7 Best Gyms with Racquetball Courts Near You

If you like to play racquetball it is more likely that you would want to plan all your fitness activities around it. It is a fun game, takes up significant energy, and once you start getting better at it, you are going to love it more than any other activity.

If you haven’t yet played any racquet game, racquetball is a good sport to start. With a bigger and bouncier ball and wider racquet head with a short handle, the ball is easier to manipulate than actual squash, and the game is more forgiving than tennis or badminton.

If you are a racquetball player or wish to start playing it would make sense to look for a fitness center with a racquetball court near you. That way, you increase your chances of finding a game and place to play when you want to play.

A gym that has racquetball courts doesn’t only give you easy access to the racquetball court but also keeps you motivated to workout out more frequently to reach your fitness goals and improve your game.

You are here reading this article, which means you know all the advantages of a gym that has racquetball courts. So, if you are looking for racquetball gym memberships for having access to a place to have a gym workout as well as a game of racquetball with friends, let’s help you in this matter.

Which Gyms Have Racquetball Courts At Most Locations?

Gyms with Racquetball Courts

It is possible that searching ‘gyms with racquetball courts near me’ over the internet, give one or more of the gyms mentioned below. These gym chains provide you access to good-quality racquetball courts.

At most of the gyms, you need to carry your own equipment and racquetball shoes. At others, you may rent them at the court.

The quality, number of courts, and other allied services available at these gyms might vary. You should ask them in detail about all this and if there is any additional cost for booking the court before joining the gym.

Life Time Fitness

Whether you want to get some private lessons and take your game to next level or just want to play a leisurely game of racquetball with friends, you can do it at Life Time Fitness.

The racquetball courts at Life Time have social play nights and league plays to facilitate you compete or play with other players. They also offer group classes if you wish to learn the game.

The big size Life Time gyms usually have multiple courts at a location. It improves your chance to get a court booking even during rush hours. All the courts are well-maintained and frequently cleaned to provide you a better experience.

When it comes to the gym with racquetball courts, Life Time is the best deal you can get considering the facilities and costs too.

24 Hour Fitness

If you work at odd hours or for any other reason looking for 24 hour gyms with racquetball court, then 24 Hour Fitness is the answer.

Unlike other round-the-clock gyms, 24 Hour Fitness does not just offer you access to gym equipment throughout the day but also provides value-added facilities like racquetball courts.

Not all locations of 24 hour fitness have courts, but you can easily find the ones that have racquetball courts on their website.

Your multi-location membership to 24 Hour Fitness provides you access to all the courts in the city. So, even if the gym location near you doesn’t have the courts, you can do your regular gym workout here, and use the courts at other locations.

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Gold’s Gym

Famous as a gym for powerlifters and pro bodybuilders, the Gold’s Gym is always looked upon for its heavy-duty resistance training equipment and weight training equipment. But they are not just a gym with high-class gym machines, they also offer various other amenities.

Racquetball court is one such amenity that is not expected from Gold’s Gym, but they do have it in many locations.

The courts at Gold’s gym are fairly basic, but they are well-kept. Gold’s Gym does not offer any kind of group coaching or personal training for racquetball. You can use the courts for casual play among friends by booking them in advance.

Crunch Fitness

Among the budget gyms, Crunch Fitness might be the only one that offers extra facilities like access to pools, basketball courts, or racquetball courts.

Only a handful among the over hundred locations of Crunch Fitness has racquetball courts. If the location near you does have it, then you’ll be getting access to a gym with a racquetball court near you at the most affordable membership cost.

You won’t find all the facilities they offer at any one location. One location has a swimming pool and some others would have a racquetball court.

The courts and other amenities at Crunch might be basic but are well-maintained and performs the function they are supposed to, very well.

LA Fitness

One of the big size gym chains in mid-range, LA Fitness offers a great range of gym equipment and allied amenities. Almost all facilities of LA fitness are big in size and packed with rows of cardio and resistance training equipment.

With big-size facilities, LA fitness can and does offer amenities like a separate stretching room, open green turf, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and racquetball courts.

Not all the LA Fitness clubs have courts, but a multi-location membership gives you access to different facilities at various locations. If you can go only to the club nearest to your location, you should check before joining if they have a racquetball court there or not.

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Equinox is known for its high-end membership price and luxurious facilities that can justify the price you pay. If you visit any location of Equinox, you will be mesmerized by the ambiance.

The sports facilities like racquetball courts, basketball courts, or boxing studios are divided among the locations. So, if you wish to enjoy everything that Equinox has to offer, you better go for their multi-club membership.

They generally have a central sports club facility in every major city. These clubs mostly have amenities like squash, volleyball, basketball courts, or swimming pools, etc.

Equinox mostly just has squash courts, but you can use it for a friendly game of racquetball too.


When it comes to the gym equipment and facilities, YMCA gyms vary a lot from center to center. You won’t know what to expect from a YMCA location till you visit there.

A few YMCA locations are just basic gyms. A few others are gyms with pools. But some locations of the YMCA have really beautiful racquetball courts.

You can find these locations on their website. If you are a member, you can book a slot online for playing at these racquetball courts. They also organize a few tournaments every year, so that you can test your game skills against many players.

Gyms That Don’t Have Racquetball Courts 

Racquetball court needs significant space, it also needs expensive equipment to play the sport, that may be the reason you won’t find these courts at budget gyms.

There is very little chance that you would find a racquetball court at any local gym. Among the big box gym chains, the following gyms don’t have racquetball courts at almost any of their locations.

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Snap Fitness
  • Blink
  • Planet Fitness
  • YouFit

If you only have one of these gyms in your vicinity you might have to settle for joining that gym and look for a racquetball pickup game at some other sports club. But before doing that, you should physically visit the gym, it may pleasantly surprise you by being an outlier to the common theme.

Final Words

You are looking for gyms with racquetball courts implies that you already know the game or have played it for a long time. If that’s not the case then instead of directly finding a pickup game go for a gym that offers group classes for racquetball like Life Time fitness.

Few of these gyms mentioned in the article also offer individual training. You can try them if you wish to improve your game or thinking of going pro someday.

If you already know how to play and just looking for a place to play some leisurely, then you can go to any of the seven gyms mentioned in this piece.

If you have any of the seven gyms in your vicinity, then visit the place to make sure it does have racquetball courts and also fulfills your other expectations from a gym before joining it.