Hatch Squat Program Spreadsheet

If you are looking to get your squat numbers up, you would need to do more than just train hard. You need a proper training plan programmed to help your body overcome stubborn plateaus without mentally or physically taxing your body too much.

Fortunately, you can achieve exactly that using a proper weightlifting program.

That’s right, Olympic weightlifters have specific training programs designed specifically to get their performance numbers up. If you are a professional weightlifter, you can just as easily adopt one of these squat programs to improve your 1RM capabilities by a significant margin.

Here, we are going to talk about the popular Hatch Squat program in detail.

Hatch Squat Program Spreadsheet

Hatch Squat Program Principles

The Hatch Squat program was developed by Gayle Hatch, an American athlete and international weightlifting coach. Gayle developed an interest in many different sports, including Basketball, setting many records in various fields.

Gayle then became a training coach for Olympic lifters, developing his famous “Hatch Program” for explosive and high-volume training. Because of its positive efficiency, the training program soon became popular all across the world.

The Hatch Squat cycle spans around twelve weeks and is a pretty intense routine. As such, the training program is only suitable for advanced and intermediate lifters. The workout sessions might be a little too intense and physically demanding for beginners.

On the surface, the principle of the Hatch Squat program seems basic enough. Each training week has two squat sessions, allowing the weightlifter sufficient time for rest and recovery.

Unlike other squat routines, the Hatch Squat cycle focuses on both – front and back squats for all-rounded development and proper strength gains. The ratio of front squats to back squats is 1:1, making it more effective for weightlifters as opposed to powerlifters.

However, for off-season training, the training program can work for powerlifters as well.

The training pattern followed here is linear. The descending periodization is done keeping in mind the recovery requirement of each weightlifter.

The starting weights are determined on the basis of the lifter’s squatting 1RM. However, you can consider inputting a number that is slightly lower than your maximum capabilities if you don’t want to struggle too much while training.

To summarize, these are the training principles used in the Hatch Squat program:

  • The training pattern followed is linear or descending pyramid.
  • Only two training sessions per week. Consists of both front and back squats during each workout session.
  • By the 11th week, the weightlifter will attempt to lift 103% of his 1RM.

Hatch Squat Program Spreadsheet

The Hatch Squat program comes with a basic set of instructions and a fairly easy training schedule.

But to get optimum results, one must follow the routine perfectly.

You can download the entire Hatch Squat cycle from here.



The Spreadsheet file is easily downloadable and can be printed out to keep a physical copy available with you at all times.


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Summing Up

The Hatch Squat program is fairly popular in weightlifting circles. Although it is primarily aimed at training professional weightlifters, the routine can also work for powerlifters during their off-season training days.

Ultimately, the training routine is high-intensity and high-volume, so it is not designed for beginners. However, it is perfectly suitable for advanced and intermediate lifters who need to overcome stubborn plateaus and achieve improved 1RM numbers.