How Often Should You Do an InBody Scan? The Ideal Monitoring Schedule Revealed!

Conducting an InBody scan can provide a fairly accurate overview of your overall body composition.

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts use it to track their progress, look for muscle imbalances, and devise nutrition or training programs accordingly.

So, as long as you are following all the guidelines carefully, there’s no real harm in conducting InBody scans frequently.

But how frequently should you take the test? Are there any potential health concerns if we scan our bodies regularly? Lastly, how often should we use the InBody analyzer to get the most accurate and effective results?

We have the answer to all of these questions.

How Often Should You Do An InBody Scan?

How Often Should You Do An InBody Scan

Although there is no limit to how frequently you can take InBody scans, it is recommended by experts to use the analyzer not more than once every 2-4 weeks. That’s because this interval between two consecutive tests provides the most accurate representation of changes in your body composition over time.

If you conduct InBody scans too frequently, daily changes in sodium intake, carbs intake, and alterations in biochemistry due to exercise, hydration patterns, and so on, can cause fluctuations in your body composition.

So, the results of the test will be varied and they won’t reflect the lasting changes in your body composition as a result of dietary patterns and exercise habits.

Moreover, it’s also recommended that you limit the number of tests you take because there are a lot of factors that can influence the accuracy of an InBody scan.

To make sure that the follow-up test provides continuity and a fair reflection of your progress, you need to ensure that your physical fitness levels, hydration patterns, exercise routines, and other factors are identical to when you took the scan the last time.

Conducting these scans too often will make it impossible for you to mimic the conditions of the previous tests, leading to inefficient results.

As such, an InBody scan should only be taken once every 2-4 weeks before you schedule a follow-up test. In fact, many centers advice their clients to wait for a longer period in order to minimize variance resulting from various regular activities.

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Final Words

An InBody scan is a useful method to evaluate and track changes in your body composition by measuring parameters like body fat percentage, visceral fat percentage, muscle-fat analysis, water distribution, and so on.

While these tests can provide valuable information about our bodies, it’s important to check the number of times we take them.

Generally, you should avoid taking the tests too frequently. But if you are an athlete with rigorous workout routines, you might require more regular testing to track changes in your overall body composition.