7 Best Gyms with Childcare Near You

Having to take care of the kids can completely derail you from your fitness goals. It is almost impossible to find time to hit the gym.

Even if you do, you would need to find someone to take care of your children while you work out, and that can be an expensive affair. Also, there is a chance that you won’t be able to focus on the workout if you left your kids at home with a nanny, especially when they are too young.

In such a situation, gyms that offer child care come to the rescue. These offer peace of mind of being reachable to your child all the time and still getting to focus on your workout as there is someone to take care of the kids.

It is not too common for gyms to have a daycare facility so there is a fat chance that your search for ‘gyms with childcare near me’ would return with one or more of the seven gyms listed in this article.

So, let us get to know more about these gyms with kid care.

Which Gyms Have Childcare At Most Locations?

Gyms with Childcare

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Rather than randomly searching for gyms with childcare near you, it would be more efficient to look for the branches of gyms that have child care facilities at most of the locations.

These big-box gyms have much more to offer than a bunch of gym machines and space to work out. A childcare facility is one among many such features that they offer.

There is a difference in facilities offered and fees charged for a gym membership with childcare by different gym chains. The facilities and fees also vary depending on the location. Keep on reading to know more about it.


Known for its, exclusive vibe and high-end offerings Equinox is a bit pricier gym club. Gym membership with childcare at Equinox would cost you much more than many other mid-range gyms. But what you get in return outweighs what you pay.

Like everything else at Equinox, the childcare facility here also gives out a sense of entitlement. It has many things to offer other than just looking after your kids while your work out.

Equinox is one of the few luxury gyms that offer child care at select locations. The options to avail of the kid care facility at Equinox include paying per session or buying a few sessions in bulk in advance.

Your kids will have a great time at the kids club at Equinox enjoying the story reading, crafts, painting, and movement activities. Things like playhouses, parachute games, and many other activities are offered to keep your kids engaged and entertained.

You can enjoy your intense workout session or get pampered with a luxury spa session without feeling guilty about leaving your kids at home, the chances are they are enjoying their stay at the Equinox Kid’s club more than you at the gym.

If you book a single childcare session at Equinox, it would cost you around 10 bucks, which is still far lesser than what you would pay a babysitter. You can save on that too by buying blocks of sessions at a discounted price.

Life Time Fitness

If you are lucky enough to have a Life Time Fitness gym location with childcare near you, you have not only solved the issue of taking care of your children while you work out but also found a great place for your child to enjoy day camps in their summer breaks.

Famous for their large-sized gyms and state-of-the-art fitness equipment Life Time Fitness doesn’t fall short of your expectations for the kid care facility at such a place. The facilities in the child care area are well-kept and strategically designed to accommodate kids as young as three months.

The childcare facility at Life Time is much more than a place with babysitters to look after your children while you work out. There are instructors and instruments to engage your kids in sensory play, motor skills, or fitness activities.

A few Life Time locations also offer day camps for kids which are not limited to fitness activities, they also have some fun-filled sessions that focus on science, technology, and arts.

Almost all Life Time fitness locations are family friendly, the ones with kid care facilities offer free childcare for the first two hours for registered members. The additional fees for the periods exceeding two hours vary from location to location.

With Life Time Kids Academy you can rest assured that your child is in good hands and he/she is also getting some value out of the time spent there.

Crunch Fitness

Those who are familiar with Crunch Fitness know that their gym locations are of two types. One is your regular gym and the other is Crunch Fitness Signature location.

The childcare facility is only available at signature locations of Crunch fitness. And you would need a signature membership to access these clubs which costs more than your regular membership.

Crunch Fitness signature membership is still cheaper than many mid-range gyms. And there are no additional charges for babysitting your children at the club while you work out.

Crunch Fitness is one of the few clubs that won’t frown upon you if you leave kids older than 10 at the childcare facility. They accept kids up to 13 years of age without any argument.

That doesn’t mean that the Crunch fitness locations are not for the young babies, in fact, they have separate rooms for babies.

The kid’s crunch facilities have books, painting stationery, toys, and television sets to keep the kids entertained. The staff at the kid care facility are trained for the job and certified in first aid.

The childcare facility at Crunch is not available round the clock, there are fixed hours for service availability and that varies on weekdays and weekends. Check with the club near you for exact working timings for Kid’s crunch.

