How To Buy A Used Peloton Bike?

Are you confused about buying a new Peloton bike? Do you want a second opinion about it? There are many people among us who want to buy a Peloton bike because of the amazing health benefits provided by it. However, its cost may render us in a skeptical mood. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out in your decision making. A very simple alternative to this problem is buying a used Peloton bike.

Here in this buyer’s guide, we will guide you on how and where to purchase a used Peloton bike. Also, what features you must look for while getting yourself ​used Peloton bike.

How To Buy A Used Peloton Bike

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Things to Look for When Buying a Used Peloton Bike

When it comes to buying a certain thing which is second hand, the first and the foremost thing to ensure is its quality and the features. This is very important before buying because here you are investing your money. If you chose the wrong one, the only thing left for you will be regret.

One thing you must make sure is that the dealer is legitimately selling the product and there is no malpractice going on. You should not be fooled while buying. You should be a vigilant smart buyer.

Here’s a list of important parts that you must check manually –

 Physical Parts

1. Frame:

Peloton bikes​ have amazing designs, don’t they? There is a reason behind us buying a used one that the Peloton bike is very expensive. The cost is in accordance with the frame health. From the outside, every bike will appear stunning but it’s you should check for every minute detail and crack in every nook and corner of the bike.

  • To get started, try running your fingers over the complete frame very smoothly and delicately.
  • Now you must be wondering if you can run a metallic object over the surface, no. It would but just clank against the frame but also draw a scratch on it. This will subsequently​ compel you to buy it.
  • Examine the bike under proper light. You may use a flashlight to examine it thoroughly.
  • Every nook and corner should be examined to avoid any future problems due to a faulty frame.
  • The weakest part of the frame is the mountain plate used for the front derailleur. This part is highly susceptible to rust. To check this, glide your finger over the body, if you feel any roughness on the surface, reject the piece. It’s no good for you as it is corroded and eventually will develop a crack losing its functioning.

2. Seat post:

This is a very vital part of a Peloton bike as it is meant for carrying your whole body weight. It should be examined with intense care. Because used Peloton bike may or may not have some defects.

  • It should be adjustable to make the bike ride full of comfort and ease.
  • To test the adjustability, you can sit on​ it and then make the adjustments. This will allow you to get familiar with the seat post.
  • Another way of checking its quality and durability is to lift the seat post hight, say to the max, and​ then drop it. If it makes a clinking sound, it’s a big NO. This is a clear indication that the seat post is not in a good quality and you definitely should not consider buying it.
  • The next big thing to examine in a seat post is the clamp, this is the actual weight carrying part. So, to investigate, use your hand to perceive. Any defect in the surface is an indication for you to not buy that bike.
  • Also, the fillings​ of the seat should be soft enough to provide you an ease and comfort while working out.

3. Wheels

Wheels are an important part of your Peloton bike. These are the structures​ providing you with the experience of riding just like on the roads, so these should be good functioning and properly working.

  • The rims and the spokes should be devoid of any oxidation or rust.
  • To test, try to move the wheels and watch clearly for any faulty or abnormal movements.
  • There shouldn’t be a single hint of rust anywhere in the wheel.
  • You should also measure the length of the brake shoe and the rim.

4. Drivetrain

The drivetrain is the part where the wheels are rotated by pedaling.

  • To check its functionality, lift the chain or the drivetrain off the teeth. If the Drivetrain gets lifted, this means the chain has to be replaced.
  • Also, look for any rust in the chain by examining it closely.
  • Remember, it is a used Peloton bike, so you have to look for every possible flaw to make it highly functional and to avoid any risk.

5. Brake Housing and cable

This is the power controlling center of your bike generated from the brake lever.

  • The brake Housing and cable should be light-weighted.
  • While buying a second-hand Peloton bike, look for any rust or crack in the cables around the seat post and the rear wheel. If you find any crack, make sure to avoid the product and cancel the deal.
  • To ensure the quality standard for the housing part, look​ for a bent around the fork. If you find it, avoid the product.
  • To manually check for the housing part and the cables, clutch the brakes and release them rapidly, if you find a change in the speed of the lever returning to its normal place, don’t take the deal.

