10 Best Gyms with Personal Trainers Near You

Whether you joined a gym to shed some weight or increase muscle mass you can do it faster with a personal trainer than in absence of one. Even if you are an advanced-level lifter and know everything about techniques and forms of gym exercises, it is beneficial to have a personal trainer.

Those who are just starting out their fitness journey should also go to gyms that have personal trainers. Working out with the trainers from the initial phase enables you to avoid injuries due to wrong lifting motion or even due to falling free weights.

Intermediate-level lifters can get help from personal trainers to get out of a plateau and progress faster. If not anything else, intermediate to advance level gym-goers can have a trusted spotter and a motivating partner to work out with as a personal trainer. 

At any level, having a membership in one of the gyms that offer personal trainers at their locations helps to get better in a safe and faster manner.

Not every gym and trainer combination is fit for your workout needs and fitness goals. You need to find the right set of training conditions along with a personal trainer that understands your needs and has previous experience in helping out with the issues you are facing.

Before going to search for ‘gyms near me with personal trainers’ or a ‘gym with a personal trainer near me‘ let us get to know what to look for in the gyms for personal training. 

10 Best Gyms with Personal Trainers

Gyms with Personal Trainers

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Almost all the gyms do offer personal training. The expertise level of the trainers, availability at different hours, and their fees do vary widely among different gyms. Even different locations of the same gym chain may have varied charges and offerings in personal training.

Here we brought you the details of the top ten big box gyms that offer personal trainers. The things we have described here are what you can expect from almost all branches of respective gym chains in terms of personal training. Match your needs with what they offer, and you could get a perfect gym with a trainer combination.

Gold’s Gym

Along with top quality training equipment, group classes, and a great ambiance Gold’s gym also provides access to the best fitness coaches at their gyms.

The personal trainers at Gold’s are experts in their field. Many of them have done super specialization in the fields of physiology, fitness assessment, and human anatomy to help you better in different ways.

All the gym personal trainers at Gold’s are certified, knowledgable, and motivating in approach. With an expert coach dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals, you can be sure of getting better faster.

Personal training sessions at Gold’s gym are not as affordable as the monthly membership fees of the mid-range gym. These would cost you somewhere between sixty to a hundred bucks for a fifty-minute session.

The fees for personal training vary with the location and expertise of the trainer. 

If you are a Gold’s gym member, you get access to personal trainers at their physical locations and you can even get a digital personal trainer with their AMP application.


Everything at Equinox is expensive compared to any mid or even high-end gyms, the cost of personal training sessions isn’t any different. The prices of the sessions cost more than a hundred bucks or more for a single session. 

Don’t let the cost of the personal training sessions come in the way of your progress. If you can afford Equinox membership, a few personal training sessions a month won’t probably be a big issue for you.

You can plan the sessions strategically to get the most out of them. The best time to opt for a personal trainer is always the initial stage, and the second-best time is whenever you hit the plateau.

The SOP at Equinox is to perform an hour-long fitness assessment at the start of your training. This helps your trainer and you in understanding where exactly you stand. The trainer also enquires about your short and long-term fitness goals, so he can develop custom workout plans that would be suitable to your fitness level and effective in producing the intended results.

Being a luxury fitness club, Equinox has the best in class gym personal trainers at their clubs. If price isn’t a constraint, you should opt for Equinox.

Life Time Fitness

When it comes to goal-oriented personal training, Life Time Fitness beats the competition by a mile. Their comprehensive approach and range of options in terms of personalities and the expertise of the personal trainers at their gyms set Life Time class apart.

The first personal training session at Life Time is complementary to every member. In this session, they try to know about your fitness goals, training style preference, current fitness level, also your metabolic rate, and current diet.

Based on the information collected, they will develop a custom workout and nutrition plan for you. The plan will have daily, weekly, and monthly goals to track your progress closely and make required changes in training or diet to reach the goals efficiently.

The cost of availing of a personal trainer at Life Time ranges from mid to high. The availability of trainers with various specialties and personalities here enables you to find the perfect partner for your overall growth.

