Hailey Bieber’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Hailey Bieber has the physique of a goddess. She never fails to inspire us with her social media posts where she is often seen hitting the gym or enjoying a beach vacation with toned abs.

Well, maintaining such a well-shaped physique throughout the year isn’t something that happens by chance. Hailey has to be immensely dedicated to her fitness regime to get that done. And that’s how she keeps her fans guessing about what goes into the fitness regime that gives her such a gorgeous body.

So without further ado, let’s throw some light on Hailey Bieber’s workout routine and diet plan.

Hailey Bieber's Workout Routine and Diet Plan
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Hailey Bieber’s Workout Principles

Hailey used to be a ballet dancer. She even wanted to pursue ballet dancing as a career. But unfortunately, she hurt her foot, and due to a serious injury, she had to bid adieu to ballet dancing.

Nevertheless, she made exercising a prominent part of her lifestyle and this in turn has given her a beautiful physique. At present, Hailey Bieber’s workout plan focuses on building up her strength levels and cardiovascular endurance along with giving her body a lean and toned look.

So let’s find out in the next section what all exercise styles she relies on for that purpose.

Hailey Bieber’s Workout Routine

Hailey’s seductive and sexy physique has been a result of her exercise routine. It enables Hailey to train different aspects of her body, thus keeping her in great shape along with boosting her general fitness levels. Well, that’s how an ideal workout routine is supposed to be.

Hailey Bieber’s workout routine consists of the following training styles:-

Hot classes

Hot classes have contributed significantly towards giving Hailey a hot and sexy body. Hot pilates combined with hot yoga happens to be Hailey’s favorite training style.

Hot pilates is an exercising style that takes certain concepts from hot yoga and amalgamates it with traditional pilates. A person practicing such a training style can get the best of both worlds.

Hailey’s hot classes are targeted toward keeping her body flexible and agile. Since it incorporates certain pilates movements, it also works on building up her core strength and improving her overall body balance.

Talking about the effectiveness of her hot classes, Hailey says,

“I find that when you do any hot class your muscles are more pliable, and you’re stretched out easier. You come out dripping in sweat and my face is like a tomato and it’s good for your skin! I love it! I’m obsessed and it’s addictive.”

Performing a combination of hot pilates and hot yoga also contributes significantly towards facilitating strength gains. They subject your body to decent stress that enhances your muscle tone without making you appear bulky.

Strength training

Hailey performs her strength training sessions at the renowned Dogpound gym in New York City. It is referred to as the training center of numerous top-class models.

Hailey’s strength training sessions are focused on building up her core strength, muscle coordination, and body balance. To serve that purpose, each of her strength training sessions subjects the muscles of her back, glutes, legs, and core to a decent workout.

Hailey’s strength training regime includes the following exercises:-

  • Single-leg balance exercise
  • Single-leg Romanian deadlifts
  • Forward lunges
  • Weighted stationary lunges
  • Plank (and its variations)

Hailey performs the above-mentioned exercises either using her own bodyweight or light-moderate weights. On each of the exercises, she performs somewhere around 12-15 reps, excluding the static holds, where she holds a certain position for up to 30-90 seconds.

Hailey also performs the following exercises to enhance her overall strength and general fitness levels:-

  • Sled pushes
  • Chin-ups
  • Weighted sumo-stance squats
  • Landmine squats


Hailey’s cardio sessions are a lot different from the usual ones. Her favorite cardio exercise is boxing. It not only gets her heart rate up but also tones up her arms along with giving her core and legs a great workout.

Boxing also contributes to improving her mind-body coordination. To make her boxing sessions more challenging, at times she likes to box blindfolded. And that is quite a different yet effective way to test one’s muscle memory.

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Mixing it up

Hailey has never liked the idea of sticking to the same workout plan for a long time. She often mixes things up in her workout regime which brings to it the much-needed change. She says,

“I really like boxing for cardio. And I’ll do a couple of sessions a week in the gym, weight training and cardio.”

Hailey Bieber’s Diet Plan

Hailey Bieber's Diet Plan
Hutchinsphoto / Dreamstime.com

Just by looking at Hailey’s perfectly developed physique, anyone can get a clear idea that she must be a healthy eater. And that’s true as well. But at the same time, she isn’t an absolute fanatic when it comes to eating healthy.

Hailey ensures to eat plenty of food items that keep her fitness levels elevated along with making her feel good inside out. Now let’s find out what all food items are included in Hailey Bieber’s meal plan for the day:-

Meal 1- Breakfast

Hailey starts off her day by having celery juice along with vitamins. Her breakfast is quite simple yet loaded with essential nutrients that keep her energetic throughout the day. It consists of the following:-

  • Boiled eggs
  • Homemade oatmeal OR
  • A nutrient-dense smoothie

Meal 2- Lunch

Being a foodie, Hailey likes to have variety in her lunch. Some of her favorites include:-

  • Chicken with veggies
  • Gluten-free pasta OR
  • Sushi

Salads have always been an important part of Hailey’s lunch. So even when she is eating out, she likes to have salads with gluten-free dressings. Her favorite salad is Caesar salad with kale.

At times, when Haley is quite busy preparing a lunch, she just relies on eating a sandwich made of gluten-free bread.

Meal 3-  Dinner

Hailey’s dinner is quite like her lunch. She keeps it simple yet nutritious. Some of her most preferred food items that she likes having in her dinner are as follows:-

  • Gluten-free pasta
  • Some sources of lean protein
  • Vegetables

To keep her body adequately hydrated, Hailey also makes it a point to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Doing so also helps in keeping her skin radiant.

What ‘Not’ to Eat?

Food items that have gluten in them are an absolute ‘no-no’ in Hailey’s diet chart. At the same time, she stays away from consuming refined sugar. She claims that doing so not only maintains her body weight but also contributes towards keeping her overall health on point.

Cheat Days

When it’s time for enjoying a cheat day, Hailey doesn’t entertain any of her food restrictions. She just eats whatever she feels like eating.

On her cheat days, Hailey even consumes food items having gluten in them but she ensures to do so in moderation and not do so quite often. Well, this is something that she absolutely deserves for sticking to a strict diet plan.

Hailey Bieber’s Supplements

For someone like Hailey whose diet plan is loaded with plenty of nutrients, relying on supplements is quite unnecessary. But still, to ensure that her nutrition plan is as perfect as it can be, she incorporates just one supplement into it.

Hailey Bieber’s supplements stack only includes the following:-

  • Multivitamins

Hailey keeps a multivitamin supplement to fetch her body certain micronutrients. It enables her to make up for the deficiencies that are at times a bit challenging to be met by just eating whole food items.

Consuming a multivitamin also keeps her hair, skin, and nails healthy.

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Wrapping Up

One of the best things about Hailey Bieber’s workout routine and diet plan is that it caters to her body type and fitness goals. And that’s something you must keep in mind while structuring your own fitness regime.

For that purpose, you can take the assistance of a trainer or coach. Once your training program and nutrition plan is structured you will have to follow them with consistency. And doing so will surely fetch you the gains you are looking for.