Genesis Gym Prices & Membership Cost 2023

Genesis is one such gym that offers good facilities at not-so-expensive prices. Currently, they have around 60 clubs that are located mostly in the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Speaking of Genesis Gym Prices, you can grab a membership for somewhere around $60, with final pricing depending on your membership type and location. You can select the plan that suits you the best, and grab your all-in-one Genesis Health club package.

And to help you in learning about the cost of Genesis Gym Classes, here is an article that gives you an approximate idea of different plans and their costs. Read along!

Genesis Gym prices
Genesis Health Clubs

Genesis Gym Prices & Membership Cost

Given below are the general Genesis Gym membership cost and prices that you can expect at most locations.

Genesis Gym  Prices & Membership Cost

Genesis Gym Month To Month No Commitment Membership

Enrolment Fee


Monthly Fee


Membership Cancellation Fee

$0 (cancel anytime)

Genesis Gym Six Month Contract Membership

Enrolment Fee


Monthly Fee


Membership Cancellation Fee


Those were the Genesis Gym prices that you can expect at most clubs across the country. However, final membership rates may vary from club to club. 

How much does Genesis Gym cost?

Genesis Gym membership cost
Genesis Gym

Genesis Gym membership options are simple and straightforward. Mostly, you can either opt for a month to month membership, or a six month commitment membership. Pricing will vary a little between both these plans. 

If you wish to grab a Genesis membership but with no strings attached, you can certainly opt for their month-to-month plan. 

This plan has a monthly fee of $66, and an initiation fee of $200. The biggest advantage of this plan is, you can cancel your membership at any time without any extra fees. 

And, if you are looking for a commitment for a longer duration, then they have the 6 month plan. To grab the Genesis Gym 6 month membership, you will have to pay an initiation fee of $200, which is basically the same as that for the month to month plan. And the monthly dues will be $56. 

When it comes to the 6 month membership as well, there are usually no fees for membership cancelation. But there will be a 30 day notice period. Individual clubs may have slightly different policies. Thus, always speak with them directly and clarify things first before joining. 

Now, one attractive feature with Genesis Gym pricing is that they mostly won’t charge you extra for additional facilities. For instance, once you pay their monthly fee, you can access their childcare program at no extra cost. The same applies to group classes, multi club access, and numerous other facilities. 

Additionally, they often offer attractive deals and discounts using which, you can get a Genesis Gym membership for cheap. Do check out their website or social media pages for the latest updates. But most importantly, contact the Genesis club near you to learn about exact prices and live offers. 

Genesis Gym pricing
Genesis Gym

How much does it cost to join Genesis Gym?

Usually, it costs $200 to join Genesis Gym. Thereafter, you will also have to pay their monthly fees. 

How Much Is Genesis a month?

Genesis Gym price per month comes somewhere around $66 for the month to month members, and around $56 for those with a 6 month contract. You can also expect slight variations in pricing from location to location. 

How much is Genesis gym a week?

Generally, there are no options to pay at Genesis per week. But considering their monthly membership fee of $66, you would be spending roughly $15 – $16 per week. 

Genesis Gym personal training cost

Even with the regular membership, Genesis offers its members expert consultation facilities. These sessions are often part of normal Genesis Gym classes.

But besides that, they do have experienced personal trainers whom you can hire. Genesis Gym personal trainer cost will vary from location to location, but we can give you an approximate estimate:

  • Genesis Gym drop in personal training: $20 per session
  • Genesis Gym 10 session package: $160 for 10 sessions.

Compared to other gyms, personal trainers are way cheaper at Genesis Health Club. 

How much is Genesis Gym initiation fee?

You can expect an initiation fee of $200 when you set up your Genesis Gym membership. However, they do offer special deals on certain occasions in which, you can set up your membership at a lower cost and sometimes, even free of cost.

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Does Genesis Gym have an annual fee?

No, Genesis usually doesn’t have an annual fee. 

But if you plan on paying annually instead of monthly, you can always contact them and enquire about the availability of such facilities. 

Is Genesis Gym month to month?

Genesis is not entirely month to month. But they do offer month to month membership options. 

That is, if you wish to take a month to month membership with no strings attached, Genesis has what you’re looking for! 

Genesis Gym membership prices
Genesis Gym

Genesis Gym Deals & Discounts

Genesis offers several deals and discounts. For instance, if you wish to pay by automatic bank draft, you will get a certain discount on your monthly fee. You can either visit their website or contact them directly to learn more details.

Besides, you can always keep on checking their social media pages where they announce their latest deals and discounts. At the right time, you can grab a Genesis membership at highly discounted rates. For instance, they often waive initiation fees on special occasions like the New Year and the start of summer. 

Can I go to any Genesis Gym with my membership?

Yes, you can go to any Genesis Gym club using your membership. Currently, they have around 60 clubs located mostly in the states of Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Iowa. 

How old do you have to be to join Genesis gym?

You can join Genesis Gym if you are at least 12 years old. However, for kids under 16, a guardian’s presence is a must while they work out. 

Can I use my Genesis membership anywhere?

Typically, yes. You can attend Genesis Gym classes at any of their clubs using your membership. That facility makes this gym an ideal choice for those who travel a lot.

But before visiting a club other than your home club, contact them and ensure things.

How much does it cost to cancel Genesis Gym membership?

Usually, there are no fees to cancel a Genesis Gym membership. 

Is it hard to cancel Genesis Gym membership?

The simple answer is, not! Canceling membership is way easier at Genesis than at most other clubs. 

In order to cancel your Genesis membership, you need to give a 30 day notice. That is, your membership cancelation request will be completed 30 days after you submit the request. 

You can either write to the club manager directly, or submit the membership cancelation request through their website. 

Genesis Gym Child Care Fee

No extra fee. If you have a Genesis Gym membership, you already have access to their childcare facility. That is, they will take care of your child while you work out, and you won’t have to pay any extra fee for that. 

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Final Words

Genesis Gym prices are somewhat mid-ranged; neither too cheap nor too expensive. However, what makes a Genesis Health Club membership worth the money is, you can access all their programs, and most of their amenities at just the monthly price.