How to Get a Firm Bum in 2 Weeks

You should love your body the way it is, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to improve upon what you have.

Why would you be the one with a sagging or flat bum when with some tweaks in your diet and some exercises can get you a firm toned bum in 2 weeks.

Also having strong toned hips is not just about the looks, it supports your back, helps you keep straight posture without much stress and reduces the chances of back pain.

How to Get a Firm Bum in 2 Weeks

You might have come across many programs that might ask you to do single type of exercises and nothing more. But the fact is, to get a round firm bum requires a combination of exercises and diet.

Depending on your current physique, metabolic rate and activities you may need to do radical change in your routine or make just few pinches here and there and you are good to go.

Following the exercises and diet detailed in this article will help you make your butt firmer than ever before in 2 weeks.

Gym exercises to get a firm bum in 2 weeks

Gym exercises to get a firm bum in 2 weeks


Your bum is made of one of the big muscle groups in your body. To tone or grow the glute muscles, your workout frequency for those target muscles should be high. Exercising glute muscles will increase muscle mass in your booty making in well-shaped and firm naturally.

You should perform the exercises to get a firm bum three times a week on alternate days, say; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This will allow your muscles enough time to recover while squeezing in optimum frequency of the workouts.

  • Each session of your workout should consist of minimum 3 sets of each exercise each set having 6 to 8 reps.

Barbell squat – heavy weight:

The loaded barbell squats will not only help grow glute muscles but also will help you get rid of excess fat causing sagginess around your bum. It will also strengthen your core and help improve your metabolism.


  • Stand on the floor with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep the loaded barbell on your upper back/shoulders, holding it firm with both hands. This will be your starting position.
  • Move your hips back, split your knees a little wider and start lowering the hips down.
  • Lower your hips till these are lower than your knees. At this position your knees shouldn’t cross your toes.
  • Now squat up lifting the weight of your body and loaded barbell. When completely standing, hold a second, breath and repeat.

Barbell hip thrust – moderate weight:

While the compound exercises like squats work the whole body, barbell hip thrusts focus mainly on glutes. It involves holding a loaded barbell on your pelvis while your hips are fully extended.


  • At start, sit on the floor with your feet flat on the ground and a barbell in your lap. Your upper back leaned against a bench, and you can shove your elbows on the bench for stability.
  • Push, generate thrust through your hips to lift the barbell and your bum off the floor.
  • Move the bum up till your knees, hips and shoulder is in a line. Here clench the bum and hold a second.
  • Lower down slowly in very controlled manner. Repeat till the set completes.

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Bulgarian split squat – light weight

It is a unilateral exercise designed for faster results. Bulgarian split squat is a single leg squat where the non-working leg is stabilised on the bench.


  • Hold two light dumbbells with straight hands. Stand straight with your feet hip distance apart, two feet from a bench facing away from it. Lift a leg move it back, bend it from the knee and put that foot on the bench behind your back.
  • Engage your core and lower your body keeping your upper body straight bending through the knee.
  • Hold for a fraction of second and move up. Repeat 6 to 8 times, switch the leg, carry out same reps.

Goblet squat – heavy weight

It is nothing but doing a squat holding a dumbbell or kettlebell with both hand near your chin. Along with helping you grow glute muscles it also helps you in improving your squat technique.


  • Stand straight with your feet hips width apart holding a dumbbell or kettlebell pressed to your chest, raised up to your chin with both hands.
  • Move your hips down while keeping your back straight, move down till the hips go below your knees or your thighs touch you calves.
  • Move your knees out after reaching down, hold and move up.

Cable pull through – light weight

It may make you exercise in an awkward position, but the rewards are worth far more. Cable pull through works your whole posterior chain while centre of the work would be your glutes.


  • Stand two feet away from the lower cable, keep your feet more than hips width apart, facing away from the cable. Position yourself so that the cable grip can be pulled through in between your legs
  • Bend down to reach to the cable grip, keep the back straight, engage your core.
  • Hold the cable grip and pull it forward through your legs. Keep pulling forward while straightening your body through glutes and knees.
  • Hold and go back to starting position slowly and in controlled manner.

Bodyweight exercises to get a firm bum in 14 days

Bodyweight exercises to get a firm bum in 14 days


It is not always easy to hit the gym. No issues, you can do these bodyweight exercises at home on daily basis. Even if you are doing exercises for getting toned butt in the gym, you can mix it up with these free body exercises to get the results faster.

