How Much Does a Hex Trap Bar Weigh?

For someone who has never used it, the trap bar seems like a contraption they are never going to need. But once you understand its function, you will want to use one at some point in time.

This seemingly complicated structure is actually made to reduce the complexities of one of the most intricate compound moves. It is made to make it easy for you to perform the deadlift.

This bar was initially designed in the diamond shape, which later evolved into hexagonal shape and thus got the name hex bar. And it can be used to train your trapezoidal muscles more effectively, it is also called a trap bar.

By the looks of it, it seems that the weight of the hex bar is more than your regular straight Olympic bar or the curl bar as the hex deadlift bar has more structural elements than the other two. That is a good guess, but when it comes to intermediate or advanced level training, we need to know the exact hex bar weight, we can’t leave it on guesswork.

So how much is the weight of a trap bar? Let’s find out about that and some more things about these bars further in this weightlifting equipment guide.

How Much Does a Hex Trap Bar Weigh

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How Much Does a Hex Bar Weigh?

A hex deadlift bar has a six-sided polygon made with steel tubes. You will be standing inside this hexagon while performing deadlifts or shrugs using this trap bar. The loading shafts are connected to the far ends of the hex. Almost all the commercially available trap bars are suitable for 2-inch hole Olympic weight plates.

Inside the hexagon, near the ends where the loading shafts are attached, there are grab bars perpendicular to the loading shafts. These grab bars would be on your sides when you lift the loaded hex bar.

All these elements are a mix of solid bars, round steel tubes or square tubes, and some sleeves and collars. Each of these fragments contributes to the overall hexagonal barbell weight. These elements defer in shape, size, and material used from bar to bar. How much a trap bar weighs depends upon the weight of all its parts.

Due to so many variables involved the hexagonal barbell weight varies a great deal from product to product. Though the weight of almost all hexagonal bars falls between 40 to 70 pounds (18 kgs to 32 Kgs) range.

How Much Does a Heavy Trap Bar Weigh?

Heavy Trap Bar

The heavy-duty trap bars are meant to be used for high-intensity deadlifts, squats, or traps. These hexagonal bars are mostly long enough to be used with a power rack.

These heavy-duty trap weight bars can support the weight plates up to 1000 pounds (453.6 Kgs) in some cases. This capacity is due to the heavy-duty steel used in the construction of the bar which also contributes to the self-weight of the bar.

If the weight of trap bars is equal to or more than 60 pounds (27.1 Kgs) can be called heavy trap bars. Some of the most popular bars in this class are from Rogue fitness. These bars use heavy-duty square steel tubes for the construction of the hex.

The first version of the Rogue fitness TB-1 trap bar weighs about 68 pounds (30.84 Kgs). They have reduced the hexagonal barbell weight in version 2.0 of the TB-1 trap bar to 58 pounds (26.3 Kgs) but it can still be called a heavy trap bar.

Another heavy-duty trap weight bar from Rogue fitness is TB-2. This bar has an overall length of 88.5 inches. It has elevated pair of handles that is 8.25 inches from the floor. This bar has 16 inches long loadable sleeves and the weight of this trap bar is 60 pounds (27.1 Kgs).

How Much Does an Average Hex Deadlift Bar Weigh?

The most common hex deadlift bars aren’t rackable. These are mostly 56 to 60 inches in length and lighter than the long rackable hex bars. Average weight trap bars or standard hex bars weigh anywhere between 50 to 60 pounds (22.68 Kgs to 27.22 Kgs).

The REP trap bar is an example of a standard hex bar. It is longer than the typical average weight hex bars. Due to its 16 inches long loadable sleeves, the overall length of the bar is 71 inches. The hex section of this constructed using round steel tubes. The bar has raised handles with knurled grip. With a weight capacity of 500 pounds (226.8 Kgs) the overall hex bar weight is 55 pounds (24.95 Kgs).

The CAP barbell’s Olympic super trap shrug and deadlift bar is another popular average weight hex bar. It has unique handles positioned below the loadable shaft level. This versatile bar offers three grip options measuring approximately 1 1/8, 1½, and 1 ¾ inch in diameter. The bar measures 65 inches in length and has a load capacity of 750 pounds (340.2Kgs). With all this goodness weight of the hex bar is only 55 pounds (24.95 Kgs)

How Much Does a Lightweight Hex Bar Weigh?

The hexagonal bars that weigh less than 50 pounds (22.7 Kgs) can be called lightweight hex bars. There are very few trap bars that weigh lesser than 50 pounds and are reliable enough to be trusted for high-intensity exercises like deadlift.

The most popular and reliable lightweight trap bar is the Hex Trap bar from Fringe fitness. This 56 inches long hex bar has raised handles and can hold up to 600 pounds (272.15 Kgs) of weight plates. The overall weight of the unloaded Fringe fitness hex trap bar is just 45 pounds.

Trap Bar: Is It a Deadlift Bar or Squat Bar?

It depends on how you look at it. The trap bar can be used to perform the motion similar to deadlift by moving the weights in line with the center of gravity of the body instead of moving it in front of the body as you would do while performing the deadlifts with a straight barbell.

Technically speaking, the move you perform with the trap bar is a deadlift as you put the weight down on the ground dead before lifting it up for the next rep.

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