How to Cancel EOS Fitness Membership [4 Ways]

EOS Fitness is famous for their incredibly cheap membership plans that start from as low as $10 a month. But what keeps EōS different from other cheap gyms around is, they offer decent, if not great, facilities.

And perhaps that is the reason why you too got a membership there. 

But sometimes, for some reason, you could no longer continue your EOS Fitness membership. You may have a health problem, or are shifting to a new place where there is no EOS or maybe, you feel like the gym is not up to your expectations.

In such situations, cancelling the membership is perhaps the only thing to do.

So, a question you might have in mind is, ‘how to get out of my EOS contract?’ well, if you are eligible according to the club’s terms, you can terminate your membership with not much effort. 

We are not saying EOS Fitness will let you go the moment you make the request. While most clubs will accept your request and proceed with it right away, at some clubs, if you are canceling the membership because you are not satisfied with their service, they may push you to continue as a member.

But no matter what, ultimately, it’s your decision that matters. 

However, keep in mind that you will have to give a 30 day notice for canceling EOS Fitness membership unless you are in a medical or other unfortunate situation. Exact terms on notice period depend on the gym policies. So, speak with the club executives. 

Speaking of how to get out of the contract, there are four different methods by which you can cancel EOS Fitness membership: through the phone, email, physical mail, and of course, by going there in person. 

Further in this article, we will teach you all these methods. Read along! 

How to Cancel EOS Fitness Membership
EOS Fitness
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How to Cancel EOS Fitness Membership through Mail

Sending mail may be the most conventional way to cancel EOS Fitness membership. You may already have the address of your home EOS Fitness club.

Now, you need to write the membership cancelation request that will also serve as a notice. While writing the letter, share your Gym membership ID along with your basic personal details such as name, email, phone number, and membership details. 

Also, you need to cite your membership plan, date of joining, and from what date you want your membership to be canceled.

Don’t know how to write a letter? No need to worry, we will help you write it, later in this article.

How to Cancel EOS Fitness Membership through Email

You can also send your EOS Fitness cancelation request via Email. Write to them, and tell them that you would like to terminate your membership. 

Their Email ID is [email protected], where you can send the letter/ notice. While sending the Email, do not forget to share your name, address, contact number, and of course, your EOS Fitness membership ID.

How to Cancel EOS Fitness Membership In Person

Going there in person is the most straightforward method for canceling EOS Fitness membership. Except that you will have to go there by yourself, this method is also the most convenient way to terminate your membership.

So to cancel EOS Fitness membership in person, go to your home club and speak with the club’s front desk executive or other support staff. They will guide you through the process. 

Here are the personal details that you need to give them while canceling EOS Fitness membership in person:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Other contact details, such as phone number
  • Membership number
  • Membership cancelation notice.

The cancelation notice is what you have to submit as a formal document while requesting membership termination. Later in this article, we will guide you on how to write the cancellation letter. 

How to Cancel EOS Fitness Membership Over Phone

Don’t want to do it over email or mail, but not interested in going there in person either? You can also cancel your EOS Fitness membership through the phone. 

To find the contact number of your home EOS Fitness club, simply go to gym’s website, surf for your location, and you have the contact number you have been looking for. 

Before you call them, make sure that you know your membership ID, joining date, and other important details.  

EOS Fitness Phone Number

If you have any queries or concerns over your EOS Fitness membership or about canceling it, you can contact their customer care number.

EOS Fitness customer care number: 877-827-9262

Also, keep in mind that each EOS Fitness location has its own contact number. So, if you wish to contact them directly, simply go to the EOS Fitness website, click on the club location, and you will reach a new page where you can find the contact number. 

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EOS Fitness Cancellation Fee

Well, the cost of canceling EOS Fitness membership may vary from club to club. But at most locations, you can expect it to be somewhere around $15. 

But to get an accurate picture of the membership cancellation fee, do contact your home club directly. 

How to Write EOS Fitness Cancellation Letter

Writing the EOS Fitness cancelation request is not a hard task. But if you want a helping hand here, we are ready to help you:

Firstly, the letter should preferably have three parts, viz. the opening part, the middle part, and the conclusion. This is not a strict rule, but this format looks more organized and concise.

In the first part, start with giving your personal details such as your name and EOS Fitness membership ID. Also, mention that you would like to terminate your membership. 

For example:

I’m Jake, currently a member of EOS Fitness *(home club location)*. This letter serves as a notice for the cancellation of my membership with membership id ******. 

In the middle part, give some more details such as: when you started your membership and how long is your contract. Also, state that you are eligible to terminate the membership according to their terms. 

For example:

I joined the club ** months ago for the **(type of membership plan)** membership; According to your club’s membership cancellation terms, I am eligible to terminate my membership.

In the last sentence, conclude your letter by giving your Email ID or contact number. 

For example:

Thanks in advance for receiving the notice, and I hope the details I have shared are sufficient. In case needed, contact me at *****. 

That’s it. The cancellation request/ notice is ready; either send the letter through mail or hand it over to them by visiting in person. Either method is fine. 

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Final Words

Cancelling EOS Fitness membership is an easy process, and you can opt for any of these four methods according to what suits you. And before making your membership cancelation request, make sure that you have paid all your dues.