Electronic parts

  1. Display: The display of the Peloton bike should be clear. The screen should not be broken at any part. To check this, use it by yourself and look for any mistake or error.
  2. Speaker: Play via the speakers, anything, to check for the quality.
  3. Wireless connectivity: Make sure that the bike supports all available wireless connectivity. To check this, try connecting some gadgets prior to buying.

Trial Drive

At last, for the final selection, take a trial drive. This will let you know about the quality and the level of comfort. Since it’s a used one, it may have some problematic speed and power generator. So, it’s very important to take a trial drive before buying. To check for balance and coordination, leave both your hands-free and then look at the wheels.

At last, you and only you can tell about the real-time experience of the Peloton bike.

What Is The Best Way To Buy A Used Peloton Bike?

If you are looking for a used Peloton bike, then you should go to the online sites. Here you should look for every minute detail regarding the seller and the product on the online marketplace. There are various options where you can get the used Peloton bikes at different prices, you have to go through thoroughly before finalizing the deal.

Where to buy used Peloton bikes?

There are plenty of online platforms where you can buy a used Peloton bike, here we are briefing you with some-

  1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is a great way to get connected. Who knew it could be a great option​ to buy a used bike. Here you can find the best deals. Various sellers are putting up their best offers. It is an amazing platform to buy anything and everything. You can also find used Peloton bikes here. Amazing way to get connected and also to buy !! It will show the products​ from the local market as well as from distant places.

  1. eBay

Another online platform to buy used Peloton bikes​ is eBay. This site has the best deals besides being safe and secure. It also offers shipping to get your desired product with extra shipping charges. It is one of the best places for buying and selling used products.

  1. Craigslist

It is one another great option to buy a used peloton bike online. It also offers the best deals in the local marketplace. This site, however, has a high selling rate so one should buy as soon as possible if one wants to buy from this site.

  1. Facebook Peloton Buy Sell Trade (BST) Group

There are some buying, selling, and trading Facebook groups where you can find the used products. It also offers great deals.

Questions to ask the vendor before purchasing Used Peloton

There are few questions to ask the seller before buying the bike from him-

Q1. Why are you putting this bike on a sale?

This question may look simple but it will provide you with the best answer to buy the bike. If he is selling the product because of some defect then you too shouldn’t​  buy it. If he’s selling for some other reason, you may look forward to buying it.

Q2. What generation screen does bike have?

There are three generations for the bike screen. Go for the latest screen.

Q3. How long have you been owning this bike?

This question will give you a rough estimate of the bike’s age and also how much it has been used.

Q4. Did you purchase a new bike?

This will let you know how many people have so far used it. It would be better if he is the first owner to ensure a higher quality of the product.

Bike Setup

Once you have bought the bike, it is very important to ask the previous owner to deactivate his/her account from the bike. Once deactivated, you can call on Peloton customer care support to activate an account under your name. Remember, this can’t be done by yourself, you would need Peloton customer care support to get your account activated. The seller needs to provide the new buyer with the registered email address used while purchasing the bike. After this, the buyer can get the subscription transferred​ to his name.


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Can You Buy A Used Peloton?

Yes, you can buy a used Peloton bike. There are several online market platforms as well as social sites where you can purchase used Peloton bike.

How Much Should You Pay For A Used Peloton?

The price offerings vary depending upon various factors like the condition of the bike, quality of the bike, age, number of owners, and many more. Cheaper options may have some problems with the quality so you must check thoroughly before buying the bike.

Will You Get A Warranty If You Buy A Used Peloton Bike?

No, the warranty option is not transferable. So, if there’s any problem with any part of the bike, you have to get the part repaired or purchase a new one.

Can The Seller Transfer Their Peloton Subscription?

Yes, the seller can transfer the peloton subscription by providing the registered email address to the new buyer and the new buyer can contact customer support to transfer the subscription to his name.

Buying a used Peloton bike is a hard job. You have to check the product thoroughly for any kind of defect. In this buyer’s guide, we have provided you with the various strategies to check the quality of a used Peloton bike, using these you can buy the best bike​. Peloton bikes are a great option for your fitness regimen and buying a faulty product may result in serious injuries or mishappenings. So, checking and testing before buying is immensely important for any buyer.