How Running Changes Your Body Shape? (Running Body Transformation)

Looking for the best way to exercise? Your search ends here! Today we will be discussing the effects running has on a person’s body and how it helps uplift your mental health.

You must have heard the advice from a lot of successful people that adopting running in their daily life has been transformational for them. Guess what? The advice is one hundred percent true!

Running not only gives you a toned physique but is therapeutical also. It helps you deal with your daily problems in an efficient manner. You will like to pull out your running shoes from your closet because this time, you will get fully motivated to adopt running as an exercise in your daily routine.

We know how taxing it can become to get to the gym after your busy work schedule, but now we have a way to squeeze exercise into our daily routine.

You just need to grab your running shoes and fitness clothes and get running and, the best thing is that it does not involve any equipment or any mat.

You just need to find yourself on a safe track and get moving. You don’t need to learn any new moves or poses for this. You have to channel your inner child, who has been running since his childhood now, into your outer self.

Running changes your body in many ways possible. It helps tone your body, burns extra calories, improves your state of mind and sleep, boosts your mood, and there are many other ways how running will help your body. It can lead to a very beautiful body transformation.

Let us have a detailed discussion on this in the coming topics.

Will running tone your body?

Will running tone your body

The answer is yes! Running surely helps to tone your body. Everyone admires and wishes to possess a toned body with those perfect calves and toned torso. You must have been looking for exercises that will help you get that toned physique of your dreams. But we know how tiring and dull it can get to do the same sets of exercises every day, so why not give running a try!

The best thing is that it is an outdoor exercise, so you will never get tired of it, plus you can also listen to songs while running or get yourself a running buddy so that you do not get bored alone.

Now coming to the discussion on how running helps you get a toned body, let us have a detailed look into this.

When we run, the muscles engaged while running include the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. These muscles tend to get toned when we start running because of this the full-body appears to be toned. Your body muscles will be exercised when you start running.

In female runners, it is found that their butts became better toned with regular running. Of course, they combined it with a healthy diet. You will have to also focus on training your upper body muscles through gym training or yoga so that the whole body appears toned.

Want to get rid of the excess thigh fat? Just lace up your shoes and get moving. Even you will be shocked to see the difference in your thighs before and after running. Running has been shown to improve the toning of thigh muscles. You will never see a runner with bulky thighs.

While running, the thigh muscles get activated and use up the extra fat for generating energy. So the thigh fat gets burned, and as a result, the thighs appear more toned.

Even your belly fat will be history because the torso muscles also get engaged while running, which helps burn the excess belly fat and give you a perfectly toned torso.

Still doubtful? Why not give it a try for yourself. We promise with consistent running combined with a healthy diet will render you a perfectly toned body that everyone will wish to die for.

Does running change your body shape?

Does running change your body shape

The answer is yes! It does change your body shape. You will not notice it instantly but after a while, there will be significant body changes. The only thing is that you have to remain consistent with your running workout.

But exactly how does running change your body shape? We will look into this topic.

But one thing is sure there will be an amazing body transformation from running. If you are running to get in shape, then we promise that running will not disappoint you.

How does running changes your body shape?

How does running changes your body shape

Running does help you change your body shape. You may notice that you have lost some weight, your mood may be more chilled and, your muscles will appear more toned.

Let us have a detailed look into the body shape changes one undergoes because of running.

You will have amazing toned legs

You must have seen the runners legs on the TV. Those are toned and well built and appear as if, they have very strong built muscles underneath their skin. These muscles are built by continuous running and training. When you run, the lower body muscles are the most active, especially the legs. That is why a runner’s body appears to be very toned.

You must have heard about male runners like Usain Bolt and Jesse Owens. They have long legs, tall figures, and lean bodies, what is often referred to as the runner’s body.

But remember that a runner’s body is different even in runners as it depends on the training they underwent and whether they are a sprinter, a marathon runner, or some regular runner trying to lose weight.

But one thing is assured that you will have amazing toned legs because of running.

Increase in bone mass density

It is seen that the bones start gaining density because of running. In older people, it was found they showed an increase in bone mass density because of continuous running.

As the muscles experience stress due to running, they tend to become much better at handling dress by building stronger bones. Hence the bone density grows.

So if you also want to build stronger bones, then you may want to adopt running as your lifestyle. All the female, as well as male runners, have very strong bones. Especially the bones of their lower part are well built and have a lot of strength.

You will have toned and stronger muscles.

You will have toned and stronger muscles

Running will help you tone the muscles of the lower body. The muscles that are the most active while running include your calf muscles, your hamstrings, thigh muscles, and your quadriceps and glutes.

These muscles will be continuously trained while running and, as a result, will start becoming toned.

The muscles’ endurance will also grow as they will become stronger. So you will find that your energy levels will also become much better before and after running.

It helps to burn calories!

It helps to burn calories

It is the most obvious given you do not indulge in a poor and unhealthy diet. Running will help you burn a lot of calories.

