How Long Should You Use HydroMassage? (For Best Results, Safety, and More)

HydroMassage is an effective technique that makes use of waterjet sprays to massage different areas of the body.

Customers can simply lie down and relax on the flat HydroMassage beds or lounge chairs while the water pressure works on different parts of their bodies. In HydroMassaging, you don’t have to change into a different outfit as there is no risk of your clothes getting wet.

Many people also like this treatment because they can enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic session in isolation. Since the massage relies on pressure from water jet sprays, you don’t need any specialist touching you or even being anywhere near the massage bed.

There are several benefits to using HydroMassage therapy frequently, including accelerating the post-workout recovery process, easing muscle tension, relieving stress, increasing blood circulation, improving sleep, and so on.

Nowadays, getting access to HydroMassage facilities is simple enough. You can book a session at any spa or wellness center. There is an alternative option for those who would want to experience HydroMassaging more frequently without paying too much for bookings.

You can simply join any fitness club that offers HydroMassage beds to their members.

With so many benefits at play, one important question arises – how long is it safe to use the HydroMassage bed at a stretch?

Let’s find out.

How Long Should You Use HydroMassage?

How Long Should you Use HydroMassage

Ideally, your HydroMassage session should not last any longer than 10-15 minutes. That is because the warmth from the hot water sprays can cause irritation and discomfort after prolonged exposure.

Moreover, the HydroMassage machines begin overheating if they’ve been working for too long straight.

To deal with this, most HydroMassage machines only run for 10 minutes at a stretch. Thus, customers will have to begin another massage session if they want to experience HydroMassaging for longer durations.

While 10 minutes per day is enough to experience all the benefits of HydroMassaging, sometimes you can opt for longer sessions.

For example, when you are recovering from some muscle or tissue-related injury, you can take HydroMassaging therapy for 30 minutes or so. Doing this will increase blood circulation to affected areas.

Of course, if the water pressure gets too much, you can always customize and adjust it according to your needs. You also get the option to stop your HydroMassage session prematurely if you feel any discomfort.

But you shouldn’t book long HydroMassaging sessions frequently.

Only use the HydroMassage machine for 10 minutes at a time for optimal results.

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Parting Words

HydroMassage therapy has received some glowing reviews in recent years.

That itself speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the massage technique. But HydroMassage can promote healthy changes in your body, and should be used in a moderated manner.