Hooligan Pre Workout (V5) Review: Ergogenic Supplement for Skin-Tearing Pumps and Unmatched Strength

Drinking a glass full of pre workout drink before hitting the gym can help you to amp your workout level.

It may happen that after you arrive at the gym, you start feeling lethargic and unmotivated right after two sets of workout. Pre-workouts can give you a gush of energy and motivate you for a harder and more intense workout session.

The Hooligan Pre workout (V5 Brand New) is a pre-workout energy booster whose potency is unmatched. It is infused with some of the best and most effective ingredients that impart long-lasting strength, energy, muscle pumps, and focus.

Hooligan Pre Workout (V5) Review

Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5)

The Hooligan Pre Workout V5 can help you establish a great connection between your muscles and your mind, which will aid you to keep pushing yourself through the last rep of the last set of your workout session without feeling fatigued. The ingredients used are so hard-hitting that one should first try to experiment with half a scoop to assess his own tolerance level. 

The product can provide you with an optimum focus, great energy, and a skin-tearing muscle pump so that you can perform your best at the gym. It also accelerates your endurance level so that you do not begin to feel fatigued soon after you start exercising.



What is in Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5)?

The Hooligan Pre Workout V5 contains some unique ingredients that account for the nootropic benefits that the product provides. For instance, it has Rhodiola Rosea and Lion’s Mane Mushroom that help to eliminate signs of stress and anxiety. It also contains Caffeine in moderate quantities, which is a plus point for people who are sensitive to caffeine.  

One tub of this product contains either forty or twenty servings, depending on how intense one wishes his workout session to be! Overall, with all the ingredients contained in clinically approved dosages, this pre workout is a great choice and has gained immense popularity. 

Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5) Ingredients Label

The ingredients label of Hooligan Pre-Workout lists all the ingredients in this product and their dosages.

Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5) Ingredients 

Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5) Ingredients & Potential Benefits 

Stated below are all the ingredients that are infused in clinically recommended doses in a pack of Hooligan Pew-Workout, and the benefits that each of these ingredients provides:

  1. L-Citrulline: This ingredient is an amino acid that aids in getting great muscle pumps. Consuming L-Citrulline increases the nitric oxide level in the body and provides more strength for aerobic and non-aerobic workouts. You are less likely to feel fatigued. The Hooligan Pre-Workout V5 contains 7 grams of L-Citrulline.
  2. Beta-Alanine: A standard dosage of 3500 mg of Beta-Alanine is included in this pre-workout. It helps to boost the endurance of muscles by curbing the production of lactic acid. 
  3. Betaine HCL 98%: If you wish to increase the endurance of your muscles, this ingredient will work its magic on your body. Your power of endurance is associated with the strength in your muscles. The Hooligan Pre Workout contains 2.5 grams of Betaine HCl, which is enough to provide you with thirty minutes of unmatched endurance.
  4. L-Tyrosine: This ingredient is included in a minimal dosage of 2 grams. High doses of caffeine may have some ill effects. This ingredient serves as an antidote to counter the side effects of caffeine. It also helps to improve the cognitive abilities of an individual. 
  5. Agmatine Sulphate: This is another ingredient that is used in this ergogenic health drink. It helps to enhance one’s athletic performance by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the body and improving blood flow to the muscles, thereby increasing the muscle pump.
  6. Lion’s Mane: There are many nootropic benefits associated with this ingredient. The Hooligan Pre-Workout V5 uses 1000 mg of Lion’s mane. It helps to reduce anxiety and increase focus.
  7. Alpha GPC 50%: This ingredient is used for both improving an individual’s muscular ability as well as curing any kind of cognitive decline. While 300-600 mg of this ingredient is sufficient for providing power for athletic purposes, it takes around 1200 mg for the ingredient to exhibit its effect on an individual’s cognitive abilities. The Hooligan Pre-Workout contains 600 mg of Alpha GPC.
  8. Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine is known for its ability to provide long-lasting strength and endurance to the muscles. Caffeine Anhydrous is a standard variant of caffeine that accounts for the long-lasting effect of this ergogenic drink. A dosage of 450 mg is neither too less nor too overwhelming. It is just enough for the ingredient to exhibit its effect.  
  9. Theobromine: Theobromine is a stimulant that bears resemblances in structure with caffeine. It is also similar to caffeine in terms of function, but it results in a long-lasting impact as compared to caffeine. It also helps to lower the blood pressure in the body. The Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Pre Workout V5 contains only 300 mg of Theobromine. 
  10. Himalayan Pink Salt: The water retention property of this ingredient allows you to witness great muscle pumps at the time of workout.
  11. Rhodiola Rosea: 200 mg of Rhodiola Rosea is very effective against fatigue and helps you to remain active and focused for a longer period. 
  12. Di-Caffeine Malate: It is an extended version of Caffeine that, again, like caffeine, causes the effect of the pre-workout energy booster supplement to stay for a longer time. The Hooligan Pre-Workout contains 200 mg of Di-Caffeine Malate. 
  13. elevATP 150 mg: We know that ATP is the most common form of energy that is present in the cells of our body. ElevATP is an ingredient that is extracted from ancient peat and apple. A mere 150 mg of this ingredient can alleviate the energy levels by aiding a boost in ATP production. 
  14. AstraGin: 50 mg of this ingredient is used in Hooligan Pre-Workout. 