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Gold’s Gym

Knowing that your kids are in a safe and secured environment while your work out gives you peace of mind and the ability to focus on exercising to achieve your fitness goals. The kid’s club at Gold’s gym gives you just that.

The secured entrance door and the staff well-trained to handle emergency situations at Gold’s gym childcare provide your child a safe place to spend time while you exercise.

Gold’s gym has really gone a step ahead of competitors in terms of providing childcare. They have even appointed teachers to help the kids with their study work. So, your child won’t be wasting time while you work out but he/she would be utilizing it to finish their homework.

The kid’s club at Gold’s also offers other activities ranging from arts and crafts to sports to keep your kids engaged.

Almost all Gold’s gym locations where they offer childcare charge you extra over your membership for using the facility. The fees vary by location.

24 Hour Fitness

At 24 Hour Fitness, you can choose to add a childcare facility to your monthly membership or pay on a per visit basis without paying any premium for choosing either option. This makes it easier for those who are not sure if they will be needing the kid care service all month long.

At present, most of the 24 Hour Fitness locations do have a kids club. That means, there is a big chance that the 24 Hour Fitness gym near you offers childcare.

The kid care facility at this club can accommodate children as young as six months and up to 11 years old kids. There are several games and activities offered at 24 Hour Fitness kid’s club, suitable to age groups of the kids to keep them engaged.

All the staff members at the childcare facility of 24 Hour Fitness go through a background check. All the attendants are well-trained to take care of your child and certified to perform this job.

To get the feel of the facilities and confirm the suitability of the childcare section of the gym for your child, you can opt for a three-day free trial. You can understand if your kid is comfortable spending time at the gym’s childcare for the duration of your workout before committing to a monthly package.

LA Fitness

There is no option of paying per visit for the childcare facility at LA Fitness, you have to opt for a monthly membership add-on if you wish to utilize this gym with a kid care facility. But the monthly add—on fees is so affordable that it is comparable to what you would pay for a single visit at any mid-range gym.

With just 10-15 bucks additional fees per month you can add a childcare facility with your monthly membership at LA Fitness. At such a low cost you can drop off your kids at the LA fitness kid care for the duration of your workout.

The child care attendants at this club can take care of your children for their period of stay there. They accept kids up to 11 years of age.

With affordable basic membership and similar add-on fees for childcare, LA Fitness is one of the most affordable commercial gyms to work out for parents who don’t have anyone at home to watch their kids while they exercise at the gym.


As we all know YMCA is a community gym built to help out citizens to get better in all aspects of life. It is famous for being the most affordable community center for various activities including gymming.

With its history of helping families to take care of their children at every age through childcare facilities at a young age and with community sports culture at later stages of life YMCA can be trusted to look out for your kids while you work out.

The child care facility at YMCA is free for all gym members. They can take care of infants as young as six weeks. Making it possible for moms to work on postpartum body changes earliest possible.

Most of the YMCA locations extend childcare services beyond the duration of your workout. They provide childcare for preschool, post-school durations, or school breaks. The kids have access to teachers there to help them out with their studies.

Gyms That Don’t Have Childcare

Gyms with daycare are beneficial in many aspects than the alternatives. Even with the additional fees, they are cheaper than the cost of hiring a babysitter for the same duration.

Along with being an affordable option, these childcare sessions can be an entertaining change in your children’s routine and also allow them to meet and interact with other children of different ages and backgrounds that could help them in overall growth.

But not all gyms can afford to offer kid care services. If you don’t stay in a big city there are chances that your search for ‘gyms with daycare near me‘ wouldn’t return any results.

Many budget gyms couldn’t afford the extra space, trained staff, and infrastructure requirements of the child care facility. If you are looking for gyms with childcare near you then it is better to avoid these gyms.

Here is the list of gyms that don’t have childcare facilities.

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Planet Fitness
  • Snap Fitness

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Final Words

You may find many options in search results while looking for ‘gyms with daycare near me‘, but not all of them are trustworthy or suitable to your requirements.

Though the big box chains mentioned in this article pride themselves upon consistency in service quality throughout the chain, there is in practice different experience at different locations of the same gym club.

Before finalizing gym membership with a childcare facility make sure that it suits your budget, workout needs, and offers the type of care suitable to your kid by visiting the place and opting for trial sessions.