9 Best Gyms With Showers Near You

There are two possible arguments here. One, why would anyone be searching ‘gyms with showers near me’? You can go home and take a shower.

Second, every gym has a shower, what’s the big deal?

Surprisingly both the arguments sound valid. As most of the gyms have showers installed, it is normal that some think they are everywhere. And some people don’t want to carry many things with them to the gym hence don’t bother about having a shower stall at the gym.

Whichever side you are on, believe us, having a good shower stall at the gym comes in handy more than a few times. It makes it easy to fit in a gym workout in your busy schedule.

For this piece, we are not discussing local gyms with a basic shower set up just for the namesake. We are describing the best gyms with shower near you, that offer top-class equipment, classes, trainers, facilities, and do have clean and well-equipped shower stalls.

Which Gyms Have Showers At Most Locations?

Gyms with showers

Almost all the big chain gyms have shower stalls and lockers rooms. Some of them are very basic like the gas station facilities, while some others go out of the way and offer a star hotel type of showering experience.

The information below will give you a general idea about the number of showerheads, type of stall, cleanliness, and other factors about the showering facilities provided by the gyms in your area. To make out the exact quantity and quality of these things, you should better visit the location, but you keep reading, you would understand which gym is worth a visit.


With the high-end shampoo and soap for the shower and cold eucalyptus towels to dry off after, the showers at Equinox will surely lift your mood. Know for its exorbitant cost and luxurious facilities that make up for it, Equinox doesn’t disappoint in terms of the showers either.

The private shower stalls at Equinox are a treat in themselves. The size of the stall, smell, cleanliness and free supplies like soap and shampoo are unmatched.

After a hard workout session, few minutes in this shower ending with drying yourself with the cold, fresh, and rejuvenating eucalyptus towels can make you wonder why weren’t you doing this for all your life.

This is a high-end gym, its membership is costly, but what you get in return not just in terms of the showers but overall gym experience is worth it.

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Gold’s Gym

Being a mid-range gym, one would expect decent quality showers at this gym. But the Gold’s gym with showers near you isn’t as good as you imagine.

There are no serious issues like hygiene hazards or water going off while you are all soaped up, but the showers aren’t so good that you can use them every day.

The major point of concern is not enough privacy. The shower curtains are too short at some locations that you won’t be comfortable taking a long bare it all shower.

If you are looking for just a quick clean-up after the workout to go straight to work from the gym, then Gold’s gym showers are all right.

This is the general shower stall scenario at Gold’s. But still considering all the other things that Gold’s Gym offers, it is worth a visit, the location you visit might surprise you with better shower options.

Life Time Fitness

One of the very few gyms that offer shower facilities like high-end gyms with a mid-range membership cost. The big-size Life Time Fitness gyms have showers, locker rooms, and pools along with the large gym area.

The showers are clean and compulsory to be used before going into the pool. You can also use them to clean up after a gym workout.

Some locations of Life Time have basic but neat and clean shower facilities while a few other locations offer branded shampoo, conditioner, soap, and disposable towels.

24 Hour Fitness

The easiest way to access 24 hour gyms with showers, is to find and join 24 Hour Fitness near you. The gym known for its round-the-clock access and abundance of equipment doesn’t disappoint in the shower section too.

There are plenty of shower stalls at 24 Hour Fitness that you would never have to wait for to get in. You get sufficient privacy in these showers. And like the gym, you can get access to these showers 24 hours.

Not only the members, but the guests coming with them can also use the showers at 24 Hour Fitness.

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Planet Fitness

At Planet Fitness, you need to bring your own supplies for getting cleaned in the showers. You need to take care of soap, shampoo, towels, and any other special needs to be fulfilled.

You don’t need to worry about carrying the supplies and the change of clothes in the gym area, as there are enough lockers at every Planet Fitness location.

The shower stalls are spacious and the gym staff cleans them frequently. So, the chances of you getting a dirty shower stall are slim. Along with a good space to move, these stalls offer sufficient privacy with full-length shower curtains.

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Anytime Fitness

The issue with Anytime Fitness is, they don’t have a locker room at every location. So, if your plan is to work out and get freshen up at the gym later, you might have to carry the toiletries and change clothes all the way through your exercise session.

It is better to check the location for locker room availability at the location you are planning to join.

The showers and washrooms are there at every Anytime Fitness gym. You don’t need to bother about their availability. Showers and restrooms are tidy enough. You can access all these facilities with the gym 24 hours a day.

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Crunch Fitness

The single gym chain that can either be very affordable and fairly affordable is Crunch Fitness. They have basic gym locations and then they have Crunch Fitness Signature clubs.

The signature clubs differ from the basic clubs in both the pricing and the facilities. The shower facilities at Crunch fitness regular locations are pretty basic. You need to carry your soap, and towels and the whole deal.

At signature clubs, you pay higher membership fees but you get better services too. The showers here are bigger, more private, and you get the fluffy towels from the gym. there are also a few hairdryers available.

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Snap Fitness

With more than ninety percent of their users living within two miles of their gym location, Snap fitness is not too big on providing facilities like locker room, and showers. They are already small in size and focus on utilizing the space for better gym equipment availability.

Some of their locations do not have showers at all and have a very small locker room facility. A few Snap Fitness locations have open showers without stalls that can be used just to wash off the sweat.

About twenty percent of Snap Fitness gyms located at prime locations in big cities do have full showers stalls and changing rooms. These showers are part of the small changing room with an attached toilet and sink. 


It is a game of chance with all YMCA locations. Few locations are well equipped with high-quality facilities while others are just basic setup.

The basic shower and restrooms are available at all YMCA gyms. Even if some YMCA location isn’t too big, and has limited gym equipment, still it would have a few shower stalls. You will need to carry your own toiletries and towels though.

Most of the locations of the YMCA do have locker rooms and changing rooms for the ease of using the shower facility.

Gyms That Don’t Have Showers

How can a gym not have a pretty basic amenity like showers? Well, it’s up to them what they want to offer, and it’s up to us whether to join that gym or not.

Most of the big gym chains do have shower and locker rooms at all their locations. The quality and quantity of the facility may differ, but it is at least usable.

The local standalone gyms are also offering much more than just some gym equipment and trainers. Most of them offer various additional facilities, almost every gym includes showers in them. But these standalone gyms don’t have any standard structure, so it is better to check it physically or opt for a trial period membership before committing.

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Final Words

Showers, most of the gyms have them. You might not need to use them that frequently. But still, for the days you might need them, it is better to join the gym which does have at least basic shower facilities.

Luxurious gyms like Equinox have much better showers than their counterparts. While some affordable gym chains like Planet Fitness offer simple but usable shower stalls. So, depending on whether you want a luxurious experience or just need to clean up after a workout you can decide on which one to join.