If you keep on increasing the intensity, then the body’s VO2 Max, and metabolism rate will also grow higher, leading to an increase in your calorie-burning process.

The more calories the body burns, the more toned the body gets.

It will help you gain toned calf muscles

It is observed that all the runners have great-toned calf muscles. It is great news for all the females who have been trying to wear that high-slit dress. Now you can confidently wear it showing off your highly toned calf muscles.

You need to get in the habit of running and, voila you will have great toned calf muscles.

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Your butt will get bigger and toned

For all the females out there trying to get a firmer and toned butt, you may want to try running to get your desired butt shape. You may want to try the uphill run for gaining a rounder and toned butt.

As the pelvic muscles are engaged in running, you will experience that many of your problems related to your reproductive health will reduce. Running will prove highly beneficial for a female’s body. It will help you get a good and toned body.

Your breasts may shrink!

This one is also for the female runners out there. If you are on a calorie deficit and running for longer hours at great intensity then, you may notice a difference in your breasts. They may shrink as they will lose fat. Be sure to wear your sports bra and right workout shoes before running.

If you do not want to lose your breast fat, then do not indulge in running for long periods.

Your arms may get slim!

Running focuses only on the lower body muscles and the upper body may get neglected. You may see a difference in your arms, as they will get slimmer.

Include upper body training along with regular running to get a toned physique. After all, a toned lower body with an untrained upper body will look very odd.

You will have a fit torso, and the belly fat will reduce drastically.

Are you tired of that sick old belly fat? Then you may want to combine running with a calorie deficit diet. We all know how stubborn belly fat can get and how difficult it is to burn it.

You may find that with regular running, you will start losing belly fat too! But the process is going to be a slow one. You will lose belly fat but remember to keep a calorie deficit in your diet so that it aids your weight loss.

It will help you get rid of your love handles.

It will help you get rid of your love handles

It is the most common problem that most people are facing nowadays. Due to long hours of sitting, people have gained weight around their waist which has resulted in the development of love handles.

If you also want to flaunt your summer body in that swimsuit of yours and are stressed because of your love handles, you may want to try out running to get rid of them.

Running will help you burn that extra fat. Combine it with a healthy diet, and you will lose that fat in less time.

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Your skin will have a healthy glow!

Your face will also appear much healthier when you start running. It is because running is a great way to add cardio to your life.

Running will help burn those extra calories and will give you an instant glow on your face. With all the sweat that you produce, the toxins get flushed out from your body.

The body fat percentage will decrease.

Running is the best form of aerobic exercise out there. It helps you to build strength and improve your body circulation.

As you keep on increasing the intensity of your running activity, it will lead to a greater increase in the burning of fat in your body.

As a result, the body fat percentage is going to decrease. So, if you have been looking for a way to reduce your body fat, then, running is a great way to do it.

How long does it take running to change your body?

How long does it take running to change your body

We all know that Rome was not built in a day, the cliche quote but, it is applicable even today in most of our life scenarios. Running inconsistently won’t help you gain that perfect body. You will have to be consistent with running to get your desired body shape.

If not every day then, at least make it a habit to get yourself running for three days a week. Running for three days a week combined with, walking/cycling on the other days will show you the results in two-three weeks.

Your body will start changing for the better and, you will notice that very easily. Your mood will become better, you may experience a runner’s high that will leave you uplifted, and your muscles will start getting toned.

You will see major results in your body in two-three months if you stay committed to your goals. Running should not be something which you do to gain a model-like body but, it should be done with full enjoyment. Then only you can expect great results.

Because once you start keeping a positive attitude towards exercise and adopt it as a lifestyle, that is when the real results kick in. Moreover, you will then be consistent with running. Your determination will not die out just after a few runs.

You also must begin running slowly, so that you do not end up overdoing it. You must do it for shorter spans and do not do it for the whole week in the beginning. You must listen to your body’s needs and train accordingly.

In the beginning, it is always advisable to have short runs, and then you may increase it gradually according to your comfort.

Running is the best cardio for your body and, it will dramatically improve your cardiovascular performance. But be cautious of not overdoing it.

The Bottom Line

Running gives amazing body transformation. Even when we know that running has outstanding health benefits to it, we must not directly jump on the bandwagon.

We will advise you to first get approval from your doctor based on your past medical history. If he approves, then you can start it as soon as possible. It won’t do any harm to you, but it is always better to speak to a professional before indulging in any form of exercise.

Running involves a lot of movement of the lower part of your body. Your hamstring muscles, calves, feet, and pelvic muscles are all involved in running. It allows for a better-coordinated body that helps you perform better every day.

If you are not a gym person or not a fan of other indoor exercises, then it will be great to give running a try. It is a beautiful outdoor exercise that will leave you energized and also improve your health in a short period.

You need to stay consistent, and the reward will be a perfectly toned body with improved mind-body coordination and health.