How Often Should You HydroMassage? A Detailed Look

HydroMassage is a technique wherein pressure from water jet sprays is used to massage different areas of the body. Usually, the session is carried out on a HydroMassage bed or lounge, which are flat surfaces where customers can lie down comfortably.

Many people prefer HydroMassage over traditional methods like dry massage because of the associated comfort and convenience. Since massage is carried out by water sprays, customers won’t have to undress or change their attire. It is also a good alternative for those who want to have a relaxing experience in seclusion.

Getting a HydroMassage session booked is easy enough. You just need to find a good spa or wellness center. Alternatively, you can also look into fitness club memberships. Planet Fitness gyms, for example, offer unlimited use of HydroMassage beds to their Black Card members.

There are multiple health benefits to HydroMassage, such as improved blood circulation, reduced stress and anxiety levels, improved sleep, muscle pain relief, and so on.

But the question does arise – how often should we use HydroMassage? Is there any limit?

Let’s find out.

How Often Should You HydroMassage

How Often Should You HydroMassage?

Generally, you can get a HydroMassage session done as often as you want without any problems. The pressure from water jet spray is moderate but firm enough to work wonders on affected muscles.

But as a precaution, you should only book a HydroMassage session twice or thrice for the first couple of weeks. It’s imperative to ascertain how your body is reacting to the movement of lymph fluid, and blood circulation enhancements associated with soft tissue massage.

So, give your body a little time to respond between two consecutive HydroMassage sessions. For starters, a good technique is to have a HydroMassage session after a hard workout to ease Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, accelerate recovery, and relax your body.

Once you determine how well your body is responding to these HydroMassages, you can increase the frequency.

But make sure that you don’t get a HydroMassage session for more than 15-20 minutes straight. This is because the water jets issue warm water, prolonged exposure to which can lead to discomfort, increased inflammation, and other problems.

In fact, most HydroMasasage machines will allow a single session to last only about 10 minutes per use.

Can You Do HydroMassage Every Day?

You can do a HydroMassage session every day under normal circumstances. But make sure that you limit the daily usage to one. A single 10-minute HydroMassage session is enough to relax and rejuvenate your entire body.

Anything more than that might be a little too much for your body, especially as the warmth from the water jets can radiate into your body and lead to dehydration. Similarly, if you use a HydroMassage bed for a long period, it can start to overheat.

You can simply avoid these complications by using the massage bed for the standard duration of 10 minutes per use.

Many Planet Fitness members use the HydroMassage amenity every day as a reward for their workouts. As such, there is no harmful side effect to getting the massage on a daily basis if you regulate the time spent on those water beds.

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Wrapping Up

Using HydroMassage beds for ten minutes every day can be very beneficial for your body. Reduced inflammation, body ache relief, increased mobility, and decreased stress levels are some of the common benefits of hydrotherapy.

But to enjoy these benefits, you need to ensure that you don’t overuse the HydroMassage machines. Moreover, you should also improve other aspects of your lifestyle, like drinking enough water to accommodate the blood flow and other changes caused by frequent massaging.