How to get an Hourglass Figure? A Detailed Look

One of the most prominent features that separate common women from celebrities and models is their hourglass figure.

The sexy curves that form the hourglass figure can be noticed form far away. Even if someone owning an hourglass figure is standing in a crowd, everyone will notice them first.

Why is that so? One of the reasons behind hourglass figure being so in demand is rarity. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to get an hourglass figure and maintain it.

Since ages an hourglass figure is considered perfectly beautiful and the women possessing it have always been in demand. They are in so much demand that some of them are celebrities on account of an hourglass figure only.

How to get an Hourglass Figure

Almost all Hollywood and Bollywood celebrity women look in perfect shapes in all their photos.

That can be credited to either some or all of the things they can afford like world class trainers, workout facilities, professional shape wear, expensive surgeries and medical treatments and a talented photo editor.

Some of the celebrities had also opted for costly cosmetic surgical procedures. You might not able to afford any of it, but don’t worry, you can still build an hourglass figure. It is just that you might have to work harder than them to reach there.

Exercising will help your body get fitter, toned up and strong. But in order to get an hourglass figure you have to up the fitness level.

You need to introduce goal specific exercises to your routine and combine it with good diet.

You might also need to make some lifestyle changes in order to get an hourglass figure as naturally as possible.

Here we are discussing some tips to help you achieve your dream hourglass figure curvy body shape.

Hourglass figure celebrities

Hourglass figure celebrities

Almost every successful woman in showbiz has hourglass figure. We don’t mean their success depended on it but it sure helped them reach there.

Pick up any beauty magazine, every model in that would be approximately a lookalike of hourglass from breast to hips. And it is not a new phenomenon, hourglass figure celebrities go back to Marilyn Monroe and beyond.

All the Kardashians have made fortunes showing of their hourglass shape. Beyonce, Jeniffer Lopez, Shakira have rocked many concerts shaking their well shaped curvy bodies.

They have been so influential that they have switched people’s attention from skinny to curvy again. Their dancing moves with their difficult to hide in any outfit dangerously sexy curvy body have made the world fall into love with them.

Scarlett Johnson Kate Winslet, Jeniffer Lawrence has ruled the screens with their acting and sensuous curvy hourglass body. Their hot curves make them women who are worth a thousand stares.

How to get an hourglass figure at home?

How to get an hourglass figure at home

If you are really serious about achieving something then you won’t make an excuse like unavailability of resources.

Yes, you can build an hourglass figure at home too, if you are ready to put in the required efforts and time consistently.

You don’t need fancy gym equipment if you have strong desire and are ready to put in extra hours working out. There are many exercises you can do without equipment and trainer, at home, that will help you get in shape.

An hourglass figure isn’t just a shaping a limb or burning some fats. It consist chiselled broad shoulders, big bust, smaller waist, big hips and thighs.

On which part of your body you have to concentrate and which approach to use would depend on your current natural body shape.

If you are already slim then you have to work towards getting muscles around your shoulders, some mass around your busts and hips and growing muscles in your thighs.

If you carry some extra ponds around your belly then your first target is to get rid of that extra fat before you start any routine.

The exercises that you can do at home to build an hourglass figure are listed here.

Among following exercises, the pull ups will help you develop muscles in shoulders and upper back, helping your upper body look wider.

The wide grip push ups, T push ups will help gather mass around your busts.

Jackknife sit-ups, reverse crunches will help you tone up your belly.

The squats and lunges listed here will work on your lower body to grow muscles and shape up your glutes and thighs.

All these exercises performed with a strategic plan will work on your whole body to help you get hourglass figure.

Hourglass Figure Home Workout

Wide Grip Pushups
Jackknife Sit-Up
T Pushup
Reverse Crunch
Low Plank
Sumo Squats
Single Leg Bridge
Side Lunges
Curtsy Lunges

For skinny girls

If you are skinny and wish to develop mass around your busts and hips, your exercises should of low intensity and go for high resistance (time under tension) with high repetitions (only in the case of bodyweight exercises) in each set.

