GZCL/Mag-Ort/Deathbench Hybrid Routine Spreadsheet

Talk to any person who belongs to the lifting community and ask him about his wish. Everybody wants monstrous strength for the big three lifts aka the bench press, the deadlift, and the squat.

A lifter’s ability to perform any of these lifts with heavy weights takes him from being a novice to being an intermediate and finally getting into the elite class. What if we tell you that there is a program that targets to upgrade your numbers on these lifts? You must surely be having an adrenaline rush by now.

Here comes the GZCL/Mag-Ort/Deathbench Hybrid Routine. This workout program is a hybrid program in itself combining three training protocols. This workout plan extends for 10 weeks and has proved its effectiveness in enhancing the numbers on the big three lifts.

GZCL/Mag-Ort/Deathbench Hybrid Program Overview

GZCL Mag-Ort Deathbench Hybrid Workout Routine

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By now you must surely have got a clear idea about the GZCL/Mag-Ort/Deathbench Hybrid Program. It is a program that primarily targets improving your three big lifts namely the bench press, the squat, and the deadlift.

It is a hybrid program that makes use of the GZCL method for improving your squats, the Deathbench method for improving your bench press, and the Mag/Ort method for improving your deadlift strength. To up your spirits a little bit more, we would like to let you know that this program can be followed by either intermediates or advanced lifters. However, it is not recommended for beginners as the stress imposed by this workout may hamper their recovery.

Beginners may also get disappointed following this program if they don’t hit their expected numbers on these lifts.

This hybrid program provides additional volume which results in building up more strength. The high volume approach of this program also helps to enhance the work capacity of those lifters. This program also includes some accessory movements that help to eliminate the weaknesses that may hinder your strength levels on these lifts.

Some other details of the GZCL/Mag-Ort/Deathbench Hybrid Routine are as follows:-

  • The GZCL/Mag-Ort/Deathbench Hybrid program extends for 10 weeks.
  • You will be having 5 weekly training sessions under this training protocol.
  • Deadlift once a week under this program.
  • Bench press twice a week.
  • Squat twice a week.
  • In order to target the weak points that hinder your progress on these lifts, there will also be some accessory movements to eliminate those weaknesses.

Since the main aim of this program is to enhance your strength on the big three lifts, you would be training any one of them in all your training sessions.

Owing to the complex nature of these compound lifts, a proper warm-up prior to your training session is compulsory. It prepares your muscles well against the stress that is coming.

You should also stretch well after the completion of your workout to avoid muscle stiffness. Make sure that your diet along with your rest and recovery is on point while you are following this program to get the most out of it.

GZCL/Mag-Ort/Deathbench Hybrid Routine Spreadsheet

In order to provide you with detailed information about how much weights would be both suitable and challenging for you, we have presented a spreadsheet for your use. Using this Google sheet, you can easily get the percentages of weight that you must be progressing with.

All you need to do is to have an idea about your 1 RM on the big three lifts and this template will help you out in determining the weights that you would be using in each session.

When it comes to the big three lifts, your working sets for these lifts must be challenging enough to promote growth. Most of the people out of their desperation and excitement select weights that are too heavy. This compromises form on one hand and on the other hand, runs potential chances of injury.

You should never fall into this trap. With the use of this spreadsheet, you will never have to face perplexity in selecting the weights for your upcoming lifting sessions. Have a look at it.



Thanks to u/jdc122 for creating this spreadsheet.

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Final words

The GZCL/Mag-Ort/Deathbench Hybrid Program is certainly amongst the few programs that target towards upping your bench press, deadlift, and squat in a single program along with eliminating your other weak points. At the end of this program, you can surely experience boost in your overall strength levels and physical muscularity. The combination of three lifting protocols in this program truly avails you the benefits of the two worlds or rather you can say three worlds.