How to freeze Planet Fitness membership?

Planet Fitness is famous for their $10 monthly plans, which is among the cheapest gym memberships available in the United States. And at 2000+ locations, the club has a membership base of more than a whopping 1 million. They also provide decent workout facilities and most importantly, a judgment free workout environment.

But in some instances, you may not be able to continue your Planet Fitness membership. This may be a medical situation, a personal situation, or some other reason. 

In such situations, freezing your membership can come as an ideal option rather than canceling it altogether. If you are a Planet Fitness member, you can freeze your membership. 

However, freezing a Planet Fitness membership may not be as easy as you may think, especially if you are unaware of their membership cancellation policies. 

For these reasons, if you are either a Planet Fitness member, or wish to get a membership, you ought to learn about how to pause Planet Fitness membership. 

And in this article, we will guide you through all details and things you need to keep in mind if you wish to pause your Planet Fitness membership. So, read along. 

Can I pause my Planet Fitness membership?

Yes, you can put your Planet Fitness membership on hold. But there are certain restrictions. 

Typically, Planet Fitness allows membership freezing on medical conditions only. In that case too, you may have to fetch a letter from your physician.

Here is what they stated on their website regarding membership freezing: 

“Your membership can be frozen for verified medical reasons only at the time of illness, injury, or medical condition. Your freezing period will be limited to the time indicated as necessary by your physician up to a maximum of 3 months.”

Simply put, it is very unlikely that you can freeze Planet Fitness membership for personal reasons.

For instance, if you have to move temporarily to another city where there is no Planet Fitness, or you have only the classic membership, you can not pause your membership. 

Also, at most clubs, you need to be a member for more than 3 months in order to pause your membership even on medical grounds. And you can freeze for only up to 3 months. Beyond that, they may cancel your membership. 

But keep in mind that the cost of restarting a Planet Fitness membership is very nominal. Often, they charge an initiation fee of $1 along with an annual fee of typically $39, which is also affordable.

In that aspect, canceling your Planet Fitness membership can prove to be more beneficial than pausing it. 

Finally, each Planet Fitness club is a separate franchise and hence, exact policies in membership freezing may vary from club to club. You can always contact your home club and learn about their cancelation policies. 

How to freeze Planet Fitness membership
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How to freeze Planet Fitness membership?

There is no such uniform procedure to freeze Planet Fitness membership. As stated earlier, separate franchises may have their own policies. 

But usually at most locations, you will have to visit the club in person, and talk with the front staff personnel. They will guide you through the procedures to freeze your membership.

If you can visit the club in person, consider bringing your doctor’s letter stating that you need rest. This can make it smoother, and some clubs even mandate a letter from a physician so as to put a membership on hold due to medical reasons. 

But if you are hospitalized or in no condition to visit the club by yourself, try contacting them through the phone. You can inform them about your medical situation, and they will proceed with your request in most cases.

In case if you need Planet Fitness general customer service number, here is it:

Planet fitness customer service number: (844) 880-7180

Keep in mind that you can’t pause your Planet Fitness membership by calling to this number. To do so, contact the club directly.

Also, even after you give your Planet Fitness membership freezing request and they said that the request is completed, do check your credit card statement and make sure that they are not billing you during the freezing period.

Doing so is very important. We are not saying that they do it intentionally. But sometimes, such mistakes can happen on their part. In such cases, contact them immediately.

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Final Thoughts 

Most gyms have strict membership freezing policies, which can be a bit frustrating for members. Planet Fitness is no different. But considering their cheap pricing, we can’t blame Planet Fitness for their strict pausing policies. 

Speaking of their low pricing, canceling your membership altogether and restarting it once you are ready to come back can be a better option than putting your membership on hold. 

Also, read all their membership freezing terms and conditions before signing the membership contract. By doing so, you can avoid future fuss.