Do these exercises in a regular format by choosing appropriate sets x reps and don’t forget to avoid cardio

For overweight girls

If you are overweight then your exercises should be explosive, like short intervals of high intensity training. You can do these exercises in a circuit format by considering time or reps as a variable.

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Gym Exercises for an Hourglass figure

Gym Exercises For An Hourglass Figure

Even if you can build an hourglass figure at home if feasible, you should opt for gym exercises for faster results.

As you can do only bodyweight exercises at home, there is limit on how much resistance you can put on in the exercises. If you need to raise the resistance you need to hit the gym.

The exercises mentioned here are the ones that will help you get an hourglass figure. But for them to be effective you need to follow a strategic workout plan which is aimed at getting to your goal faster.

The Hourglass Figure Workout Plan will help you build the hourglass figure.

While following these exercises and the workout plan you should know which muscle groups to focus in order to concentrate on them. For an hourglass figure you need to broaden your shoulders, grow your busts.

In order to do that your workouts should be focussed on lateral shoulder head, upper back, chest, lats and abs.

In your lower body, your gluteus muscles, quads and hams should be grown to achieve big and curvy bum.

It will help you get faster results if you include full body workout sessions or the sessions where you work many muscle groups per workout.

This way you can increase the frequency of the workouts and optimise the whole body muscle anabolism.

The exercises like cable lateral raises, barbell rows and wide grip lat pull down will work on broadening and growing muscles in your shoulders, upper back and lats.

Dumbbell bench press will help you toning up your busts.

Crunches will work on shaping up your waistline.

Squats, cable pull through and kickbacks will work on your lower body to give you heavy thighs and rounded hips.

Cable Lateral Raises
Dumbbell Bench Press
Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
Barbell/Dumbbell Rows
Squat Variations
Cable Pull Through
Cable Kickback

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Hourglass figure diet

Only workouts are not enough to get an hourglass figure. We need to combine your gym efforts with complimenting diet.

Note that only changing your diet won’t help you either. If you wish to change the shape of your body, you need to put efforts on both working out and diet.

To achieve hourglass body, you should make some changes in dietary habits. Portions of your food should be right. Your food plate should not contain highly processed foods, whole foods are always better.

Whole grains will keep you full for longer duration and also prevent sugar spikes. Include veggies like broccoli which are rich in minerals and will help digestive system to stabilize.

Watch your vitamins, minerals and protein intake. Your calorie intake will depend on your targets. Following are some hourglass figure diet tips you should follow.

  • Replace processed food with veggies, fruits and grains
  • Decide on your portion sizes and follow it closely
  • Watch your calorie intake
  • Increase fluid intake; consume fruit infused water, green tea etc.
  • Avoid high sugar beverages.
  • Not all fats are bad. Add healthy fats in your diet like avocados, seeds etc.
  • Include easily digestible foods
  • Your eating timetable should be fixed, there should be no frequent changes in eating schedule
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages. These will not only add up calories but also will make you dehydrated.
  • Oily fish and fish oil supplements are your friends

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How to get an Hourglass figure with a corset

Many women have the bone structure that is approximately hourglass in shape. But the added fats around your belly and lack of muscles around your hips, busts and thighs would make it unattractive.

Among the many ways to correct it the fastest way is to use hourglass corset. If you are just few pounds more here and there and wish to compress it with pressure clothing and display a perfect silhouette on the outside then corset is your go to option.

It has been in use since early eighteen hundreds. Worn inside your outfits, a corset pushes your belly in and pops out your busts and hips as a result.

A corset is not a solution for everyone. It can be uncomfortable for longer use. It is a temporary fix which you can opt on occasions while you are working towards achieving the hourglass figure for real.

How to get an hourglass figure if you are skinny?

Skinny was in fashion, or rather it is in fashion but not as desirable as hourglass figure. But if you are skinny and wish to work towards getting an hourglass figure, here are some things to consider.

Now as you already have a flat tummy most of your work would be focused on growing your busts, hips and thighs.