What to Expect?

Here are a few things that you can expect from a scoop of Hooligan Pre Workout

  1. Witness great muscle pumps: The L-Citrulline and Himalaya Pink Salt in this product helps to provide immense muscle pumps.
  2. A boost in strength and endurance: Betaine HCL, Beta-Alanine, Caffeine are some of the ingredients boost your body’s endurance and provide you with the optimum strength for a workout. 
  3. An increased focus at the gym: Rhodiola Rosea and Lion’s Mane Mushroom help you to stay focused at the gym and finish your workout so that you can derive the best results! 



How to use Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5)?

Take a scoop of the Hooligan Pre Workout V5 supplement and mix it in water. Drink it thirty minutes before workout and unleash the beast in you! 

Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5)

This product is available in the following flavor options:

  1. Turnpike Tea 
  2. Strawberry Margarita 
  3. Fuzzy Navel 

Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5) Taste 

Of the three flavors, turnpike tea is the most favored choice. The fuzzy navel flavor also has a decent taste. People who are fond of strawberry flavored supplements can go for the Strawberry Margarita as well.

Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5) Tub Size

One tub of the Hooligan Pre-Workout V5 contains 443.6 grams of powder. 

Number of Servings/Tub Size 

If you consume a full scoop of the pre workout it will last for 20 servings. However, if half a scoop is enough for you, then this will give you 40 servings. 

Scoop Size

For those who consume half a scoop, one serving weighs 11.09 grams, and one full scoop weighs 22.18 grams. 

Pros and Cons 

The pros and cons of this product are as follows: 


  • It is very strong.
  • Long-lasting energy boost.
  • Provides an immense energy boost.
  • Enhances your focus.
  • Does not have any negative impact on one’s mood.
  • Half a scoop is enough for an intense workout.
  • Available in three flavor options.


  • The price is slightly on the higher side for those who consume full scoops in one serving.
  • The taste is decent, not great. 


Pricing and Value 

This product is priced at $54.95. Since it is fully loaded with hard-hitting ingredients for the best results, many people use only half a scoop per serving. For them, one tub lasts long. Therefore, this is a very cost-effective option, with one serving costing only $1.38

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Is Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5) Worth the Buy?

As the product is extremely effective and only half a serving can provide superhuman strength, this pre workout supplement is absolutely worth every penny spent. 

Where to Buy Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5)?

The Hooligan Pre-Workout can be hauled from the Nutrition Faktory ecommerce store.


Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Pre Workout V5

Dr Workout

Hooligan Pre-Workout (V5)
Flavors & Taste


With a variety of ingredients dosed in appropriate and approved quantities, the Hooligan Pre-Workout V5 is a great choice. It imparts strength and endurance without making you feel tired or dizzy.
It is so strong that even half a scoop of this ergogenic powder is effective and stronger than full servings of some other pre workouts. Its effect lasts very long and is ideal for a lengthy workout session. Therefore, due to its multiple benefits, the Hooligan Pre-Workout V5 is worth a shot.