How Swimming Shapes Your Body? (Swimmer’s Body Transformation)

People workout for multiple reasons. It may be because they are fond of the high doses of endorphins which are generated in the body when the heart rate gets increased. People may also resort to working out to get rid of any health risk.

Another popular category of people who indulge in working out are those who are looking forward to losing weight and getting in shape. Working out is a great way in which you can change the way your body looks. It imparts strength, confidence, and a sense of comfort to the person who is indulging in the activity.

Every kind of workout has a different kind of effect on the body. Different exercises shape your bodies differently. Nevertheless, if you are desirous to strengthen and tone your body, no other workout can reap benefits like swimming will do.

Swimming changes your body and helps you attain a well sculpted figure. This article will discuss in detail how swimming can help you with your body shape and stability.

swimming body transformation
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Does Swimming Change Body Shape?

Yes, swimming changes the body shape more effectively and efficiently than any other exercise will do. Swimming is an easy workout option, and you will definitely be pleased with the body transformation you make over time.

It is also safe, involving little or zero scope of injury. Since it is a low impact exercise, one can perform this exercise for an entire lifetime.

Swimming has a number of benefits on the body like burning fat, improving cardiovascular health, and building muscles. It’s amazing how a single exercise can offer you a myriad of benefits. The next section of the article deals with how swimming can shape the different body parts.

How Swimming Shapes Your Body?

swimmers body transformation
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If you have been into swimming for quite some time, you are likely to notice the effects of swimming on your body shape. Be it a male or a female, your body will surely reap the amazing benefits of swimming, and you will be amazed to see the transformation that has occurred in your body.

Certain movements target specific muscles in the body. Listed below are some of the ways in which your body will respond to swimming and how the transformation will happen through the different body muscles.

Swimming is an exercise that will put your full body to action. Swimming amalgamates the benefits that one’s body reaps out of weight training, that is, toning of muscles and the benefits that cardio exercises have on the body.

Here is how your body muscles are benefited through swimming:

Toned Arms & Broad Shoulder

When you swim, you incorporate the use of strokes such as front crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, etc. These movements require immense efforts to be put on the upper arms  shoulder. As a result, your upper arms have to perform a great deal of task, which is evident in the perfectly sculpted shoulders and arms of swimmers.

swimming transformation
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Swimming also requires stabilizing of the body in water, for which swimmers have to strengthen their core. This will help to etch out well-defined abs.

As you swim, your legs make an up and down movement, which puts a strain on your abdomen. Strokes such as breaststroke and butterfly also targets the abs and helps in shaping them.

Latssimus Dorsi

This usually refers to the massive muscles that are situated in the middle back. No matter what kind of stroke you perform, the lats, as they are commonly referred to, are put to use and help in generating power.

Therefore, swimming helps in defining these muscles and imparts a good shape to them. These, coupled with the broad biceps and narrow abdomen of swimmers, make their bodies appear like a “V.”

swimming effects on body shape
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Leg Muscles

Not just your arms, your legs also have a major role to play in swimming. As you kick your legs, the movements work on the muscles of the calves and thighs. This way, you will get better-shaped legs.

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Swimming can also help you get bigger buttocks. Regardless of the kind of stroke you perform, your glutes are heavily involved. Since your glutes are put to work, your buttocks will have a more defined appearance.


Your back might be one of the most ignored body parts when you exercise at the gym. Swimming also gives you a toned back and helps in eliminating back problems.

Swimming works wonders on the muscles of your back. A well-defined back doesn’t only look visually appealing, but also improves posture and reduces the possibility of back problems. 

You Can Get Rid Of The Excess Fat

Did you know that swimming can help to shed the excess fat off your body? Swimming can burn immense calories, an average person can burn 430-575 calories per hour just by swimming leisurely, and along with that, belly fat can be reduced. If you are a regular swimmer, you can shape and trim down your tummy.

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Swimming Reduces Back Pain

If you are struggling with back pain, the cleanest shift would be to stop working out. Although it might seem tempting as it will keep you from hurting your back anymore, it is harmful in the long run as staying idle for a prolonged time may cause the muscles of your lower back to atrophy.

When you indulge in aquatic activities, the buoyancy of water helps to shift the pressure off the joints and the spine. The muscles can be trained and strengthened to support the spine without any stress. If you are wondering how swimming can ease your back pain, here are a few ways how.

It eases your nervous system. Sometimes, muscles grow tense and lead to back pain. When you swim, your body gets adequate amounts of endorphins, which is the feel-good hormone. The endorphins soothe the tense muscles as well as the nervous system.

Swimming also releases pressure on your joints. This is because while swimming, the body becomes buoyant and is supported by water. This eases the pressure on the joints much better than any other form of exercise.

Not only this, but swimming will also help to build the muscles which will support the spine. This is because when you swim, you incorporate the muscles that are not usually engaged in other activities. Especially the muscles which are needed to improve the stability of the spine.

Final Words

Swimming also offers a huge range of motion. Therefore, people who are into swimming enjoy immense flexibility. The effect that swimming has on your body is similar to that of yoga or Pilates. Not only this, but swimmers also indulge in dryland exercises.

Broad shoulders, well-defined body muscles, abs, and triceps are some of the most remarkable features in a swimmer’s body. They have longer upper limbs and torso, and a height that is quite above-average. These are some of the common characteristics that are attributed to a swimmer’s body either by gene, or by practice. Therefore, we can conclude that swimmers’ body transformation happens over a prolonged period of time!