How to do Dolphin Plank or Inverted V Plank

The Dolphin Plank and Inverted V Plank is an intermediate level yoga posture that helps tones the abdominal muscles. The Inverted V Plank workout is inspired by dolphin yoga pose, and this posture or exercise is very useful for working and stretching the spine, back muscles, shoulders, butt, abs, legs and arms all at the same time. It is an extremely useful plank exercise for back pain relief. This asana can be considered as a mix of Dolphin Pose and the Plank Pose

If you want a relief from back pain, want a flat tummy or simply a toned butt, the inverted V plank and dolphin plank pose is just what you need. This yoga posture also helps you to prevent osteoporosis. The dolphin and inverted V plank not only helps stretch out your spine and hamstrings, but also strengthens your abs and legs while relieving you from back pain.


How to do Dolphin Plank or Inverted V Plank

How to do Dolphin Plank or Inverted V Plank
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1. Start in a regular forearm plank position.
2. Keep forearms on the floor, keep abs in tight
3. Inhale while lifting  your hips up towards the ceiling to form an inverted “V” shape
4. Stay anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Then, then slowly return to starting position with an exhale
5. This is one repetition, complete 8-15 repetitions

For more details about  Dolphin Plank refer 3 in Best 10 Yoga Poses for a Flat Tummy


Practice the simple Plank Pose before getting into the Dolphin Plank Pose. Since the dolphin plank is a mix of dolphin pose and plank pose it is good to perform plank pose before getting into dolphin plank

During the pose keep your shoulders aligned directly over your elbows.



Do not practice dolphin plank if you have a recent or current shoulder, hip or neck injury. Also avoid this asana if you have high blood pressure problems, or infections of the eye or inner ear. If you have any such issues perform this asana only under the supervision of an experienced yoga  teacher.

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Good Luck! Keep in touch and update your progress in the comment box. If you have any doubt about dolphin plank or inverted V plank please comment below, we are here to help you.