  • All the body weight exercises should preferably be done in the sets of 15 reps each, and you should do 4-5 sets of each exercise per session.


Bodyweight squats are as much effective as weighted squats, you just need to raise the reps to get desired results.

The steps to carry out bodyweight squats or air squats are similar to barbell squats, the difference is you don’t carry barbell on your shoulder, instead, you keep your hand stretched in front of you, in the air.

You can also swing the hands in the air matching the squatting rhythm.

Single leg hip thrust off a bench

You must be doing singe leg hip thrust off the bench if you are serious about getting firm buttocks.

Other than not having a loaded barbell in your lap here one more thing is different than barbell hip thrust is that your one leg is in the air while performing this body weight hip thrust.

You sit on the floor leaning against the bench and one foot flat on the floor and other leg in the air parallel to floor and the you lift your hips up to bring it in line with your shoulders and knees. Go back to starting position to finish one rep.

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Butterfly hip thrust sit-up

It is a compound exercise that works on your glutes and abs as well. You lie down on the ground facing the ceiling.

Bend your knees to get your feet closer to your bum, now twist both knees away from each other so your feet are facing each other flat.

Keep your hands on the floor for stability. This is your starting position, from here lift your hips up generating force from the glutes, bring it up so far as you can hold and slowly bring your butt down.

Single-leg glute bridge

Lie flat on the floor face up and bend one knee bringing that foot closer to your body while keeping the other leg straight.

Keep your hands flat on floor. Then lift your hips up along with taking the straight leg in the air, lift up till your shoulder the bent knee and hips are in one line, at this position your straight leg should be extended in the same line.

Complete the set and repeat for other leg.

Donkey kicks

These focus on your gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles. To do traditional donkey kicks, get in to position by supporting your body with your hands and knees, while your knees are hip width apart, hands shoulder width apart and spine straight parallel to the ground.

Now swing one leg back like you are kicking someone behind you. Start with the bent knee and at the end of the stroke make your leg straight. Complete the set for one leg then move to the other.

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Standing hip extension with band

You need a resistance band to perform this exercise. Anchor the resistance bang near floor in front of you. Stand upright a bit more than half the resistance band length from the anchor. Wrap the ankle strap to active leg and attach both ends of band to the strap.

Now keep your hands on hips or use support and move your active leg behind your body against the resistance. repeat the motion till the set completes without touching the active leg on the floor.

Do cardio to tone your bum

Cardio will help you lose that extra weight around your booty which makes it sagging. Long duration cardio won’t help you in gaining muscles but will burn the extra fats and calories making you your butt firmer and more toned.

Along with the weight training exercise you should add in cardio around three times per week.

  • A 30-45 minutes cardio every alternate morning is essential if you wish to lose body fat.

 When your goal is to target glute muscles, some cardio workouts are better than the other. For faster results towards your goal of a firm bum you should do following cardio workouts instead of jogging or walking.

  • Sprinting
  • Cycling
  • Elliptical training

If you are trying to lose extra weigh to get firmer body, cardio is essential. But if you are working towards adding weight to your bum then you should skip cardio altogether and focus more on weight training.

Diet to tone your bum in 2 weeks

Everyone has different body type; naturally you cannot follow a made for everyone diet plan and expect results. But there are some basic principles everyone should follow. You need to outline your current food intake and metabolic rate to form a new diet plan.

If you are skinny and need to gain mass around the hips you should adapt a calorie surplus diet. For significant gains you should raise your calorie intake substantially. If you are some pounds heavier and need to lose the extra fat to get rid of sagginess then opt for calorie deficit diet. In both the cases you need to follow some basic guidelines, such as;

  • Prefer whole foods instead of processed food. Almost all processed food is high in gluten so better stay away from it.
  • Increase protein intake. As your body needs to grow muscles to tone your bum and proteins are building block for muscles you need to increase protein intake.
  • Analyze your carbs intake and adjust according to your calorie requirement.
  • Avoid sodium and sugars. These can reverse all the efforts you took.

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Getting a firm bum in two weeks will be the output of the combination of exercises and diet. Start your training, keep yourself motivated, be consistent with the diet, and reap the fruits of your effort in 2 weeks. 14 days is all you have to give for achieving a firm butt.