comfortable feel. But after a certain while, they may lose their stretchability and elasticity, which could cause them to slip down your waist on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to prevent these accidents, as we have mentioned above.