Halle Berry Workout Routine

Whether it’s portraying X-Men’s Storm on screen or playing the role of Catwoman, Halle Berry has never failed to impress us. Apart from her great acting skills, she also sports a physique that makes her a great choice for superhero roles.

To maintain such an awesome physique, she follows a strict workout plan that brings out her inner superhero. This post is going to be about the same. This post is going to give you a detailed insight into Halle Berry’s workout routine.

Halle Berry Workout Routine

Halle Berry Workout

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There would be no exaggeration in saying that Halle Berry’s workout routine is like that of a superhero. It works on different aspects of her physique and makes her look extremely athletic. Let’s have a more descriptive overview of her workout routine.

Monday- Martial Arts Training

Halle Berry had earlier starred in the action film John Wick 3. Then she went on to play the role of a disgraced MMA fighter in her directorial debut Bruised. These roles demanded her to get trained in martial arts.

Hence, Berry’s trainer Peter Lee Thomas incorporated various fighting moves like boxing punches, Muay Thai kicks in her workout routine. For mobility, she also practices certain locomotive movements from Capoeira and conditioning drills from jiu-jitsu.

Tuesday- Rest Day

Wednesday- Plyo Agility Training

One of the most prominent features of Halle Berry’s physique is her lean and toned legs. To keep her legs in such a great condition, she relies on her Plyo Agility Routine.

Berry’s plyo agility routine consists of performing the following exercises for 10 reps each:-

  • Skaters
  • Drop squats with a booty band
  • V-sprints into a back shuffle
  • Broad Jump
  • Figure Eights

Once you complete all of them, you again start from the top and complete 3-5 rounds.

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- Strength Training

Halle Berry’s training routine consists of basic bodybuilding movements. Those include bench press, squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, and deadlift. She performs them with a high-volume approach. She has even gone up to performing 100 reps of some of those exercises in some of her workout sessions. She also incorporates variations while performing those exercises by trying out different intensity techniques.

Core Work

Halle Berry’s toned midsection can inspire anyone to do hundreds of crunches every day. But usually, the traditional ab exercises like sit-ups and crunches are not a part of Halle Berry’s workout routine. Instead, she relies on compound exercises like deadlifts and squats to make her abdominals work harder.

To further tighten up her midsection, she prefers performing planks. She claims that incorporating planks in her workout routine has brought drastic improvements in her core strength and definition.

20 Minute Circuit Workout

Halle Berry swears by the effectiveness of her 20-minute cardio workout routine. It allows her to maximize her time by combining both full-body strength-building exercises and cardio. One may assume that a 20-minute circuit workout won’t be tiring enough. But that is certainly not the case here. Halle Berry’s 20-minute circuit workouts are pretty intense and provide her with a great full-body workout.

Halle Berry prefers to do circuits of five to six exercises under this. She performs each exercise back to back without taking any rest in between. At times she just uses her body weight for resistance. Otherwise, she ups the intensity of her workouts by using certain fitness equipment, like ankle weights.

You can also try out her 20-minute circuit workout routine. All you need to do is to perform the following exercises back-to-back for one minute each.

  • Jumping Rope
  • Squats + Standing Oblique Crunches
  • Reverse Lunges + Punches
  • Plié Squats + Calf Raises
  • 4 Mountain Climbers + 2 Sit-Outs

Once you perform all the exercises, repeat the circuit and keep on doing this for 20 minutes. To get added resistance you can use ankle weights or wrist weights.

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Performing yoga is a crucial part of Halle Berry’s workout routine. Not only does she incorporate yoga as a separate part of her workout routine, but also uses it as a warm-up exercise before hitting her high-intensity workouts.

If you are a big fan of her and follow her social media accounts, you would have seen her hitting some yoga poses as a part of her warm-up routine. Halle Berry also claims that performing yoga is a great way to stretch. It also helps in avoiding the probable chances of certain injuries.


Apart from practicing various yoga poses, Halle Berry also resorts to some basic stretching exercises to relax her muscles. She claims that each of her workout sessions is followed by a good stretch.

Halle Berry claims that a fit and athletic physique should have a decent level of stretchability. If a person can lift heavy and run fast but his body has no mobility, it is of no use. Hence, apart from focusing only on enhancing strength and speed, one must also work on improving overall mobility and stretchability.

Berry claims that stretching keeps her muscles long and limber. It also gives them a greater range of motion while performing different exercises. Moreover, stretching also helps in avoiding the occurrence of various injuries.

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Final Words

You would have surely been impressed and inspired by it. To maintain her awesome physique, Halle Berry ensures to follow her workout routine on a daily basis. You too can try out her workout routine to get a great physique. Just don’t overdo anything and don’t expect results overnight.