In order to gain mass in those areas your diet should be calorie surplus.

To gain weight in healthy way, you should increase 200 to 500 calories in your everyday diet.

To grow the muscle mass around your hips and thighs you should increase the protein intake through consuming high protein foods like chicken and eggs, lentils etc.

With proper exercises your body will be growing muscles, which means there would be new extra muscles than before in your body, these muscles need fluids, thus increase your fluid intake.

Consume more water, juices, green tea etc. Avoid carbonated drinks.

In workouts you must be lifting heavy weights. Your workout duration should be long with a bit longer intervals between the sets.

As you are already skinny, you should skip cardio workouts and focus more on heavy compound weight training.

How to get an hourglass figure if you are fat?

If you are fat, the first thing you should be doing before moving on to muscle growth is to try and shade the extra fats.

In order to do that, change your diet to calorie deficit diet. Reduce carbs intake. Change your dietary habits, include whole foods in the diet, avoid processed food.

You will be working out more than ever, so in order to compensate the fluid loss during the workouts, you should intake more fluids.

Hardest spot to lose fat is around your waist, thus your approach should be to attain overall weight loss. There are some exercises that have proven to be more effective than the others in removing fat around waistline.

Planks, yoga and HIIT workouts are considered more focused workouts for reducing fats around belly.

Your workout plan should consist of heavy lifting exercises with short rests in between the sets.

There should be explosive high intensity circuit training sessions included in your plan. The rest periods in your circuit training should also be shorter.

As you wish to burn the extra fats and the calories, you need to include three cardio workouts per week.

Each cardio session should at least be of 30 minutes. Your cardio workout can be spinning, cycling, skipping, elliptical training or running.

For more efficiency during the weight training, all your cardio workouts should be planned after weight training sessions.

The morning cardio workouts are more effective than any other time of the day, so plan your major workout sessions in the morning.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are very effective for fat loss. In HIIT you choose one or more workouts, carry them out at high intensity for short interval, take rest and carry out the interval again.

You can design your own HIIT workout, or you can do this tried and tested 30 minute hiit spin workout. Follow HIIT for faster fat loss.

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Along with losing fats around your belly you should be working towards gaining muscles around your hips and thighs to achieve an hourglass figure. Your lower body workouts will help you in this matter.

Some people may have it naturally but an hourglass shape is hard to achieve.

While starting to work towards this goal your expectations should be realistic. Your main aim should be to achieve a healthy fit hourglass curvy body through regular exercise and diet.


Can I get an hourglass figure?

The short answer is yes. But it is not that straight forward. Some people naturally have an hourglass figure; some will have to work very hard to achieve it. There are ways to reduce your belly and raise muscle mass in hips and thighs and improve your busts, but you have to be realistic about your goals and limitations.

What makes an hourglass figure?

A broad shoulder, big chest, small waistline, big and curvy hips and big thighs altogether form the shape of an hourglass. It is the outline of your body, all the major muscle groups are involved in forming this shape.

How should an hourglass figure dress?

An hourglass figure should wear dresses that would accentuate their curves. Like wrap tops to highlight the busts without adding much volume to it. Body shaped single piece dresses to let your body do the talking. Or the dresses that would highlight your waistline.

Where do hourglass figures gain weight?

If you are naturally hourglass figure, then you would gain weight on hips, thighs, chest, arms and not on waist. But if you have built the hourglass shape then you tend to gain weight in waist area and you should keep working to avoid that.

Is hourglass the best figure?

Every figure is best. You should always be positive about your body shape. There is no shape which is absolutely best or worst. You should maintain healthy weight and fat levels instead of aiming for particular body shape. But yes, an hourglass shape is more popular than the rest.

Which body shape is best for female?

Good waist to hip ratio, well balanced hips and busts makes the hourglass shape, which is considered as the most desirable shape for a female among men and women.

What are the ideal measurements for a woman?

The measurements in proportion of 36- 24- 36 inches are considered ideal for hourglass shape. Where hips and busts are 36 inches in periphery and the waistline is 24 inches.