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Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness
Image: Madvideos/bigstockphoto.com

This is one of those gyms that offer an affordable option for personal training. Here to your personal training regimen starts with you sharing your goals, expectations, and current fitness level with your trainer.

Even if you opt for personal training continuously, not all of your sessions would be individual workouts. Your trainer will develop a plan that would consist of both individual and group workout sessions.

The training plan under personal trainer at Anytime Fitness usually starts at very low intensity and progresses towards moderate to intense as you get stronger and as your trainer understands you better.

At the cost of thirty to forty bucks an hour, the personal training option at Anytime Fitness can be utilized by anyone from a beginner to a pro lifter.

Crunch Fitness

If your fitness goal is strength improvement, weight loss, weight management, or sports conditioning then Crunch Fitness is a great place to work with personal trainers for achieving these goals. 

Crunch Fitness provides a fun environment for exercising. Their workout programs are interesting, these involve using unconventional equipment like battle ropes, suspension straps, martial arts accessories, etc.

This gym is popular for its HIIT programs. You can expect a lot of circuit and interval training sessions in your personal training regimen. This works wonders for strength training, weight management, and improvement in agility.

The personal training sessions at Crunch cost more than a hundred bucks a session, but if you ask someone who has gone through one, they will tell you that these are worth it.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness
Image: Wolterk/bigstockphoto.com

At LA Fitness they offer a complimentary fitness assessment class to every member. Even if you are not going to opt for personal training, it is worth taking the assessment to understand where you stand.

Your fitness assessment result allows the gym to understand how to plan your training, progressions, and what type of trainer is suitable for you. 

At sixty bucks a session, having a personal trainer at LA Fitness may sound a little costlier considering the members expect the gym to be more affordable than mid-range gyms.

The Studio zone app from LA Fitness is helpful in tracking your progress and makes it easy for your trainer to adjust workout plans accordingly.

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Snap Fitness

At just around $40 per session having a personal trainer at Snap is more affordable than many gyms around. 

The personal trainers at Snap are in charge of planning and monitoring your workout sessions, pre-workout preparations, post-workout recovery, and nutrition plan. 

The dedicated trainer allotted to you will help you set realistic goals, they will monitor your progress and provide you feedback to improve upon your growth rate. They will also help you stay motivated to work towards your fitness goals.

24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness
Image: Wolterk/bigstockphoto.com

With Spartan certified coaches to help you get on a healthy nutrition plan and an effective workout regimen, you can rest assured of better results from a personal training program at 24 Hour Fitness.

You pay around eighty bucks per session for a personal trainer from the fourth session onwards. The first three personal training sessions at 24 Hour Fitness are free. 

Also, if you are not satisfied with your progress in the first 30 days of training, you can get your money back. That leaves no reason for you not to try a personal training program at 24 Hour Fitness.

Blink Fitness

Considering the demand, Blink Fitness started offering two ways for personal training. You can choose to avail an in-gym or virtual personal trainer. You can avail a virtual personal trainer from Bink Fitness from the comfort of your home at just $25 per session.

Even the in-gym personal training sessions at Blink with their specialized certified trainers start as low as thirty bucks a session.

Blink Fitness personal training is an affordable way to stay motivated, be consistent, and have access to personalized workout plans that move with you.

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There might not be any formal structure for personal trainer access at the YMCA gym near you, but there are a few personal trainers.

Trainers at YMCA offer one-on-one sessions of half an hour to one-hour duration. These can be focussed on cardio, core workout, or weight training.

The trainers available at the YMCA gym near you can be much different in the area of expertise and training approach than the ones at another YMCA location. You should check out the YMCA near you if you can find a trainer suitable to your needs.

Final Words

Most of the gyms do have personal trainers, so for sure finding a few gyms with personal training would not be difficult. But the real challenge is to find a gym that has personal trainers who you can vibe with.

The results of your training sessions depend on your efforts, your trainer’s expertise, and more importantly, your personal trainer’s approach. So, don’t just go to any gym with a trainer, choose the one that completely suits your needs.