7 Best Gyms with Pools, Saunas & Hot Tubs Near You

Swimming is the only workout that can truly be called zero-impact exercise. Be it a recovery session from your high-intensity lifting day or a weekly cardio session, swimming can be the best calorie-burning option as it goes easy on your joints.

Having a membership of gym with a pool allows you to stay active in conditions when you are not fit to perform any other exercise. As you can still swim even while recovering from an injury or rehabilitating after some major surgery.

Spending some time in pools, hot tubs, and saunas can accelerate your recovery after the hard workout sessions. And you know how it can help in optimizing the workout frequency and thus the results.

If your gym doesn’t have a pool or sauna, it’s time for summoning the search engines with ‘gyms with pools near me’. But the command ‘gym with a pool near me’ won’t always work like that.

Most of the high-end and even mid-range gyms chains have pools in almost all their locations. If you are wondering if any of these gyms with pools near your location, then keep reading.

What are the best gyms with a pool, sauna, or hot tub near me? Read on, we have described everything you need to know about the pool, sauna, hot tub facilities at the major gym chains.

Which Gyms Have Pools, Hot Tubs, And Saunas At Most Locations?

Gyms with pools near me

No matter which part of the country you live in, if you are going to join a gym, chances are, you would be joining one of the big seven gym chains. There are damn too many of these all over the nation.

So, let us get to know which of these gym chains have pools at most locations.

Even if a certain chain has pools and saunas at most locations, it doesn’t guarantee there would be all the aquatic facilities at their location near you. The safest way to check if the gyms near you with pool or not is to visit and have a tour of the facility before joining.

Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness Pool

If the swimming pool facilities are your top selection criteria for a gym, then you can’t get anything better than Life Time Fitness. At least not in the mid-range membership price.

While most of the mid-range gyms either just have the sauna, hot tubs, and no swimming pools or just a small lap pool, most of the Life Time Fitness locations have big outdoor pools with water slides. Some locations have both indoor and outdoor pools.

The outdoor pools have different sections like a lap pool, pool slides, and a water sports area. You may find a separate kids pool at some location.

The outdoor pools are well equipped to give you a holiday resort vibe with poolside tables, umbrellas, and slides, and waterfalls. If you have a Life Time Fitness gym with a pool near you, then you can have a relaxing poolside family holiday at any time.

The only issue with pools at Life Time is that it might feel too crowded. Many people bring their kids to the pools too. If you expect some calm laps in the pools this is not the place.

About the hot tubs and steam rooms, yes, Life Fitness does have them. These are not so fancy, nothing much can be said about these, but serve the purpose they are supposed to.

The large outdoor pools at Life Time are way better than the similarly priced gyms. So, if you want better than just an indoor lap pool, Life Time Fitness can be a safe bet.



If you ask about YMCA to people who use the gym facilities, you might hear totally different experiences from different people. That’s due to the inconsistency in design, structure, management, and available facilities at different YMCA locations.

At some locations, you may not find a pool. At some other, there might be an indoor lap pool. But most of the locations have large outdoor pools suitable for swimming in laps and other aquatic activities.

A few locations of YMCA have outdoor pools with slides, and you might find it surprising but they do indoor water slides too at some locations.

If you are about to join any of the YMCA gyms near you with a pool, make sure to check the type and size of the pool in that facility.

Similar to the pools, the quality of saunas and hot tubs also varies a lot from center to center. In some YMCA locations, you will find a clean, well-equipped sauna and hot tub section while some other have a very basic setup.

You can’t get a membership of a gym with a hot tub near your location any cheaper than YMCA. So, if the ‘Y’ near you has a good pool, go join it.

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Equinox pool

If you ask someone living in the big city, ‘which would be the best gym pool near me?’, Equinox would be the answer.

You won’t find these gyms in small cities and towns, but if you are lucky enough to have an Equinox location accessible then believe us, it would be the best gym pool, spa, and hot tub setup you have ever seen.

They mostly have large indoor lap pools but some locations do have outdoor pools too. These pools are not reeking of the chlorine smell. You will always find the pools at Equinox very clean, filled with salt water, and pleasant smell around the pool.

The spas at Equinox gyms are not just an extra facility like many other gyms. It is a luxurious experience comparable to professional standalone spas.

The steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs at the Equinox are also an example of luxury. Every club has enough number of these so you would never have to wait for it.

You might have already guessed it, Equinox costs much more than your regular mid-range gyms. But they are worth the money you pay.

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LA Fitness

They are everywhere. You can easily find an LA Fitness gym with a pool near your location. These gyms are usually big in size having a lot of gym equipment and a pool.

These budget-friendly gyms offer much more than just gym equipment. But the issue is, they are very inconsistent with the available facilities.

Most of the LA fitness locations have it all. They have a pool, sauna, and hot tubs in their facility. But you may find one or more of these unavailable at some locations.

To make sure you don’t end up joining a location that doesn’t have either pool, sauna, or hot tub you need to take a tour of the facility near you.

The pools at LA Fitness are small and indoor. But these are enough for aquatic classes and doing some laps. The sauna and hot tubs too are pretty basic but do the job.

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24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness Pool

You will find the 24 Hour Fitness locations a bit smaller than the other mid-range gyms. Being fit in a small area, the pools at 24 Hour Fitness are small indoor lap pools.

Even the small lap pool isn’t available at all the locations. So, if not having a pool at the gym location near you is a deal-breaker for you first check whether it is there.

Sauna or spa may be available at very few locations but you might find the hot tub in most of them.

The aquatic facilities may not be impressive at 24 Hour Fitness but these are always clean and functional. At the price point, they offer these facilities along with the gym, you would like them.

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Crunch Fitness

Finding a Crunch Fitness gym with a pool near you can be a difficult task. There might be many locations of this gym chain but very few of them have a pool.

Even the other aquatic facilities, sauna, spa, etc. aren’t available at regular Crunch Fitness locations.

There are some high-end locations of Crunch fitness called Signature clubs. Their membership fees are higher than the regular clubs, but you may find a lap pool and sauna here.

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Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym Pool

A decent hot tub, some basic spa features, and an indoor pool with some lap lanes are all you can expect at Gold’s Gym.

If you want an outdoor pool, you may need to go for Gold’s select club. These outdoor pools to aren’t too big and you find anything fancy like the slides there.

Even if you are okay with small pools and basic aquatic facilities you should check the Gold’s gym near you physically to confirm. A few of their gyms don’t have even the basic pool or sauna.

Gyms That Don’t Have Pools

About your local gyms whether they have a pool, sauna, and spa or not, can only be checked by visiting the place. And you have learned about the major gym chains that do have these facilities at all or most of their locations.

There are a few big chain gyms where you can be sure about the unavailability of the pool and other aquatic facilities. If having a gym with a pool is what you need you can ignore these gyms.

Following are some big gyms that won’t provide you access to either a pool, sauna, spa, or all of them.

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Planet Fitness
  • YouFit

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Final Words

Having a pool and spa facility at the gym solves many issues at a time. It saves money on swimming club membership, it allows you to dip in the pool right after a workout, saves travel time if you wish to do a gym workout, and swim some laps on the same day.

If you are searching for a gym with a pool near, you can choose among the seven options mentioned in this article.

All these gyms with pools differ on the basis of membership cost, pool type, pool size, ambiance, etc. You can choose the one that suits both your budget and requirements. And no matter which one you like, do visit the facility before committing to the long-term membership.