How to get rid of pre workout sickness?

If you have ever pushed yourself to your extremes in your pursuit of a shredded, sculpted body, you must be aware of the ill effects that tag along. Athletes often resort to the consumption of pre-workout supplements to enhance their endurance capacity and focus so that they do not have the urge to leave the gym midway.

However, are you aware of the ill effects? For example, many gym-goers tend to feel nauseous after they exercise beyond their capacity. They may also experience other problems like pricking and tingling sensation underneath their skin, headaches, digestive upset, and so on.

If you consume pre-workout supplements regularly, it might be the ingredients that are acting on your body and causing you trouble. Each component has a unique function to perform.

However, if the ingredients are not added in clinically approved doses, they give vent to a plethora of side effects that cause discomfort to the body, and you tend to suffer from pre workout sickness.

pre workout sickness

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This article gives you an idea about the different remedies to keep the side effects at bay!

Keep a Check on Your Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine is a major ingredient that is found in almost all pre-workout supplements. This is because Caffeine can not only increase the strength and endurance of your muscles but can uplift your mood. Not only this, but Caffeine can also delay the onset of fatigue so that you can stay hooked to the gym for longer.

However, some ergogenic dietary supplements contain notoriously high doses of Caffeine. There are a number of potential pre workout side effects associated with the consumption of Caffeine.

If consumed in large quantities, your body might experience problems like nausea, drowsiness, anxiety, palpitations, jitters, headaches, etc. It may also affect your sleep cycle.

While 240 ml of coffee contains only 95 mg of Caffeine, most pre-workout supplements contain 450-500 mg of Caffeine per serving of the powder.

Therefore, the easiest way to curb this problem is by cutting down on caffeine consumption. If you still want to get hold of a Caffeinated pre-workout supplement, opt for one that has low doses of Caffeine.

You can also start consuming smaller quantities and gradually move to fuller scoops when you get used to them. This will get you seasoned to the change and increase your tolerance level.

Caffeine is very strong and can disrupt your sleep cycle. To avert sleeplessness, always make it a point not to consume pre-workout supplements a few hours before going to bed. This will keep you from having to stare at the ceiling all night long!

Take Correct Doses of Creatine to Prevent Digestive Issues

Creatine is a highly beneficial component that ensures extreme energy and helps in attaining lean body mass. It also helps to mitigate the harmful side effects that might be associated with any pre-workout supplement.

However, it has been observed that there are certain mild reactions that might be associated with bloating and digestive issues.

If you have a sensitive stomach, make sure that your pre-workout supplement contains correct doses of Creatine, and you are not overdosing on it. Too much Creatine is likely to hinder your workout process and urge you to rush to the loo!

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Stay Away from Vasodilators

Certain ingredients that are used in pre workout supplements can dehydrate your body. When your body gets dehydrated, water gushes around your brain and forms a sheath that keeps the brain from bumping into the skull. This results in a headache.

Some ingredients that are used in pre-workout supplements like Citrulline, Arginine, Beta-Alanine, etc., increase the Nitric Oxide level, which promotes vasodilation. This causes the blood vessels of the body, including those in the head, to expand.

Therefore, you can either stay away from ingredients that promote vasodilation, or you can change the quantities of the trouble-making ingredients to check if that helps.

However, always remember that drinking adequate quantities of water can solve half the problem.

Steer Clear of Beta-Alanine, Niacin, or Vitamin B3 to Avoid Prickly Sensations

One of the most common side effects of pre-workouts consumption is that you will get a prickly, tingly sensation throughout your body. Although this is not a threatening side effect that can affect your body adversely and subsides in a few minutes, it may be pretty uncomfortable.

High doses of Niacin, Beta-Alanine, or Vitamin B3 can make your skin turn blotchy, red, itchy. Although it is extremely harmless and you need not be worried about it, opt for ergogenic drinks that do not contain these ingredients.

Trial and Error Method to Choose the Best Combination of Ingredients and Eliminate Blood Pressure

All pre workout supplements contain stimulants like Caffeine that elevate the blood pressure level. If you already have high pressure, this might pose a severe threat to your body.

Preworkouts are usually coupled with a robust High-intensity weight training plan, which again increases the blood pressure.

However, you cannot be absolutely sure about which ingredient is responsible for the high blood pressure in your body. Therefore, you may have to give in to trial and error sessions and check what works the best for you. This will save you from any discomfort and reduce the risk of any bigger threat to your body.


Although pre-workouts are sure to improve your athletic performance and give you a gush of energy, they may sometimes come at a cost. The easiest way to prevent any adverse side effect from causing havoc on your body is by consuming the ingredients in clinically approved doses. This will allow you to procure the ingredient’s benefits and not fall prey to the side effects.

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Apart from that, you can start with consuming small quantities (for instance, half a scoop) initially and move on to taking in larger scoops. This will help you determine your tolerance level.

It is also extremely important to dissolve your pre-workout supplement in sufficient water, neither too much nor too little. This will eliminate the possibility of diarrhea, upset tummy, and many more. Nevertheless, water is a great savior and helps to mitigate a lot of problems.