How Many Guests Can You Bring to Planet Fitness?

In these days when commercial gyms would do anything they can to exploit their members, Planet Fitness comes across as an odd case.

Keeping their affordable membership plans and judgment-free workout environment aside, Planet Fitness offers several other benefits to its members.

One such benefit is guest passes. According to their guest policy, their black card members can invite and bring a guest to Planet Fitness each time they visit. And for this, the gym charges literally no extra fee!

So, if you too are a Planet Fitness black card member, you also have the opportunity to bring either your partner, your teenage kid, a family member, or a friend to the gym with you.

Perhaps at no other club in America, you will have this perk.

But hearing about Planet Fitness guest passes, you may have several questions in your mind. One such question you would have is, “how many guests can i bring to Planet Fitness?”, or it can be- “can i bring a guest for an unlimited number of times”, and the list of questions  may go on.

And as the answer to these questions, here is an article that focuses on Planet Fitness guest rules relating to the number of guests you can bring to the gym. 

How Many Guests Can You Bring to Planet Fitness
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How Many Guests Can You Bring to Planet Fitness?

You can bring only one guest at a time to Planet Fitness. Their guest policy clearly states that you can bring one guest each time you visit. 

However, you can bring different guests on different days. In that aspect, you can bring as many guests as you wish across seperate days.

This is a great initiative from Planet Fitness. Basically, almost no other gym in the United States allows its members to bring a guest each time they visit. 

Indeed, such a generous guest policy is among the biggest factors that made Planet Fitness a popular gym choice among Americans; The other factors being their cheap membership plans and comfortable, judgment-free workout atmosphere. 

Now, given below are some conditions according to Planet Fitness guest policy:

  • Firstly, you need to be a black card member.
  • The guest will have access to regular gym facilities, but not extra facilities like tanning and hydro massaging.
  • The guest needs to work out in your presence only, and they will have to complete a quick registration process to enter the club.
  • Once again, only one guest can visit the club with you at a time.

That being said, each Planet Fitness club is a separate franchise, and guest policies may vary slightly from club to club.

Some clubs may (although less likely) allow you to bring one more guest with you. In other cases, the second person can grab a day pass, which costs around $20 per day.  

Can You Bring More Than One Guest to Planet Fitness?

Well, typically, you can not bring more than one guest to Planet Fitness a day

But you can bring different guests on different days. So in that aspect, you can effectively invite more than one guest across separate days. 

Your guests won’t have to pay any fee to work out with you.

How Many Times Can I Bring a Guest to Planet Fitness?

Unlimited! Yes, you heard it right. 

There is no limit on how many times you can bring the same guest to Planet Fitness. You can tag them along even every day, and Planet Fitness won’t have any objections.

This policy is such a blessing, especially for couples looking to Workout together. The guest will not have to pay any extra fee. 

But we suggest you do it only if your partner works out occasionally. If they hit the gym regularly, please get them a new membership. Because, Planet Fitness plans are very affordable at $10 per month. 

So, why is Planet Fitness being so generous when it comes to guest passes? One possible answer is, they prefer to be a “popular, affordable” gym rather than a “fancy, expensive” one. 

And for these reasons, America’s budget gym goers are falling in love with Planet Fitness. 

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The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is, you can bring one guest along with you each time you visit your Planet Fitness club. The guest can be different on each day, or you can also bring the same guest every time you visit. 

However, try contacting your current club, and learn about their exact guest policies. Because at some clubs, they may (although rarely) allow you to bring one more guest; it may depend on the club management.