How Much Does an EZ Curl Bar Weigh?

The curl bars are better than the straight barbells when it comes to exercising the upper arm muscles. These bars offer you different angles to grip the bar while working out and protect your wrist joints when you are attempting arm curls with heavier weights.

If you spent some time in different gyms you might have noticed that the straight barbells are more or less similar in all gyms, but the preacher curl bars are different in shapes and sizes.

This difference in size and shapes also results in a variance in the weight of EZ curl bars. So, the answer to ‘how much your curling bar weighs?’ isn’t as straightforward as you might have thought.

Depending on the type of the EZ bar curl, sleeve diameter, and length, the preacher bar weight varies to a large extent. If you consider all types of preacher curl bars, their weight ranges from 10 pounds to more than 35 pounds in some cases.

There is also a difference in the weight of EZ curl bars among the different brands. The same type of preacher bars bought from two different manufacturers would also have a little difference in the preacher bar weight.

In this exercise equipment guide, we have attempted to answer how much the EZ curl bar weighs in detail for all four types of bars. We have considered the preacher bars from the most popular brands as you are most likely to land up with one of these in your gym club.

Whether you are here to know about the weight of the preacher curl bars at your gym, or if you are here to find out a curl bar to buy that has the right weight to match your requirement, you will get a satisfactory answer to both the queries by the time you finish reading this article.

How Much Does an EZ Curl Bar Weigh

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How Much Does a Standard EZ Curl Bar Weigh?


A standard EZ curl bar refers to a bar on which you can load the standard weight plates having a 1-inch hole. You would rarely see these bars at a gym club but they are available in the market if you are considering buying one for your home gym setup.

If you have the standard 1-inch hole weight plates then you don’t have any other option than to get a standard curl bar. These are available in different lengths. The most popular length is about 4 feet.

Among the types of EZ curling bars, the standard bars are lightest in weight. The widely used standard curl bar from Cap barbell is about 47 inches long and weighs only 10.5 pounds. The 48-inch curl bar with threaded ends from Titan fitness weighs 14 pounds.

Some standard curl bars are 5 feet in length. They weigh a little higher than the 4 feet bars. Almost every standard EZ curl bar weighs between 10 to 16 pounds. That is about 4.5 to 7.25 Kgs.

If you have got an EZ bar curl at the fitness club or at your home gym, then you can add the weight plates for performing bicep curls considering the average bar weight 12.5 pounds or 5 Kg.

How Much Does an Olympic Curl Bar Weigh?


These are the most popular curling bars around the world. Due to the easy availability and natural need to standardize all equipment almost all commercial gyms have Olympic curling bars.

If you already have a gym setup and have bought readily available weight plates, then the chances are you have Olympic weight plates, and the Olympic curl bar is suitable for those weights.

The Olympic curling bar is similar to the standard curl bar in the middle but the ends are different. The ends have 2-inch thick rotating sleeves to accommodate Olympic size weight plates. The rotation allows you to offset part of the inertia and helps you perform better.

The thick sleeves and collars of the Olympic curling bar make it a little heavier than the standard curl bars. At just 47 inches of length, the Olympic curl bar from CAP barbell weighs 16 pounds which is approximately 7.25 Kgs. The deluxe version of this which is 57 inches long, weighs 30 pounds (13.6 Kgs)

The Olympic curl bar from Rogue fitness is one of the best choice. It has a whole surface except the center of the bar between the collars knurled for more grip options. It is 54.5 inches long curling bar that weighs 30 pounds.

The 48-inch long Olympic curling bar from Titan fitness might be the lightest of the lot at 14 pounds (6.35 Kgs) of weight. If you are looking for an average weight Olympic EZ bar, then there is a 56-inch long curl bar from Fringe fitness, that weighs approximately 23 pounds (10 Kgs).

How Much Does a Rackable Curl Bar Weigh?

How Much Does a Rackable Curl Bar Weigh

The rackable curl bars are more than 20 inches longer than the Olympic EZ curl bars. The shafts have sleeves that are 2 inches in diameter and are 10 to 11 inches long. That makes them able to accommodate more weight plates.

The overall length of the rackable curl bar is between 74 to 80 inches. This makes them the heaviest type of preacher curl bars. On average, a rackable curl bar weighs about 35 pounds (16 Kgs).

The 74.75 inches long rackable curl bar from Rogue fitness weighs 35 pounds. the lightest among the lot is a 71-inch curl bar from Titan fitness that weighs about 31 pounds (14 Kgs).

These preacher bars have significant weight thus you have to consider about 35 pounds of bar weight while selecting the plates for performing bicep curls or other exercises with these EZ curl bars.

How Much Does a Super EZ Curl Bar Weigh?


The super curl bars have deeper curls than other types of EZ bar curls. These deeper curls enable you to target the pull muscles of your arm at a different angle. These bars are mostly used by intermediate and above lifters to add versatility to their workouts.

The super curl bars come in three varieties. One has 1-inch shafts and can accommodate standard weight plates and the other two have 2-inch sleeves. Among the super curl bars that have 2-inch sleeves, one type has rotating sleeves and the other has fixed sleeves.

All these types of super curl bars are on average in weight if compared to all other types of curl bars. One of the lightest super curl bars is a 48-inch long standard plate super curl bar from CAP barbell that weighs 11.68 pounds (5.3 Kgs). The CAP Olympic super curl bar of the same length weighs 18 pounds (8.16 Kgs).

How Heavy a Curl Bar Should Be?

Most of the commercially available curl bars weigh between 10 to 35 pounds. While the difference is significant and you have to consider that while selecting the weight plates you load for your workout, but it shouldn’t necessarily affect your buying decision.

A heavy bar is probably a bar with higher strength than a lighter bar, but you have more important things to worry about while choosing the curl bar for your home gym.

Some of the things that you should look at while choosing the curl bar are; the weight capacity of the curl bar, the type of weight plates you have, the angle of the grips, and the knurling texture on the bar.

The preacher bar weight would be affecting your buying decision if you are someone who wants to perform arm curls with an overall weight lower than 35 pounds. For others, you just need to know the exact weight of EZ curl bar you have or the one you want to buy.

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