6 Best Gyms with Tanning Beds Near You

It takes a lot of time and effort to build that perfectly chiseled look with lower body fat and higher muscle mass. But to add a little oomph to it with a flawlessly tanned skin tone, you just need to lay on the tanning bed for few minutes.

You can even get tanned laying out in the sun, but the inconsistencies in the sunrays hitting different parts of your body can result in uneven color shades all over the body. Thus, tanning beds prove to be better at the task.

While you can get the skin tan anywhere, wouldn’t it be better if you can get it at the gym you frequently visit?

So, let’s help you find a gym with tanning beds near your location.

You won’t find tanning beds at all the gyms. Even at the big gym chains, these might be available at very few locations. We can improve the chances of finding a tanning bed by choosing to go for a gym chain that has them installed at most of the locations.

Which Gyms Have Tanning Beds At Most Locations?

Gyms with tanning beds

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If you are wondering ‘which are the best gyms with tanning beds near me’ then one of the six gyms mentioned here would be the answer. Which one? Well, that would depend on your expectation of the amenities and facilities other than the tanning beds and of course the membership cost.

The chances of finding some gyms with tanning near you are higher if you have one or more of these big gyms in your vicinity.

Even if most locations of these gyms have a tanning facility, it doesn’t ensure that the location near you has it. So, better check it out physically before committing.

Gold’s Gym

Instead of risking the skin burn in the sunlight or taking the vitamin D pills, you can opt for using the tanning beds at Gold’s gym. they have very good quality tanning beds at many locations.

At the locations where they have the tanning beds installed, they may be always occupied depending on the crowd at that location. To make sure the Gold’s gym location near you does actually have a tanning bed and to check the possibility of it being available, it is recommended you visit the gym.

The good thing about Gold’s gym is that they offer a free trial period. In this, you can check and experience not only the tanning facilities but also the gym equipment and other amenities at the gym.

To improve the member’s experience, Gold’s gym is also partnering with tanning salons. These salons have technologically advanced beds that work by scanning your skin type and customizing the tanning time and intensity accordingly.

So, even if the Gold’s gym near you doesn’t have tanning beds on-site, in near future its membership may give you access to them in some salon nearby.

Planet Fitness

Famous as the ten-dollar gym, Planet fitness is probably the most affordable among the big gym chains. Some might think that such an inexpensive gym must not be offering anything more than basic gym machines. If you too are one of those, then you are in for a surprise.

The big Planet Fitness gyms may not be very good for advance level lifters and bodybuilders. But they do have some value-added facilities like tanning beds, hydro massage chairs, and total body enhancement beds along with tons of cardio and weight training equipment.

You won’t get access to all these facilities with your basic membership. You have to opt for what they call a black card membership. It is a bit more than basic membership cost but still a lot cheaper than midrange gyms.

With black card membership, you not only get access to the tanning beds and other amenities but also be eligible for massive discounts on beverages and other merchandise sold at the gym.

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Anytime Fitness

The tiny gyms you can find at every corner. Anytime Fitness might be the gym chain with the greatest number of locations that too at prime real estate. But this has led them to be confined in small spaces.

Due to a high number of branches, your search for a ‘gym with tanning near me’ is most likely to return with Anytime Fitness in the results.

Being encased in tiny spaces hasn’t stopped Anytime Fitness from offering a wide variety of gym equipment, a range of classes, and different value-added services including tanning beds.

They might not have saunas or steam rooms, but some of their locations do have tanning beds and hydro massage chairs. Check out the location you are going to join for a number of tanning pads available there, as they might have just one or two at some locations.

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Snap Fitness

With well-qualified personal trainers and nutritionists on staff, Snap Fitness offers near high-end gym benefits at a mid-range price point. It can be that gym near you with tanning beds you were wishing for.

The gym is always open. So, you don’t have to worry about the schedule and can visit it during the odd hours to beat the rush.

Being 24 hours open, you won’t find the place too crowded even at peak hours. So, you can get on the tanning bed without needing to wait for your turn.

The cost for access to tanning beds at snap fitness is not included in your monthly membership fees. They offer a monthly add-on package for unlimited tanning sessions at some additional monthly cost.

Crunch Fitness

Just the availability and quality tanning facilities shouldn’t drive your decision about choosing a gym club, but if that did, Crunch fitness should be the first choice.

They offer state of the art tanning equipment plus the sunless spray tanning service to their members.

Among the many membership options at Crunch fitness, only the ‘Peak results’ membership gives you access to a tanning facility.

The basic ten-dollar membership provides you access to only the gym equipment of a single club. While the peak results membership gives you access to all the clubs and premium facilities including tanning, hydromassage, and classes.

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Among the big gym chains, YMCA is the most inconsistent from location to location when it comes to facilities, amenities, and even the cost. The same is true in the case of tanning beds.

Some YMCA locations have everything like a swimming pool, basketball courts, hot tubs, and even tanning beds. And some others are just a shed with some basic equipment.

Even among the locations that do have tanning beds, some do charge for the services, while others provide it without any additional fee over the annual membership fees.

YMCA might be inconsistent but it is one of the most affordable options in many areas. So, if you have a YMCA gym near you, pay a visit to check out what they have to offer before visiting any other gym.

Gyms That Don’t Have Tanning Beds

Some gyms advertise that they offer services like tanning beds, while some pride themselves on not having these things.

Different gym-goers have opposing views about a gym with tanning beds and this led a few brands to make them a part of their offering. Some other brands chose to focus on the users who don’t want to work out at a gym with tanning beds.

Here is the list of big gym chains that do not have a tanning bed facility at any of their locations. So, if you are in search of a gym with tanning beds you can spare some time by ignoring these while searching for one to join.

  • Lifetime Fitness
  • Equinox
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • LA Fitness

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Final Words

In terms of health and fitness goals, skin tan shouldn’t be given a priority. While it is good to have a tanning facility easily available it is not necessary to be at your gym.

The six top gym chains do have tanning facilities at most of their locations. But their location near you might not have it.

As it turns out most of the big chain gyms offer multi-location memberships. So, it is better you choose the gym on other important parameters and use the tanning bed at any other location of that gym.