7 Best Gyms with Basketball Courts Near You

Gym workouts might get boring, especially if you are just beginning or restarting your fitness journey. Till you develop a habit or liking for the monotonous gym workouts, you need some external motivation to go to the gym.

The group activities and classes can help a bit in this matter, but a team sport like basketball can do wonders in pushing you to go to the gym and improving your strength, stamina, and body shape.

While basketball is a great way to stay fit, you are better of joining a gym that has basketball courts. There is a reason why you should be looking for a ‘gym with a basketball court near me’, instead of just a basketball court.

Having membership in a fitness center with a basketball court allows you to play and work on your physical fitness goals. You can conveniently mix up the activities for reaching your fitness goals and improving your basketball game.

So, let us find out some of the best gyms with basketball courts in your vicinity.

Which Gyms Have Basketball Courts At Most Locations?

Gyms with Basketball Courts

There are a few local gyms that have collaborated with sports clubs for the courts, and then there are some big box gyms that have their own basketball courts. In this piece, we are going to discuss the gyms that have their own courts.

The big gym chains we included here, not only have good basketball courts but also are the best in other services and facilities they offer.

Few of these gyms offer just a bare minimum court while others are with high-end courts. There are options of booking the full court or joining a pickup game, and on some occasions, participating in a tournament.

The facilities may vary from center to center, but most of the locations of the gyms mentioned below do provide you access to a good basketball court.


Like everything else at Equinox, the basketball courts here are the best you can find at any gym. The aesthetics, lighting, and cleanliness of the court make you want to stay on the court for a long time.

The court can be booked in advance for a friendly game among the members or organizing a tournament. Equinox themselves organize a few events each year.

The courts at Equinox clubs are always in demand. A lot of members put booking requests, so you may need to put in your request for using the basketball court well in advance.

The courts in Equinox are built to meet the international basketball federations rules. These are available to be used by the newbies and can be used by the pros.

You can plan a weekend getaway here with your friends and family. There are usually restaurants in these clubs to have a treat after the game.

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24 Hour Fitness

The size of the gym and the quality of the facilities they offer varies by much extent between big cities and small towns. The same goes true for 24 Hour Fitness gyms.

If you reside in a big city, you might find a basketball court at almost every 24 Hour Fitness location. In small cities, you might need to opt for multi-location membership and travel a bit farther than the nearest location to access one of the 24 hour gyms with a basketball court.

Like the gym equipment, you get access to the basketball courts at 24 Hour Fitness locations at any time of the day. And whenever you go, will find the court clean, free of dust and sweat on the floor.

At 24 Hour Fitness sports clubs, the basketball courts are generally coupled with the facilities like a volleyball court, swimming pool, or sprinting track. So, you can make the most out of your visit and perform more than one activity if you wish.

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Life Time Fitness

If basketball is your thing, and the quality of the court and allied facilities is what’s going to drive your decision join a gym, then you should look no further than Life Time Fitness.

The courts at Life Time are hardwood floors like the pro courts. The flooring allows you to jump as high as you can to shoot a hoop without putting too much stress on the joints.

Here you don’t need to take the efforts for forming a team to play and then find some more players for playing against. Life Time has a pickup game scheduled at every location. They also hold tournaments on regular basis.

There are training camps for kids for improving their game and also have a shot at being a pro.

The court might be busy but there is some reserve time for under 17-year-old kids and also separate reserve time for 40 plus adults. So, no matter what your age is, you don’t have to push your way through the young adults to book a slot at the court for yourself.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s gyms are not too big on basketball courts. Few of their locations are too small to house one. But there are some Gold’s locations where you will find a good indoor basketball court.

You should visit the place to make sure there is a basketball court at Gold’s gym location near you as not all locations have the court.

The courts and allied facilities at Gold’s Gym are basic, but you can be sure that you will get a clean and tidy court when you book a slot.

The courts here can be booked as a whole or you can join a pickup game already scheduled either by the gym or by the members who have booked the court in advance.

LA Fitness

Among all the basketball gym memberships, LA Fitness is the most reasonable one in all aspects. They might not offer premium features like spa and restaurants alongside the court but they have good courts and comparatively low membership costs.

The LA Fitness app can be used for booking the spot at the court before reaching there. This app also tracks your progress at various basketball tournaments you participate in.

LA fitness organizes basketball leagues lasting about two months very often. Which makes you stay focused and keep improving your game.

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When you compare some random YMCA locations with other gyms, you might find YMCA lacking in some aspects against the others. But different locations of YMCA put together, it is the most versatile gym chain.

Some locations of the YMCA are blessed with better gym equipment while some others have large outdoor pools with water slides and all. Some locations have basketball courts, racquetball courts, and batting cages.

YMCA might be considered a basic gym by many, but their facilities at some locations would pleasantly surprise you. If you have a YMCA location near your stay, make sure you visit it to check whether it has a basketball court or not before going for any other gym.

Crunch Fitness

Only a few of Crunch Fitness locations have a basketball court. We know for sure that their Eagle, Idaho, and Chatsworth, CA branches do have one.

To check whether Crunch Fitness near you has a basketball court or not, you can go on their website, go to locations, and select your city/town. You will see what all they offer under membership options.

At some locations access to the basketball court is offered as an add-on to your base membership at some monthly fees. At others, it is included in Peak Plus and Peak Results membership options.

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Gyms That Don’t Have Basketball Courts 

The gyms need to spare a large space for the basketball court, that may be the reason not all gyms have basketball courts.

Local gyms that are sponsored by charities built along the lines of community centers might have a basketball court, but there is very little chance for finding one in your area.

Among the big box gyms following gym chains do not have a basketball court at any of their locations.

  • Anytime Fitness
  • YouFit
  • Blink
  • Planet Fitness
  • Snap

It makes sense to pay the additional membership fees to the gym with a basketball court if you intend to use the court frequently. Otherwise, if you want to play just once in a while, you can join any gym and join a pickup play at the nearest independent basketball court.

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Final Words

There are top-class basketball courts at Equinox and Life Time fitness. You might end up paying high membership fees, but if you love basketball and wish to play regularly it is worth every penny.

If you don’t want any high-class facilities, just need a basic court where you can shoot a hoop once in a while, you can opt for affordable options like YMCA, Crunch, or 24 Hour Fitness.

There aren’t a lot many options for gyms with basketball courts. Even the ones mentioned in this piece don’t have courts at all locations. So, if you have some of the gyms among the seven mentioned above near you, check all of them for court availability. We are sure, you will find one.